Friday, March 24, 2023

Fly On The Wall During March Madness

Welcome to another edition of Fly On The Wall group blog postings hosted by Karen of Baking In A Tornado. Today, it's just the two of us sharing an inside look at what goes on in our homes behind closed doors. 

This is the month for college basketball, brackets, and March Madness, but I don't watch basketball, and the only brackets I know of are the ones that hold up the towels in my bathroom. As for madness....well, just look at my crazy family. We're all mad, I tell ya. March has actually been an awesome month for the Doyles--we celebrated a birthday, drank green beer on St. Patrick's Day, went BACK to the Renaissance Festival for round #3 with our close friends, enjoyed some nature trails at a Japanese garden, had a beach picnic party, and of course, indulged in some good eats at local restaurants. Busy but FUN month! The fly is feeling quite satisfied right now, so here is a peek at March through the eyes of my (cell phone) camera   

When I saw this beautiful spot at the Morikami Japanese Garden, I had to take a photo of it. Now I really wish I could paint it like I know my mother would have done.

Family love!

Smooches at Morikami--our favorite place to be.

A Viking, a fairy, and 2 pirates walked into a bar at the Renaissance Festival and.....

Guess what day it is?

Green glasses, green champagne, but no green shirt? My daughter
needs to get pinched!

She just kissed the Blarney Stone....

Shenanigans all the way around.

Nonni with her 3 grandbabies--the loves of my life!

Celebrating my birthday girl.

2 of my 4 babies...all grown up.

My bestest drinking buddy...and future son-in-law.

Hanging out with friends at the beach picnic for my daughter's birthday party!

The guys finally made it to the party....

The grill master hard at work.

Getting into the inflatable couch was easy. Getting out...not so much....

When my 2 youngest get together, there is ALWAYS some mischief involved.

The family that couches together, stays together....FOREVER....

That was our fun March Madness. I can't wait to see what April brings! 

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Be sure to buzz around Karen's house too and see what funny things she and her family have been up to! 


Baking In A Tornado                      

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Trouble Heating Things Up In The Boudoir? Morgasm Company To The Rescue!

It's a known fact that once women hit midlife---and especially their menopause years, their lady bits tend to get a bit dryer (can you say TUMBLEWEEDS??). Sex can become super painful when your body feels like the Sahara Dessert "down there" but few women are comfortable discussing these changes. However, there is no need to deal with uncomfortable sex, and the good folks from Morgasm are here to help you enjoy intimacy with your partner again!

Try Morgasm, The Natural Water-Based Arousal Lubricant

If you are a woman who experiences dryness, pain, or discomfort during sex, I would like to recommend a product I just learned about that has been helping thousands of Americans since its creation in 2008. It’s called Morgasm Water-Based Arousal Lubricant. (Great name!)

Morgasm has been known for years but it is just beginning to be marketed globally. Its benefits include:

  • Lubrication to help with dryness
  • Reduction of pain or discomfort during sex
  • Arousal and stimulation, increased blood flow, and reduced inflammation
  • Enhanced, longer, and more powerful orgasms

In terms of comparisons to other lubricants, Morgasm has the advantage here, too. It is 100% water-based, 100% hypoallergenic, and is toy, condom, and latex-safe.  All of Morgasm’s ingredients are completely natural and it contains no parabens, no silicone, no artificial coloring and it is not tested on animals. It is completely non-toxic and made in an FDA-approved laboratory in the USA.

It is edible and has a pleasant, slightly sweet taste and smell as well. Being water-based, it won’t stain your bed or clothes.

To use it, you start out slowly by massaging about a dime size amount of Morgasm lubricant while self-pleasuring or prior to engaging in intimacy. Continue to caress gently; combine with saliva if desired.  As all bodies are different, start with a little bit and see whether applying more is better for you.  

What also makes Morgasm so special is that it’s not just for women. It also helps men with erectile dysfunction and arousal, so it’s a dual product that helps both you and your partner.   

The company also offers a No-Risk, 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t completely satisfied. 

I would recommend highly recommend Morgasm, either the original formula or their new CBD-infused formula, which doesn’t make you high or cause you to fail a drug test. It is also being recommended by Sex with Emily and a number of well-respected medical professionals who address issues of intimacy and sexuality.

If you are a first-time buyer, Morgasm gives you a 15% discount with the code FIRST15 at checkout, and shipping for all orders is completely free. You can shop by clicking here or going to

Give Morgasm a try and let me know how it goes!


Thursday, March 16, 2023

Hypoallergenic Organic Cotton Bra Sets: 7 + 1 Reasons Why You Need These!

Ladies, are you tired of your old bras and panties? Have they become uncomfortable and are they causing itchiness and rashes? Julie May has an amazing variety of cotton bra sets that are durable, comfortable, and made of hypoallergenic cotton---and they're also super pretty! Here's what the good people at Julie May have to say about their wonderful products: 

Hypoallergenic Organic Cotton Bra Sets: 7 + 1 Reasons Why You Need These!

