Friday, January 19, 2024

Fly On The Wall In The Year Of The Wood Dragon

Welcome to another edition of Fly On The Wall group blog postings hosted by Karen of Baking In A Tornado. Today, Karen and I are opening our doors so that you can see what has been going on in our homes this past month.

I'm not a huge fan of January....I always get a little moody once the holidays are over. Taking down my Christmas tree and the house decorations always makes me sad. Time is passing by so quickly, but it reinforces my belief that every moment we have on this planet should be cherished....even the mundane stuff. Hey, at least in Florida I'm not dealing with snow-mageddon like most of my northern friends. Last month, we had our share of the Kringlecane experience. 

I really enjoyed my 2 weeks off during the holidays when I didn't have to worry about deadlines---the only thing on my mind was eating cookies and visiting friends. But here we are, back to counting calories and writing assignments. HOWEVER, something pretty cool happened right after the Chinese "Year Of The Wood Dragon" started: I was approached by the head editor of Yahoo Life who found my work recently on several websites and asked if I'd like a part-time job writing an advice column for grandparents! Say WHAAAA? It won't interfere with my job writing for AARP, either, as I have the freedom to pick my own hours. So of course, I said YES, because this is yet another dream job! My first column will appear later this month and I am so stoked (but also bracing myself for internet trolls who will undoubtedly disagree with some of the things I say.) 

Anyhoo.... I haven't had a chance to let the pesky fly eavesdrop on funny conversations with the family, but I do have holiday photos to share. Please indulge me while I relive the holidays...and beyond.....

Three of my sweet grandbabies on Christmas morning

Stealing snuggles from my oldest son

Poppi giving grandson Sage a big smooch
...also having him watch a Chief's game. GO CHIEFS!

Look what Santa brought me! For years I've wanted a tandem bike to ride with Mac! Off we goooooo!!!

My adorables on Christmas morning!

Spiderman in the house!

Celebrating Christmas morning with the entire family--my
youngest boy arrived first.

My 4th grandbaby just turned 2 months old. Sweet boy!

In my happy place.......

New Year's Eve celebration at our favorite restaurant. Happy Year Of The Wood Dragon!!!

***Want more Meno Mama? Check out my latest for AARP/The Ethel---it's all about my special soup recipes to warm you up this winter! You can read it HERE 

Be sure and check out what the fly has been doing at Karen's house at BAKING IN A TORNADO to see what she has been up to this month!


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