Friday, January 25, 2013

In The Beginning There Was...Twitter?

     Today is a special day at Menopausal Mother's site. I'm introducing you to one of my favorite bloggers, Sarah over at Her blog caught my attention several months ago when she left hilarious comments on my Caveman Twitter post. I just HAD to check out this talented lady and I've been stalking her blog ever since. I knew the moment I read her bio that I had  met a kindred spirit and someone I could call a true friend in the blogosphere. In the short time that I have known Sarah, I realize our brains are wired the same---pretty soon we won't need to email one another---we'll just communicate telepathically.
     Sarah is still fairly new to the blogging world (she started many, many moons ago back in June 2012), but she already has a large audience and quite a few blogging awards under her belt. Her bio reads:   "The Sadder But Wiser Girl is the mother of two children and is married to an evil genius. Suffering from A.D.D., Anxiety, and a phobia of washing dishes by hand, she blogs to save the world from boringness. Though she is college educated, she would gladly trade her degree in for something useful, like a grilled cheese sandwich. She also goes by the name of Sarah Almond, writer, blogger, and dreamer looking to find her niche somewhere in the great big world."
     I think Sarah has already found her niche, and now we are the fortunate ones on the receiving end of  her humor.

                                          *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

A couple of months ago, Menopausal Mother and her darling husband debated about what might happen if Cavemen had Twitter.  This intrigued me.  I started thinking about what if they had Twitter during other notable times in our history.  I’m still learning Twitter, so I’m no expert, but I think that if Twitter was around long ago, things may have been quite interesting. 
So what if they had Twitter in Biblical Times?  The following are tweets that I think really could have happened, complete with horrible reenactments by Barbies.  
For example, what if God tweeted about creating the world?
BOOM!  I made some great stuff this week!  Check out my pics on Pinterest.

Boo-yah!  World creation complete!  (Grandpa Snake in a Barbie bathrobe makes a fabulous God, or maybe Hugh Hefner?

Now of course no one would tweet back…yet.  What about the Garden of Eden?
@Eve Want to grab a snack later?  Come on, no one will know…
Just got my fig leaves.  #fashion
I hate shopping, especially for fig leaves.  Thinking of having the Earth’s first beer.

Adam and Eve hanging out in the garden.  Nice apples.

Of course as time went on God would get more popular:
I’m so excited, I have more than 1000 followers!  #sweet

God would communicate via Twitter.
@Moses  Do you have a couple of stone tablets and a chisel? I have something I need you to write down for me.
@Noah  I need a favor, and I really hope you like animals. #EpicFlood

Noah and the only animals I could find.  I don’t think there were dragons on the ark.
(Yes I’m well aware that God and Noah look the same.  I only have so many guy Barbies!)

@Moses  Hey me again.  Another thought-this whole Egypt thing isn’t working.  We need a new thing. I’m thinking a plague of boxelder bugs.  Thoughts?
@God  LOL!  That would be annoying but not effective.  What about a plague of earwigs?
@Moses Nah… I need something more flashy.  Cockroaches?  I’m not really using them for anything.
@God   Cockroaches are creepy and they do spread disease, but here’s a thought.  Locusts? People hate locusts!
God@LordOf Creation
@Moses Perfect!  Make it so!

Pretty soon everyone would be tweeting!
Woo-hoo! Just parted the Red Sea! I rock! #Canaan
Awfully dark in here.  Something’s fishy.
Last call for anyone who wants to take the ark for a spin. #EpicFlood

No room at the inn! A manger? WTF? #DamnCensus

Who knew that Hello Kitty and My Little Ponies were present for the Divine Moment?  Um Joseph, you might want to adjust your robe.

Just rose from the dead. Take THAT nonbelievers!
I hope you enjoyed my little venture into the imaginary world of biblical times with Twitter.  Want more?  I’ve got a whole brain full of stuff!  If you want more insight into the scary place that is my mind, come on over to and check out my blog!

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Fly On The Wall

     Today I am participating in a group blog posting called "Fly On The Wall", created by Karen over at There are 14 other bloggers participating in this fun little project that allows our readers a sneak peak into a day in the life of a blogger. Or as I call it, "Embarrassing Things We Really Shouldn't Share With The Public".
     Before entering my home, there are several signs posted outside that forewarn visitors what they might encounter inside.
     Our Family is nuts:

     We belong in the looney bin:

     We take NO responsibility for unattended children:

     If you are faint of heart, turn back now because this blog post is not for you. If you find the mentioning of certain bodily functions offensive, click out of my site now and find a nice blog post on DIY sofa covers or frilly lamp shades.
     I have a teenager and 3 adult children. When we are all together under the same roof, things get interesting. If you were a fly on the wall in my house during this time, here are some snippets of conversation you would have heard:

     "Dad is just a crusty old man who sunbathes with dinosaurs and eats bologna sandwiches."

