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I was selected for VOTY/PhOTY 2015 

Erma Bombeck Humor Writer of the Month Dec. 2014

Better After Fifty Reader's Choice Award for Best Story 2014

Three time winner thanks to Gossip_Grl@, to, and to Brian@

Thank you to Roe @

Hardwired Heart Award
Thanks To Lizzi@

Triumph Trophy Award
Two time winner thanks to and, Momisodes @

Shine On Award
Thanks to Jenn

Super Sweet Blogging Award
Thanks to Nicole @

Golden Sideboob Blogging Award
Thanks to Karen

Beautiful Mama Blog Award
Two time winner thanks to Sarah @ and Rachel @

Epically Awesome Award
Two time winner thanks to: Sarah @ and Aubree @

Inspiring Blog Award
Thanks to The Insomniac's Dream @

Very Inspiring Blogger Award
Five time winner thanks to Sarah @, Sandra @, Jon @, Penny @, dates2diapers2.blogspot.comDonna @, and Lizzi @

Super Sweet Blogging Award
Thanks to Sharla @

Sunshine Award
Two time winner thanks to, Sandra @ and Melanie @

Thanks to Gossip_GRL@
and Lanthie@ and Tamara@

Liebster Award
Thanks to Danie Russell @

A New Liebster
Thanks to Darla @

Liebster Blog Award
3 Time winner. Thanks to, Lanthie @\, Nell @, and jlee @

Leibster Blog Award
Four time winner thanks to Sittie Cates @, Gwendolyn @, Darla @,, and

Liebster Blog Award
Thanks to Janine @

Versatile Blogger Award
Six time winner thanks to these people:,,, Anne @, Ashley @ sorry, Sarah @, and Nicole @

Versatile Blogger Award
Thanks to Brenda Porter @

Rockin' Blogger Award @
Thanks to Gossip_Grl @

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!
Two time winner thanks to Sandra @, and Jenn @

Laine Blogger Award
Thanks to Josie @

Lovely Blog Award
Thanks to Pamela @

Commentator Award
Thanks to Gossip_Grl@

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  1. One of the hardest thing to do is to become the best mother.



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