Friday, January 26, 2018

I Lost My Cool! Guest Post By Gina Valley

     I'm not very handy around the house when it comes to repairs. In fact, I pretty much suck at it. For that reason, I keep my electrician, plumber, and a/c guy's cell phone number nearby at all times. Anyone who can repair a leaky faucet, broken smoke alarm or dying air conditioner has my utmost respect. So imagine my surprise when I discovered that fellow humor writer Gina Valley has some serious plumbing skills. Today she's sharing a funny story about repairing her kitchen sink....and the startling revelation that she is no longer cool. Please welcome this funny, talented lady to Meno Mama's site today with lots of comment love!

                                     I LOST MY COOL!

I’m not cool.
I realized that today.
I suppose, on some level, I’ve known it for a while, but today it became glaringly apparent. Today, I realized I have become my father.
Don’t get me wrong. There’re a lot of cool things about my father. My dad was a great guy. He was funny and smart and giving. I’d love to turn into that part of my dad. But, I didn’t.
Today, after I installed a new kitchen faucet, I realized the transition was complete. My cool was gone. Totally gone.
We had to get a new kitchen faucet, because the old one had fallen apart. You had to use a pair of locking pliers just to turn the thing on, water temperature was a gamble, and it vibrated so much when the water flowed that dirty dishes kept bouncing off the counter.
So, yesterday, we headed to our friendly, neighborhood, giant home improvement store (I’ve always thought running water in the kitchen improved any home) to get a new kitchen faucet.
Some of the faucets were so expensive I wondered if they magically cleaned dishes all by themselves. The Professor took one look at the wall of water wonders, and announced he refused to pay more for this faucet than he did for his first car. He’s always been picky.
We settled on one that was in our budget, or at least wouldn’t require us to take out a third mortgage to finance it. It looked like it could handle having our kids tie the dog to it without breaking off. The fact that it supposedly had an anti-fingerprint finish just made us giggle. I was sure our kids would accept that challenge. They’re very competitive. No faucet was going beat them.
So, today, after my family was out the door for the day, I installed the new faucet we’d picked out. I always find it’s best to work on projects like this after my family is gone for the day. That way they don’t get in my way, and they don’t hear my creative vocabulary when I smash a finger or break a pipe.
After I was finished, I was standing in our kitchen, putting away my tools and looking at our newly installed faucet, when I heard someone say, “That’s a beautiful faucet.”
I looked around, and realized I was the only one there. And, not only had I said, “That’s a beautiful faucet,” I really thought that faucet was beautiful.
I flashed back to holding the tools while my dad installed a new kitchen faucet in my childhood home when I was a teenager. I remembered him saying, while he gently polished it with a cloth, “That’s a beautiful faucet.” I remembered thinking how that was further proof my dad was totally uncool.
And, here I was, decades later, riding the same train to un-coolness. Today’s stop was “Admiring Household Plumbing Fixtures.” I could only wonder whether tomorrow’s stop would be “Listening to Muzak”, “Wearing Sensible Shoes”, or ”Buying High-Waist, Polyester Pants” (as I typed that I thought, “at least those things don’t ever wrinkle,” and felt myself drift ever further away from cool).
When did this happen? When did I lose my cool?
What happened to stay-up-late-me and high-heels-everyday-me and eat-anything-late-at-night-me? Where did that me go?
I related my tale of un-coolness-woe to my dear friend, Ava. I told her I felt disheartened and aged beyond my years, because I found new kitchen plumbing fixtures exciting. I wondered aloud if it was because I have children. Had they taken my cool as well as my last functioning brain cell? I lamented my decent down the slippery slope of un-coolness, and wondered if I would ever be cool again. Ava nodded along, sympathetically.
“Well, you know…” my wise friend began.
I can always count on Ava, and her sage advice to keep me on course. She’s always there for me, building me up when I feel myself falling apart. I needed her wisdom to get back on course today. I knew she’d know just what to say to help me get my cool back.
“Actually,” she continued, “that really is a beautiful faucet.”
Apparently, Ava has turned into my father, too.

Laugh Out Loud!
Have you lost your cool? What have you lost lately? Shoot me a comment. I’m looking forward to hearing all about it.

