Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Neighbors From Hell

     We ALL have that one neighbor who drives us to distraction and makes us want to build a 10 ft. wall between our properties. They might have a pack of feral cats howling all night in their yard, dogs barking non-stop, or their front lawn may be the place where old appliances and rusted-out cars go to die. Perhaps you have an anal retentive neighbor who is obsessed with every blade of grass on his property... and an addiction to LOUD lawn equipment at all hours of the day. Or maybe just a nosey neighbor who is always peeking over the fence to get in your business. I have had ALL of these neighbors living n my street at one time or another. Read all about it when you out my latest, FUNNY post over at In The Powder Room. Feel free to comment and share the link with the neighbors you love!


  1. Man, we are so lucky that after all these years living in our NYC apartment we have had mostly quite and respectful neighbors. You listed all those types that would be a nightmare living next to. I would go nuts if we got an idiot living near us!

    1. You are very lucky to have escaped this "interesting" experience!



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