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Have YOU Tried CBD For Your Menopause Symptoms?

 Today on the blog the good folks from Hemplily are sharing information on the benefits of CBD oil for peri/menopausal women. If you are suffering from bothersome menopausal symptoms, please check out the natural solutions that Hemplily has to offer!

Have YOU Tried CBD For Your Menopause Symptoms? 

Hello!  We are Hemplily, a natural wellness brand that helps women with changing bodies find balance and harmony again with products infused with the amazing hemp plant!   You are probably aware of the many ways CBD can offer relief for discomfort and anxiousness plus so much more.  But, did you know that peri/menopausal women especially could really find benefits from consumption of CBD infused products?  Here are a few articles about cannabis for menopause if you’d like to investigate further, or check out these articles on our website


Over the last few years, our customers have been letting us know with great excitement that our products often help them with many of their menopausal woes.  Concerns such as calming or reducing night sweats, balancing out mood swings, reducing stress and anxiousness and helping them get restorative sleep. There are many potential ways CBD can help women with changing bodies as it seeks out whatever is out of balance, brings it into balance so you can heal.   


Would you be interested in trying our products for FREE? We are currently looking for participants for our virtual menopause study.  If you’d like to join, reach out to us at and mention you found us through Menopausal Mom and we’ll send you a full size bottle in exchange for your progress updates and feedback.

Some of our reviews:

- I have been wanting to try CBD for a while, but didn’t know a lot about it or which one to try. I absolutely love the way my body is responding to this CBD oil. I have had sleep problems for over 20 years and I can tell that I am sleeping better since I started taking it. I am no longer having random outbreak of sweats and also my bladder has stopped leaking which was an everyday thing until I started taking CBD. I absolutely love this!! – Janie H.

- I have been using the full spectrum hemp oil for a few months now and absolutely love it. I have been sleeping better and I no longer have night sweats from menopause. Highly recommend the products from Hemplily. Also, the staff is so knowledgeable with their products and every suggestion made for me works!- Cheryl Z.

- I was a skeptic until I actually tried CBD Oil. It helped with my stress keeping me calm and grounded. Then I realized my lower back and joints felt better! I won't live w/o CBD Oil. Thanks Hemplily for educating me and helping me learn about ALL the great benefits of CBD Oil! - Sal H.


More About Us:
We are not new!  We’ve been in business since 2017.
Our products are all natural, nothing artificial, just the healthiest body replenishing ingredients.
We have 3rd party labs easily accessible on our website for all our products
We’re vetted members of, a cannabis nurse hotline and non-profit.
We’re consultation based so help everyone from potential customer to lifelong customer with any questions or support they need.
We offer a satisfaction guarantee always!


Friday, June 18, 2021

Fly On The Wall: All-Time Favorite Remarks (Part Four)

Welcome to another edition of  Fly On The Wall group blog postings, hosted by Karen of Baking In A Tornado. Today, four bloggers are bravely inviting you into their homes for a sneak peek at what goes on behind closed doors. 

Now that the world is opening up again, the opportunities for freelance writing gigs have exploded and I don't think I have ever been busier! The nosy fly has seen me buzzing around my office all month as I navigate new websites and rush to meet the article submission deadlines. BUT I LOVE MY JOB!!  

Having said that, there hasn't been much time to record all the weird conversations that have taken place around our house lately, I'm sharing some of my most favorite comments from past Fly On The Wall Posts---particularly those from 2017. It was quite the year....

"How come the grass at the funeral home is growing so much better than ours?"
"They have an endless supply of natural fertilizer."

"I'm giving you the delicate nose hair trimmer designed for ladies. I'm taking the man's trimmer that uses a chain saw to cut the log hairs out of my nose."

"Being a good dog owner means knowing how to open a cheese stick wrapper without making any noise."

"I forgot to shower and my armpits smell like tacos. I've sniffed them so many times today that now I'm craving Taco Bell."

" has a package deal on sale today. You should get one so we can finally find out what your DNA is."
"No thanks. I'm too afraid to find out that I might be kin to a schnauzer."

"You know you're getting old when you have to keep floss in every room."

"I'm scared to book a cruise. I've never been on one before."
"Come on, Mom, it'll be fun. Let's just go ahead and make the reservations!"
"No way---I remember how Titanic ended."
"Mom, there are no icebergs in the Bahamas......"

"I really want to breed our pup at least once before he gets neutered. I need to find a good breeder."
"What are you trying to do, pimp out our pug?"