***This post is based on Where Did My Cool Go? which first appeared on August 25, 2014. Used with permission.

Gina Valley is a humorist, who lives in Los Angeles, California, and had to hide in the bathroom to finish this column. She lives with her husband & their 7 children, who provide her with more inspiration than she needs for her blog Gina Valley – The Glamorous Life Of The Modern Day Soccer Mom. She finds humor in parenting her pack, figuring out marriage, navigating life, and trying to show up anywhere on time. Gina was a featured humor cast member in Listen to Your Mother. Gina puts her words in other people’s mouths as a prolific speech, ghost, and column writer. In addition, her work appears widely on the web. Laugh along with Gina on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and

Thursday, January 25, 2018

How To Keep Your House Clean With Dogs

     If you have a dog (or several, like I do), you're probably dealing with shedding, or worse, dirt and germs from outside that is tracked into the house every time you walk your precious pet.

     My guest today on the blog is Isaac Atia from 10Best Ranked, and he has some tips to share on keeping your furry friend (and your house!) clean.

How to Keep Your House Clean With Dogs
Based on statistical findings, about 40 percent of homes in America have dogs as pets. While a considerable number of people today love dogs, one thing is certain; keeping your home clean with a dog around is relatively hard. 
One of the main problems, in this regard, is shedding. Additionally, some dogs like tossing food and water bowls about. However, you can still keep your house from smelling and looking like a dog kennel, regardless of the fact that you live with the dog in the house. 
In order to deal with the mess these pets leave behind and keep your house looking clean and smelling great, you need to change a few things. Most importantly, you need to impose a thorough cleaning routine for the house and the dog. 
Discussed below are some of the tips you can use as a dog owner to ensure that your house is clean at all times.
Invest in the Right Cleaning Supplies and Equipment
Based on the type of floors and floor coverings you have in your home, you are going to require different cleaning equipment and supplies. Although it is advisable to prevent the dog from making the house dirty, you will still need to clean the house every once in a while. 
In this regard, you are going to need a good vacuum cleaner, particularly one that has a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter. Such a vacuum is best suited for cleaning pet fur off the floor and furniture in your home. You should also have a reliable steam mop and the right detergents to clean the floor.
Finally, you need to clean the dog’s feeding area and bowls as frequently as possible, preferably after feeding the dog.  As you can see, keeping your home clean with dogs around requires you to impose a few changes. With these tips, it should be easier for you to keep the house and smelling fresh, regardless of the dog’s presence. 

Grooming is a Must
As you already know, shedding is one of the main cleanliness problems that you need to deal with as a dog owner. While some dog breeds shed minimal amounts of fur, you will still have to deal with pet fur in your home from time to time. 
To ensure that you home remains free of dog fur, hence clean at all times, you first need to ensure that your dog sheds minimal amounts of fur. A dog that is well groomed is a clean dog, and it is easier to keep the house clean with a clean dog around.
Basically, it is advisable to brush your dog several times every week. The dog owners who regularly groom their pets can attest to the fact that grooming reduces fur shedding considerably. With the dog shedding less fur, it will be easier to clean and keep the house free of dog fur.
Bathe the Pet More Regularly
A clean dog is less likely to make your house dirty. This is why you should consider washing the dog regularly. Under normal circumstances, it is advisable to bathe a dog once a month. However, there are times when you should just bathe the dog right away. 
For instance, if the dog happens to roll in a pool of muddy water, you need to clean it right away. Otherwise, the dog will make the floor, furniture and anything else it comes into contact with dirty. Bathing your dog regularly will also prevent a flea infestation on your dog and house. 
However, bathing a dog too frequently is not advisable. Washing the dog too often will deprive it of essential skin oils. As a result, the pet will be predisposed to various skin problems, including dryness. 

Prevent the Dog from Bringing in Mud and Dirt 
Rather than having to deal with dirt and mud after it has been brought into the house, you should consider preventing it. While walking the dog outside the house, it is likely to collect dirt and mud, especially when the trail is a bit muddy. 
Again, pet dogs are known to be very playful. While at it, the dogs may roll or step onto the carpet, furniture or even white linen in your house and leave the dirt and mud there. 
Since you cannot limit how the pet moves about in the house, it is advisable to prevent it from bringing dirt and mud into the house in the first place.
To do this, you need to place a good mat outside the door and a washable throw rug after the door. These will trap the dirt and mud from the paws; hence prevent the pet from making the house dirty.
Wipe the Paws Regularly
Even when the dog is not walking on a muddy trail or rolling on a pool of muddy water, the paws will always pick up dirt and germs whenever the dog is outside the house. As such, you should remember to wipe the paws clean to get rid of this dirt and germs. 
To do this, you may use pet wipes to wipe the paws clean. Alternatively, you should use a wet, warm wash cloth to wipe the paws every time the dog is entering the house from outside.
Freshening Between Baths
As mentioned above, washing your too often is not good for its health. Again, a month is a long period and you may need to clean your dog in between. Otherwise, based on its level of activity and breed, the dog may start smelling. 
If the dog smells, your house will also start smelling. To keep your dog clean and smelling fresh throughout the month, you should use bath wipes and the right waterless shampoo to clean your dog in between baths. 
Remove Stains Soonest Possible

