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Conquering Menopause: A Guide for Couples: Easy & Effective Solutions for Surviving THE CHANGE by Kim Brooks

Today on the blog I'm featuring Kim Brooks' book, Conquering Menopause: A Guide For Couples, which is excellent for women struggling with menopause issues in their relationships. We all know how hard it is on our partners---the rapid mood swings, anxiety, fatigue, and general crabbiness associated with the change. Kim says her book is a "revolutionary guide that introduces a new perspective on menopause: one that sees it not as an obstacle, but as an avenue for couples to grow and connect more deeply."

Here is a brief summary of the book:  

Conquering Menopause: A Guide for Couples: Easy & Effective Solutions for Surviving THE CHANGE 

This book serves as a comprehensive guide and companion for couples navigating the complex journey of menopause. It starts with an introduction that acknowledges the strain menopause can place on relationships, setting the stage for a deep dive into the biological, emotional, and relational aspects of this life transition. Emphasizing empathy, open communication, and mutual support, the book offers practical strategies, exercises, and conversation starters to help couples maintain intimacy, manage stress, and grow together during menopause.

Each chapter of the book addresses a different facet of the menopause experience, from understanding the physiological changes and symptoms to exploring various management strategies, including Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and holistic remedies. The guide stresses the importance of seeing menopause not as an obstacle but as an opportunity for personal and relational development, offering insights into how couples can support each other through changes, foster deeper connections, and adapt their lifestyles to embrace this new phase of life.

The conclusion reinforces the book's message of hope and empowerment, inviting readers to approach menopause with a sense of adventure and optimism. It encourages sharing experiences, supporting others, and contributing to a broader conversation about menopause, transforming it from an isolating experience to one of collective empowerment. Menopause is presented as not merely an end to fertility but a gateway to enriching the next phase of life and relationships, urging couples to step forward into this journey with courage, joy, and an unwavering commitment to each other.

Here, at last, Kim says, "is a resource that recognizes the role that both partners play in the menopause journey and equips you with everything you need to face the change together."

Inside this valuable guide, you'll uncover:

·         How to open up a genuine dialogue about feelings, fears, and expectations surrounding menopause.

·         Practical tips to manage hot flashes, mood swings, and other common symptoms together.

·         A unique approach to rekindle intimacy during menopause.

·         Detail on how lifestyle changes can help manage, reduce, or even eliminate some of the typical symptoms of menopause.

·         Actionable strategies to strengthen your relationship and foster deeper understanding and compassion.

·         Specific, practical tips for managing stress and anxiety in menopause.

·         How to maintain a sense of humor through the ups and downs of menopause.

Bear in mind that menopause is different for every woman – and every couple.

While this guide offers advice and insights based on a wide range of common experiences, the precise path you walk will be your unique journey.

And, despite what popular culture might suggest, menopause is not a catastrophe nor a woman's problem. It's simply another stage of life - something that can even, believe it or not, bring couples closer together!

QUOTES From Conquering Menopause:

“Imagine two trees standing side by side. As the seasons change, they weather storms and bask in sunlight, each affecting the other's growth. Similarly, couples facing menopause can either stand resilient together or let the winds of change create distance between them. This chapter is about nurturing that resilience, about being two trees that lean into each other for support, sharing the sunlight and rain equally.”


“Menopause does not knock on the door; it often barges in unannounced, bringing changes that can ripple through the calm waters of a relationship. But here's a thought: what if couples saw this as an opportunity to fortify their bond instead of bracing for impact?”


“In the tapestry of life, sleep weaves a thread of tranquility essential for rejuvenating both body and soul. As menopause ushers in a myriad of changes, the sanctity of sleep becomes more precious, requiring a conscientious effort from both partners to preserve its quality.”

**I highly recommend Kim's book if you are currently experiencing menopause issues in your relationship!  

BUY IT HERE:  = Paperback B0CY7SPXRR  = E-Book  = Hardcover


At 53, Kim Brooks is an author who has transformed her menopause journey into a helpful guide for others. Drawing from her own experiences and thorough research, she has written "Conquering Menopause: A Guide for Couples," aiming to offer insights, support, and practical advice to those navigating menopause. Her commitment to aiding others during this phase of life showcases her dedication to education and advocacy.

While she has a passion for writing, Kim, a mother of three and grandmother of five, places a high value on creating memories with her family.

Currently, Kim is working on the audiobook version of her guide, with a release planned for July 2024.

Kim's author page on Amazon:

Friday, May 17, 2024

Fly on The Wall Where The Lions Roar

Welcome to another edition of Fly On The Wall group blog postings hosted by Karen of Baking In A Tornado. Today there are three of us inviting you into our homes to see what a nosy fly might see if he was buzzing around. 

Our fly---or rather flies---followed us on an RV trip 2 weeks ago because we camped at a zoo (and you know how much flies love zoos)! This was Lucy's virgin trip, so we stayed close by, camping just 1 hour away at the famous Lion Country Safari park. WHAT FUN!!! We met our RV neighbors who helped us work out a few newbie issues with Lucy when we first arrived, but after that, it was all about relaxing outdoors and grilling burgers while we sipped some champagne. We took Yoda with us and he was the perfect doggo! But this story would not be complete without a little back history and a promise Mac and I made 40 years ago. 

After saying our wedding vows in 1984, we agreed that when we reached retirement age, we would buy an RV and travel around the country. We also joked about how we would both wear muumuus when we did it. We actually bought the
muumuus many, many years ago and kept them in the closet. So on our virgin trip 2 weeks ago with Lucy, we pulled out the muumuus to celebrate this promise. The best part? We've decided to make the muumuus a tradition and wear them at every campsite we visit!

Even crazier is that this RV park is right next to the zoo, so while we were sipping coffee outdoors the following morning, we heard the hungry lions roaring for breakfast! It was incredible, but I was very grateful for the fencing between us. We also heard a ton of monkeys jabbering in the trees. 

Since we weren't too far from home, several of our kids and grandkids drove the extra miles to have a cookout on our second day at the park. The weather was perfect, the food was delicious, and the cornhole was competitive! 

We are embracing the RV life 100% now and couldn't be happier living in our little Lucy. I already have 7 more trips planned---our next one May 23 up to the GORGEOUS Blue Springs State Park!

Before I forget, let's hear it for all the mamas out there who celebrated Mother's Day last weekend! You deserved your special day! We had a lot of fun, too---visited our favorite South Florida spot, Morikami Japanese Gardens, and enjoyed lunch at their outdoor cafe. We got to hang out with our neighbors by their pool afterward. And then on Mother's Day, it was all about brunch with the family. I'm sure I gained 10 pounds from the weekend but calories don't count for Moms on their special day! 

Wish us luck next weekend with Lucy--it will be hot as Hades at the RV park but the springs will be cool and hopefully, the flies will stay away!!

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Now it's time to go buzz around with the fly at Karen and Diane's house to see what they've been up to!

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