"Cheese sticks are your remedy for everything. Hungry? Eat a cheese stick. Tired? Eat a cheese stick. Angry? Anxious? Got diarrhea? EAT A CHEESE STICK."

"The medical form asks what my marital status is. Doesn't that depend on the day?'"

"I was just talking to a bluejay outside. Seriously, in bird language."
"Snow White has nothing on you."

(Me, after a hurricane and no electricity for days): "My God, I wish the power would come back on soon because this house smells like sweat, dog pee, and the ghost of old farts."

"How was your birthday trip to St. Augustine? What did you guys do?"
"Fat. We got fat."

ME TO HUBS: "It's time for me to teach you how to twerk."
HUBS: (dressed in underwear and socks) "Are you making me do this because I may or may not have had too many glasses of wine tonight?"
ME: "No, I'm asking you to do it because I need to be entertained."
HUBS: (grabbing bedrail in an attempt to hold his balance while he moves his butt back and forth) "Is this the right way?"
ME: (gasping for air because I can't stop laughing) "It's right if you're trying to imitate a manatee during a mating ritual."
HUBS: "Glad I could amuse you, but I think I just threw my back out...."

"You walked the dogs, right? Did everyone poop outside?
"Well, the dogs did, but I haven't yet."

"I accidentally put tanning lotion on my toothbrush."
" I don't think your molars would look good with a tan."

"Let's buy our Halloween candy now before the store runs out of the good stuff."
"You're not fooling anyone with that excuse. Those mini chocolate bars are for your personal stash. If I buy the treats now, there will be nothing left to pass out on Halloween except for candy corn and gum."
"After 33 years of marriage, you know me too well. Time to trade you in for a newer model..."

***WANT MORE MENO MAMA? EXCITING NEWS! You can find my debut article for The Independent HERE and my latest for Always Pets HERE


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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Expanding Young Minds With Writing Prompts

Today on the blog my guest Jennifer Ayer Drake recently released her new book, "Unlocking Kids' Brain Power: Semi-Weekly Writing Prompts to Expand Young Minds." I'm super excited to share her book with my grandchildren this summer--I think it's a great way to keep them busy and from complaining about being bored. 

This book is also handy for adults who need a little motivation to get creative and sharpen their writing skills! Jennifer's prompts are especially helpful to writers like me who often suffer from Writer's Block. Her ideas rev up my imagination so that I can put clever words to the page. Here's what Jennifer has to say about her new book: 

Summer is here! Be sure to keep your kids' or grandkids' minds in shape to avoid the summer slide backward. After coming off a particularly unusual and difficult academic year, most kids will benefit from the extra writing practice this summer.

Writing is not only a critical skill needed for most jobs, it’s also an incredible outlet for creativity. Get your kids or grandkids to write once or twice a week and watch their academic performance and overall creativity skyrocket! This book contains two writing prompts for each of the 52 weeks of the year. This book is geared primarily for ages 7-14, but the majority of the prompts work for kids (or adults!) of all ages.

Unlocking Kids' Brain Power: Semi-Weekly Writing Prompts to Expand Young Minds

Here is an example of some of the prompts in the book. Try a few and see what you come up with!

Week 1:

Prompt 1 – What if the world existed upside down? What if the ground was up in the air and buildings hung from it and the sky was underneath us? How would life be different? What would work better? What would be harder? What would be really funny about that world?

Prompt 2 – Describe your perfect vacation. Where would you go? Who would be with you? What activities would you do? 

Week 2:

Prompt 1 – Invent a new animal. What does it look like? Where does it live? What does it eat? How does it fit into the ecosystem? Draw a picture of it, too!

Prompt 2 – Write a short skit between two people in which one of them is hiding a secret. What secret might they be hiding? Why? Is the other person able to figure out the secret? What happened if the secret gets revealed? Or what happens if it doesn’t?

Week 3:

Prompt 1 – Create a new country. What would you name your new country? Where would it be located? What kind of climate does it have? What system of government does it use? Give it a history. Has the country been involved in world wars? What else happened in the country’s history?

Prompt 2 – If you went camping and realized that you forgot to bring your tent, what would you do? What would that day be like? Would you improvise? Would you go home? Ask for help? Write your story.


Jennifer Ayer Drake: Jen lives outside of Washington, DC with her husband and two sons. In addition to writing and raising her kids, she runs a children's theatre company that strives to instill public speaking skills, confidence, and courage in kids. She runs two other small companies as well, and she moonlights as a professional actor. She holds a BA from Penn State University and a Master of Public Policy from Georgetown University. Prior to having kids, Jen worked as a counterterrorism policy analyst at the Department of Homeland Security.


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