Could you be allergic to your favorite pants and bras or have you just grown out of wearing itchy, stringy, poor-quality underwear? Could those briefs be the reason why you’re often having that rash and irritation around your private areas? Possibly! Some of us have allergies to some of these things. It could be the fabric, as is the case with latex allergy and elastic allergy where certain natural substances in rubber can induce skin irritations upon exposure to clothing products with latex. Sometimes, it might not be the fabric itself. It could be the chemicals and toxins used as dyes and preservatives during the manufacturing process. Whatever might be the reason, the last place you want any irritation on are the private areas of your body. How can you prevent this? This is exactly where allergy-friendly bras  and JulieMay’s  certified organic Pima cotton bras and knickers cotton bras come in. 
Not only are these beautiful to look at, but they also guarantee all-day support and comfort for your delicate pairs. These bras have become quite popular these days and while they don’t cost an arm and leg, they’re also not particularly cheap. But if you’re wondering whether they’re worth the extra cost, below are seven (and one more) reasons you’ll love them; 
1.   Organic cotton is the comfiest bra fabric ever
Finding a comfortable bra that doesn’t feel like a chore to wear is a struggle for many women. Fortunately, bras made from organic Pima cotton are the ultimate everyday wear bras. 
These bras are great for just about any season and occasion because they’re extremely comfortable. They don’t feel restricting at all and they won’t make bra wearing a pain anymore. 
In the same way that we advise women with skin sensitivity issues to go for allergy-friendly bras made from skin-friendly fabrics like natural cotton and silk, it’s also important to avoid synthetic fibers that could trigger your skin allergies. 
Nylon and polyester fabrics, perhaps, have the greatest notoriety when it comes to inducing skin allergies. If you’re one of the many women with sensitive skin who might be prone to latex allergy, polyester allergy, and elastic allergy, among others, you’ll want to avoid bras made from these allergy-inducing fabrics. 
And because both nylon and polyester don’t ‘breathe’ as great as cotton, for instance, they might even cause discomfort on your delicate skin in some instances, even when you’re not prone to allergy. 


2.   They feel like second-skin softness
One of the reasons why cotton knickers and bras are extremely comfortable is down to the extreme softness of the organic cotton fabric. 
So, if comfort is your thing (and it should be), these super soft certified organic bras should be part of your favorite underwear collection. They are highly breathable and feel just like a second skin on your body. 

 3.   They are hypoallergenic
You don’t want a bra that will keep irritating the skin around your breasts and buttocks. So, while you have to avoid bras that are too tight, you also need to avoid bras made from scratchy and elastic fabrics. The hypoallergenic nature of cotton, however, makes it a suitable choice for people with sensitive skin. 
If you want to wave allergies, irritations, and pinching goodbye once and for all, your best bet is an allergy-friendly bra made from certified organic cotton, without any of those chemicals known to trigger allergic reactions on sensitive skin
The comfort bras from Julie May are the perfect examples of such organic allergy-friendly underwear products. 

 ● First, they feature a double layer of organic Pima cotton - a fabric that’s arguably the most allergy-friendly fabric on the planet. 

 ● The inner part is also made from 100% pure silk that’s also non-allergenic while still being super soft and breathable. 

 ● And as it is with all of the other products, you don’t get to see any exposed bands that can induce elastic allergy. With products like this, you’ll never have a bad day with your undies anymore. 
*carefully wrapped in Organic Pima Cotton - no exposed elastic touching the skin 
✖ No synthetic ✓ Nickels-free ✓ Latex-free ✓ Elastic allergy friendly 
JulieMay Lingerie is the only Allergy Free UK-accredited underwear brand. Read more about the Allergy Free UK accredited bra sets
4.   They’re sensitive to your body’s temperature
Along with the ability to not irritate your skin, the cotton fiber does a great job of regulating your body’s temperature. 
These kinds of bras help keep you cool during the day and also keep you cozy at night. This is the main reason why they’re a favorite for all seasons. 
5.   They are light and breathable
If you find boob sweat uncomfortable and irritating, choosing a good cotton bra is one of the best ways to reduce sweat and moisture accumulating in the underboob areas. And this is all thanks to the breathability and lightweight nature of the cotton fabric. These bras provide light support for your cups without adding too much pressure. 

Certified organic bras are ultra-durable
There’s a reason why many of our bras, brief, and lingerie come in cotton. 
Both of these fabrics are lightweight, highly absorbent, breathable, and super smooth on the skin. These natural fabrics are hypoallergenic, so they don’t induce allergic skin reactions. They are also very gentle on delicate skin. All of these properties make them the best options for women with sensitive skin. 
While cotton fabrics are durable enough, the Pima cotton used in their line of bras boasts 50% more durability compared to regular cotton. 
This is because of the length of individual fibers in the Pima cotton, a type of cotton classified as extra-long staple cotton. The fibers are much longer than those in regular cotton. They’re also softer and more resistant to tears, wrinkles, and fraying. 
7.   They’re pleasing to the eyes
Your cotton bras and knickers will mostly be worn underneath your dresses. But there’s no crime in buying for yourself some of the most aesthetically pleasing ones you can find, especially if they don’t compromise comfort and fit. Cotton is one of the most unique and beautiful high-end fabrics for bras, knickers, lingerie, and everyday wear. 

 All Julie May Organic Cotton Bras Are Ethically Produced! 

Organic cotton bras are some of the best bras out there. They’re great for sensitive skin, super soft,
comfy, and provide light support for your cups. What differentiates our bras further at Julie May is that while these bras tick the boxes at all of the right places as far as comfort, softness, support, aesthetics, and skin sensitivity go, they’re ethically made from eco-friendly materials and produced through an environmentally friendly manufacturing process. 
Whether you’re looking for the right sets of organic cotton bras suitable for your delicate pairs or need ethically produced lingerie and bras that provide decent support and comfort without compromising our environment, our line of certified organic cotton bras at Julie May ar
more than worth it. Here at Julie May, everything goes through an environmentally friendly manufacturing process devoid of those harsh chemicals that can also induce allergic reactions on sensitive skin. This is our solution for comfortable, beautiful, and pain-free bras. Exactly what you need if you’re in the market for allergy-friendly bras. 
Good thing they don’t even cost a fortune. 
  • Organic Pima Cotton
  • Ethically Made
  • Allergy Friendly
  • No Synthetic    


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