Some of the stains associated with dogs, such as urine stains, can alter the colour of your carpet permanently. This being the case, it is advisable to remove such stains as soon as you see them. If the stain is still fresh, you may blot the urine with a clean towel. You should then use warm water and the right dishwashing liquid to clean the affected area.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Artificial Boxwood Topiaries From HedgeScapes

     Everyone loves a well-manicured lawn and garden. But sometimes fresh sod and expensive shrubs do not survive, despite our attempts to water and fertilize them. That's when it's time to consider HedgeScapes. They offer many artificial versions of greenery that will enhance both your home and office space.  

Never-Before Beauty for your Office Landscape - Artificial Boxwood Topiaries
A fresh looking space is always the key to a warm relationship between the client and the service provider. Artificial Boxwood Topiaries will help you to create the most pleasant and fresh ambiance spontaneously. Yes, without any worries of planting and maintaining a garden, Artificial Boxwood Topiaries can instantly turn your spaces into a charming one with the magic of green.
Let the positive spirit be enhanced
Your spaces will look fresh, and the overall ambiance of the space will be enhanced in the presence of these Artificial Boxwood Topiaries. The beautiful green color and the thickly packed leaves will make space look fresh. The beauty of green faux plants integrated with your beautiful designs can create wonders in your premises without doubts. Let it be the interior design or an external landscape setting, Artificial Boxwood Topiaries fits like a champ
Spend minutes in installation and enjoy them for years
Artificial Boxwood Topiaries can be installed so easily and are highly portable. It is possible for you to carry them around. You can place them outdoors during the outdoor party and can place them indoors for the next spa session. Even you can use them near the lamps and can install them near the foundations. Artificial Boxwood Topiaries will match up with any ambiances and can make a positive vibe around them.
Let the setting be interior or exterior, they fit!
Artificial Boxwood Topiaries are highly compatible and will match to any interior decorations. Flaws in the interior design can be brilliantly covered with these Artificial Boxwood Topiaries. They can be placed in the corners or in the center. Despite space, they have the ability to attract visitors. Let it be the pool side the relaxation area or the artificial boxwood hedges; they will make the space beautiful than ever

Place them indoors, then outdoors and flip them whenever you feel like!
Artificial Boxwood Topiaries are highly reliable and can be placed in both indoors and outdoors without worries. They can be used as indoor plants and can be placed on the walkways. Small Artificial Boxwood Topiaries can be placed on tiny stools or tea tables to make space look classic. They can be placed on the borders of your sitting areas to make space look fresher. Artificial Boxwood Topiaries can be placed near the swimming pools and can be placed in the parking area. They can be used almost anywhere despite the spaces.
Never fades, never worn out!
Artificial Boxwood Topiaries tolerate a lot of natural agents and so are long-lived. They have the capacity to resist the fungal action by moisture, and they will never be delayed due to the presence of water, they will never fade or will not wear out. They can overcome the small shocks and can withstand intense light. Almost all natural agents which cause damage to the real plants will be simply tolerated by Artificial Boxwood Topiaries.

  • The most important features of Artificial Boxwood Topiaries includes
  • They are highly watered tolerant and so can be used both indoors and out doors
  • They can survive intense light. They can be used near lights and near warm areas
  • They don’t need any maintenance. So cleaning and watering them is just a dream
  • They can be easily ported to anywhere due to their compact size
  • Easy installation and quick cleaning makes them the most favourite in the home decor industry.
Let them wipe out the worries of maintenance
Artificial Boxwood Topiaries are easy to maintain and no watering is needed for them. They never demand special care and there is no need of pruning them, you can leave them as they are and there is no need of reassembling them occasionally. All the maintenance that they demand is a soft wipe with a cloth. They can be cleaned and dusted easily without any extra efforts. Even a vacuum cleaning is not needed for them.

