Thursday, January 25, 2018

How To Keep Your House Clean With Dogs

     If you have a dog (or several, like I do), you're probably dealing with shedding, or worse, dirt and germs from outside that is tracked into the house every time you walk your precious pet.

     My guest today on the blog is Isaac Atia from 10Best Ranked, and he has some tips to share on keeping your furry friend (and your house!) clean.

How to Keep Your House Clean With Dogs
Based on statistical findings, about 40 percent of homes in America have dogs as pets. While a considerable number of people today love dogs, one thing is certain; keeping your home clean with a dog around is relatively hard. 
One of the main problems, in this regard, is shedding. Additionally, some dogs like tossing food and water bowls about. However, you can still keep your house from smelling and looking like a dog kennel, regardless of the fact that you live with the dog in the house. 
In order to deal with the mess these pets leave behind and keep your house looking clean and smelling great, you need to change a few things. Most importantly, you need to impose a thorough cleaning routine for the house and the dog. 
Discussed below are some of the tips you can use as a dog owner to ensure that your house is clean at all times.
Invest in the Right Cleaning Supplies and Equipment
Based on the type of floors and floor coverings you have in your home, you are going to require different cleaning equipment and supplies. Although it is advisable to prevent the dog from making the house dirty, you will still need to clean the house every once in a while. 
In this regard, you are going to need a good vacuum cleaner, particularly one that has a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter. Such a vacuum is best suited for cleaning pet fur off the floor and furniture in your home. You should also have a reliable steam mop and the right detergents to clean the floor.
Finally, you need to clean the dog’s feeding area and bowls as frequently as possible, preferably after feeding the dog.  As you can see, keeping your home clean with dogs around requires you to impose a few changes. With these tips, it should be easier for you to keep the house and smelling fresh, regardless of the dog’s presence. 

Grooming is a Must
As you already know, shedding is one of the main cleanliness problems that you need to deal with as a dog owner. While some dog breeds shed minimal amounts of fur, you will still have to deal with pet fur in your home from time to time. 
To ensure that you home remains free of dog fur, hence clean at all times, you first need to ensure that your dog sheds minimal amounts of fur. A dog that is well groomed is a clean dog, and it is easier to keep the house clean with a clean dog around.
Basically, it is advisable to brush your dog several times every week. The dog owners who regularly groom their pets can attest to the fact that grooming reduces fur shedding considerably. With the dog shedding less fur, it will be easier to clean and keep the house free of dog fur.
Bathe the Pet More Regularly
A clean dog is less likely to make your house dirty. This is why you should consider washing the dog regularly. Under normal circumstances, it is advisable to bathe a dog once a month. However, there are times when you should just bathe the dog right away. 
For instance, if the dog happens to roll in a pool of muddy water, you need to clean it right away. Otherwise, the dog will make the floor, furniture and anything else it comes into contact with dirty. Bathing your dog regularly will also prevent a flea infestation on your dog and house. 
However, bathing a dog too frequently is not advisable. Washing the dog too often will deprive it of essential skin oils. As a result, the pet will be predisposed to various skin problems, including dryness. 

Prevent the Dog from Bringing in Mud and Dirt 
Rather than having to deal with dirt and mud after it has been brought into the house, you should consider preventing it. While walking the dog outside the house, it is likely to collect dirt and mud, especially when the trail is a bit muddy. 
Again, pet dogs are known to be very playful. While at it, the dogs may roll or step onto the carpet, furniture or even white linen in your house and leave the dirt and mud there. 
Since you cannot limit how the pet moves about in the house, it is advisable to prevent it from bringing dirt and mud into the house in the first place.
To do this, you need to place a good mat outside the door and a washable throw rug after the door. These will trap the dirt and mud from the paws; hence prevent the pet from making the house dirty.
Wipe the Paws Regularly
Even when the dog is not walking on a muddy trail or rolling on a pool of muddy water, the paws will always pick up dirt and germs whenever the dog is outside the house. As such, you should remember to wipe the paws clean to get rid of this dirt and germs. 
To do this, you may use pet wipes to wipe the paws clean. Alternatively, you should use a wet, warm wash cloth to wipe the paws every time the dog is entering the house from outside.
Freshening Between Baths
As mentioned above, washing your too often is not good for its health. Again, a month is a long period and you may need to clean your dog in between. Otherwise, based on its level of activity and breed, the dog may start smelling. 
If the dog smells, your house will also start smelling. To keep your dog clean and smelling fresh throughout the month, you should use bath wipes and the right waterless shampoo to clean your dog in between baths. 
Remove Stains Soonest Possible

Some of the stains associated with dogs, such as urine stains, can alter the colour of your carpet permanently. This being the case, it is advisable to remove such stains as soon as you see them. If the stain is still fresh, you may blot the urine with a clean towel. You should then use warm water and the right dishwashing liquid to clean the affected area.


  1. I remember when we had our dog the shedding drove me crazy. These are all great tips. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great tips! The last one tho---how can it be done? My dog went straight for the mud, river, rabbits, porcupines (got a few in her nose). Of course she was a high strung dog.

  3. Can he come clean my apartment? LOL I have 2 little dogs. Because we live in an apartment they only go out when we go for walks. Still, we get lots of hair. I throw them in the kitchen sink about once a month. (Well, sometimes I don't) I like the idea of dog wipes.



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