Save your time and let the plants cherish itself!
Artificial Boxwood Topiaries can save your time due to the instant installation property. When you want to setup a real garden, it will take months and years to plant and grow the plants. They will need your care and even they are not portable. But here, it is very easy to place them and to carry them around. They can be kept wherever you wish to use them and can be replaced whenever you wish to.
Save some extra bucks to the next Thanksgiving!
Artificial Boxwood Topiaries will save you a lot of money as they are highly reasonable. They cost very less when compared to space, maintenance and care consumed by the real plants. You will not need a maintenance person and you can save bunches in the water bill. Your time is saved so that you can convert the time to a productive one that would get you another handful of money.
Get a bunch of praises from now
Artificial Boxwood Topiaries will get you praises with their looks. They are crafted with care and that reflects on their overall looks. The neatly aligned leaves and the beautiful stems will never let you down. Even the projections in the stems and the minute cuticles in the stalks will make you wonder about the perfection in the making of these beautiful Artificial Boxwood Topiaries
Quality tells the beauty and reliability
The quality of the materials in the crafting is excellent and so they will cherish you forever. The materials make the plant look extra real and beautiful. The quality will be reflected in their lifetime, looks and in the after installation care. As they are crafted in quality materials they will be very reliable and will make you proud of them.
Installing Artificial Boxwood Topiaries is the best way to make your interiors look fresher than ever. They can make the overall ambience look pleasant and greener. They don’t demand any maintenance and are highly reliable.

Friday, January 12, 2018

New Year's Resolutions I Will Most Likely Never Keep

     When I was young, it was easy to make New Year's resolutions and actually stick to them (well, for at least six months. Give me some credit here, folks. Swearing off chocolate for an entire year is unreasonable). Now that I'm older (sigh), I realize that New Year's resolutions are not for the faint of heart, and basically, I'm just too lazy to stick to them. My intentions are always good at the start of the year, but then life gets in the way, and I find myself slapping the snooze button on the alarm way too often just to avoid my resolutions.

     This year I'm going into 2018 with more positivity....meaning that I'm pretty positive the following New Year's Resolutions are ones I will most likely never keep:

STICK TO A DIET: Losing weight and eating healthy is always at the top of my list each year before the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve. This time, I was off to a great start, existing solely on celery and a bald chicken breast on the first day. But on January 2nd, I caved and split a pint of Ben & Jerry's Phish Food with my husband. Can I have a Dec. 31st do-over?

EXERCISE MORE: I love my Zumba classes, but the downside to this workout is the personal reward system I use. "Hey, I just burned 600 calories, so that means I can eat Taco Bell tonight!" It doesn't work that way. I know this because I'm sitting here with too many tacos and not enough sweat to burn them all off.

GET ORGANIZED: This is a wonderful concept, and I have no problem doing it, especially in the kitchen. I clean out all of the shelves, throw away expired foods, and pawn all the junk food off on my adult kids. But inevitably, someone gets lazy and shuffles stuff around in the pantry. The peanut butter ends up next to the dog food, and the Basmati rice sits on the floor behind two bottles of cooking sherry. My husband is certain we have pantry gnomes and blames them for our disorganized mess. Do gnomes like Basmati rice? 

TURN OFF THE TV: Let's be honest----this isn't gonna happen. I was never a fan of spending hours in front of the television, mostly because I had four young children that needed to be fed, bathed, and put to bed. But now that I'm am empty nester, I suffer from this mysterious condition that hits me every night after dinner. It's called, "This-couch-feels-really-good-and-I'm-not-moving-for-two-hours-until-I-digest-my-food." It's also known as the "I've-discovered-Netflix-and-I'm-never-going-back-to-regular-tv-again" syndrome. 
MORE MEDITATION & YOGA:  I started yoga about six months ago and I'm trying to make more time for it in my schedule. However, even though I have advanced, I've noticed that my stomach really gets in the way of my progress. Try doing the "Extended Puppy Pose" with a tire strapped around your waistline and you'll see what I'm talking about. I also love the concept of meditation, but when I put it into practice, I fall asleep and then wake up three hours later wondering what century I'm in.

BE MORE ATTENTIVE TO MY SPOUSE: There is a reason I bought a hot tub, but even the promise of playing "sexy mermaid" in the hot, bubbly water (in my case, it's more like a boiling lobster in a pot) is not enough to distract my husband from an NBA playoff. If only I could learn to love the game, but let's face it; I'd rather have my tonsils removed than sit through a two-hour sporting event.

WORK HARDER: I'm a freelancer, so this resolution is difficult to stick to. Why? Because I work from home, where EVERYTHING becomes a distraction: dogs barking at the slightest sound (yes, they can hear an ant sneeze), my daughter calling to vent about work, the neighbor who sunbathes nude (wait---what??), the little pings on my cell phone alerting me of Facebook and Instagram notifications (I'm easily sucked into the social media vortex), and that damn piece of cherry cobbler sitting in the back of my fridge.

USE THAT EXPENSIVE KITCHEN GADGET I GOT FOR CHRISTMAS: I have this device that shreds, dices, squeezes, and for all I know, possibly changes my incontinent dog's diaper pads, but I have yet to try the gadget. It has too many buttons and knobs and blades, and I'm fearful that I might lose a finger if I experiment with it.  

STOP SWEATING THE SMALL STUFF:  If sweating the small stuff really worked, I'd be as thin as a chopstick. I need to accept that it's not a big deal if someone likes the toilet paper folded under the roll instead of over it, or that people in my home prefer to squeeze a tube of toothpaste from the middle instead of from the bottom like a NORMAL human being. Sure, I can deal, but no one better say a word about my habit of baby-talking to my pugs (don't judge---I'm an empty nester remember?).  

      I really feel optimistic about 2018 because I'm going into the new year with my eyes wide open....and my hands full of tacos.

***WANT MORE MENO MAMA? This week I was featured on HER VIEW FROM HOME with my husband's poignant adoption story, "How Being Adopted Made My Husband A Better Father." You can read it here: 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Get The Perfect Hair With Addwigs

   Have you ever wanted to switch up your looks without doing anything permanent to alter your appearance? A change of hairstyle can make a big difference, but rather than risking a bad haircut or dye job, why not try a wig? Today on the blog I'm sharing a post from Addwigs to help you find your perfect look for the new year!

              Get the perfect hair with Addwigs
Say goodbye to damaged hair from over styling. Say goodbye to the same boring look you’ve had years. Say goodbye to the insecurity you’ve had when you suffered from hair loss.

And say hello to Addwigs.

Addwigs is a one-stop-shop for human hair wigs. You can choose from a variety of hair textures, lengths, and styles they offer. And the best part--- their products are made 100% from only the best quality human hairs. 
It is true that beauty is only skin deep. A woman’s character is far more important than how she looks. But our character is also what makes us want to experiment and achieve the best version of ourselves. It is where we get the urge to get creative and improve our appearance.

Wanting to change your hair color, length, and other aspects of your hair can sometimes come with uncertainty and anxiety. Many women go out of a salon happy with their new look only to be disappointed and frustrated weeks or months later because the expensive hair treatment they paid for didn’t hold up to its promise. Let’s face it; repeated exposure to heat and harsh chemicals cause hair damage. I’ve been there; we’ve all been there. And hair takes months if not years to regrow. Damaged hair does not look good and only shakes ones confidence.
That’s where Addwigs come in.  
Addwigs helps you explore your dream hairstyle with natural-looking wigs. Their wigs come with pre-plucked hairlines, which means you will have a hairline with natural baby hairs. People will never even notice you are actually wearing a wig, but only that you look so much better!
Many people buy the cheaper lace front wigs but are left disappointed because they can only part their new wig for about three inches. But not with Addwigs, their amazing lace front wig collection can be parted up to six inches! 

Addwigs’ products are also reasonably priced. I also love how their wig cap is made of soft and breathable material. This is especially important for people who suffer from hair loss. This means the wigs can be worn for long hours with comfort and ease. 

I love that the Addwigs website also posts realistic photos of their products, so you really know what you are going to get. There’s so much room for flexibility when you order a wig-- you can choose the hair length, volume, color and which lace color you prefer. If you have any additional request, they will gladly accommodate them too.

There is an expression that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. A beautiful hair does upgrade a person’s overall look. But the pursuit of beauty should neither be so expensive nor damaging. That’s what Addwigs offers, the perfect hair day without hurting your pocket and your healthy hair. 

Friday, January 5, 2018

Winter Writer Series: Guest Post By Molly Stevens

     I'm so pleased to have Molly Stevens back on the blog today! She has a new book out that I know my readers will love. Boomer on the Ledge is described by Molly as "a little doll whose daily surprises reminded her how being a boomer is both harrowing and hilarious."

     A few months ago, Molly gave a full description of the book on her blog, Shallow Reflections. Today she is sharing an interview with the doll, Boomer in the Ledge, which is hysterical.

     If you're familiar with "Elf On A Shelf" (who isn't??) then you understand why we Boomers need someone like this little doll watching over our antics as we age. Check out Molly's website from the info below and be sure to grab a copy of her new book!

         It's a book! It's a doll! It's Boomer on the Ledge!

I had some apprehension when Boomer on the Ledge™ - the book and doll - came to life on 10/17/17. I worried about how the world would treat them. I wondered if they could live up to my hopes and dreams. 

What were my hopes and dreams? 

I could write a treatise, but I decided to interview Boomer on the Ledge to give you her perspective. 

Me: Do you think people like the book?
BOTL: It has me in it, so duh! Of course, they like the book. I’m hilarious. 

Me: Do you think they grasp the concept of the Boomer on the Ledge?
BOTL: My new owners are having a blast posing and photographing me. So I’d say they understand what Boomer on the Ledge is all about. 

Me: What are you all about?
BOTL: I help people view aging as something that includes fun and laughter. And I inspire creativity when people pose me in their daily lives. Here’s what I overheard Marcella say, “My doll is doing what I would love to do. Because of Molly’s imagination, mine has been restored!”

                              Marcella’s doll overindulged on Halloween 

Me: Are you surprised at how much people like you?
BOTL: Not at all. I know you had apprehension, but I was confident that once people saw how adorable I was, everyone would want me. I don’t have the same insecurities that you have.

Brenda DeRoche, the seamstress whose skills brought BOTL to life posed the doll on her sewing machine

Me: Why do you think boomers relate to you so well? 
BOTL: Hanging on a ledge is symbolic of an aging boomer – perched between danger and adventure. When you are younger, it is a shock if an illness or injury strikes someone you know. But as you age, a disaster can be around the next bend. Conversely, this age is a fabulous time of self-discovery, creativity, and adventure.

Me: How have you helped people who need encouragement? 
BOTL: Michele, who is coping with her husband’s illness, said when she feels down all she has to is look at me to feel better. Sue, a new widow, kept me by her side when she found it difficult to address her Christmas cards.  And I went to the hospital with Cynthia when she had surgery.

Me: What are your ambitions for 2018? 
BOTL: I like being handmade and numbered, but I wish there were more of me to go around. I'd love it if everyone who purchases a book could buy a doll, too. Of course, I can’t belong to anyone who doesn’t own a book, since the pictures in the book spark ideas.

Me: Where can people buy you and the book? 
BOTL: You can buy the book on Amazon. I’m available with the book at my online shop: People who order me will need to be patient as there is a waiting list. But I am anxious to get into the hands of more people who can enjoy my antics.

                                     Boomer on the Ledge book and doll 

Me: We’ve had a good time since the book launch, haven’t we? 
BOTL: We have indeed. I’ve laughed so hard I’ve peed my pants. 
Me: You do use bladder protection, right?
BOTL: (Rolled her painted eyes)

Posed atop a package of adult incontinence aids (we don’t like to call them diapers.)


Molly Stevens arrived late to the writing desk but is forever grateful her second act took this direction instead of karaoke or trampling competitors at the all-you-can-eat buffet. Molly believes humor is the emollient that soothes life’s rough patches and promotes these convictions in her blog: Shallow Reflections. She won third place in the 2017 National Society of Newspaper Columnists writing contest and is a contributing author for These Summer Months: Stories from the Late Orphan Project, edited by Anne Born. She is a featured contributor for Humor Outcasts and part of the Bangor Daily News blogging network. Her guest posts have appeared on: Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop, Better after 50, Sizzling Towards 60, Mostly Blogging, Menopausal Mother, and Sixty and Me. Molly grew up on a potato farm in northern Maine, where she wore a snowsuit over both her Halloween costume and her Easter dress. She lives in central Maine, and when she’s not writing, working or watching the New England Patriots win super bowls, she and her husband, Patrick, love to spend time with their son, daughter-in-law and two perfect grandsons. This is Molly's first book.

Amazon links to book and author page:

Social media and blog links:


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