     "Stop singing Whitney Houston songs! My ears are bleeding!"

     "Don't eat corn! That junk ricochets back at you in the toilet!"

     "It's a sign of sisterly love that our toenails fell off on the same day. That's what I call true bonding."

     "Why did you let me eat that much orzo? Now I need a stomach pump."

     "I want a penguin. And a kangaroo."
     "Yeah, well I wanted a yard gnome but I never got one."

     "Don't you hate it when you burp and throw up in you mouth at the same time?"
     "Can't be any worse than pushing out a fart and then end up peeing a little bit in your pants."

     "Cut your damn Hobbit toenails!"

     " I gotta pee so bad my bladder is gonna burst in my throat!"

     "You let the dog lick your face? He just ate his own poop outside!"

     "Stop hoarding all the peanut granola bars in your room. What are you, a squirrel?"

     "Oh, she pooped in her diaper. That was a nice little surprise package."

     "You need to get out of sloth mode and get busy doing your chores!"

     "Don't cut your toenails next to me while I'm eating lunch. I don't want those flying missiles landing in my macaroni salad."

     "I'm not putting my laundry in with his. I don't want our clothes rubbing together in the washing machine. I can't even dry my face off on those towels because they all smell like his dirty under ware."

     "No, sweet potato casserole does not come from ear wax."

     "Who the hell had a picnic in the bathroom?"
     "What do you mean?"
     "There's a meatloaf in the toilet and lemonade all over the seat."

     And in the past week, I have been referred to by my children as a:
     Rotten vagina
     Blogger whore
     Wine bee-otch
     Fatty McFarty

     Don't get mad, people! These are terms of endearment in my home. Which is why I love my family so much.
     Welcome to the nuthouse!

Check out the other bloggers at:                                         

Friday, January 11, 2013

Secret Subject Swap #2: Zombie Plan

     We survived the Y2K "computer crash" on December 31, 1999, and we surpassed the deadline of the Mayan calendar. But what about a zombie apocalypse?
     I am once again participating in a Secret Subject Swap with 17 other bloggers, hosted by Karen@ My prompt this time comes from Jenn over at Her question to me is: "What is your zombie plan?"
     I was actually pleased to get this prompt, because I live in Florida, home of the most notorious flesh-eating zombie stories of 2012. Zombie defense plans were all the rage last year, and after watching enough episodes of The Walking Dead, I think I am prepared to do battle. This folks, is how I plan to survive a zombie apocalypse:

1.  First, disguise myself as a zombie to fit in with the rotting rogues. I will do this by refraining from bathing for weeks, rolling in garbage and raw sewage, shredding my clothes, tossing out my toothbrush and skipping my daily naps for awhile. Of course at this point, none of my fellow humans will want to be downwind of me, either.

2.  Hone my growling, moaning and slobbering skills.

3.  Practice precision slicing of cantaloupes with a large machete.

4.  Stick wood planks down my pants in an effort to walk stiff-legged.

5.  Stockpile toilet paper, chipped beef, canned corn, beans and Little Debbie Cakes to eat secretly in my attic while the zombies are outside gnawing on human chicken wings.

6.  Build a mote around my house and fill it with zombie-eating alligators. Or perhaps piranhas would be more effective since they don't leave anything behind. The vultures in my special, ugly bird aviary will be allowed out each morning to eat the zombie leftovers. If they are too full to finish the gruesome banquet, I can always haul out the wood chipper/shredder to finish the job.

7.  Blast Judy Collins, Bette Midler and Barry Manilow songs from loud speakers to deter the zombies and make their brains explode.

8.  Douse myself in a perfume repellent known as "Eau De Zombie Poop".

9.  Trap the zombies by digging big holes in my yard and camouflaging them with leaves and branches. Once the zombies fall into the trap, I'll torch their asses.

10.  Place a large banner across my home that reads: "1st Annual Zombie Barbecue. If You're Human, They Will Come".  Then I'll sit behind the machine gun turrets on my roof and wait....

     As I go through my check list in preparation for the apocalypse, I realize all that is left is for me to slip into my special zombie gear.

     I'm ready for battle. Are you?

These are the 17 bloggers participating in the Secret Subject Swap. Check them out!                                                                        

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Time In A Pocket

     Now that winter is actually approaching Florida (it's sixty degrees out..BRRR!) and the palm trees might be threatened by frostbite, I pulled out the winter clothes from the attic. Inside the trunk I found an old, leather jacket from my early mommy days. As I tried it on (and noticed it was a bit snug at the waist), I slipped my hands into the pockets and discovered unidentified objects from years past. My fingers delved into the deep depths of the unknown for hidden treasure, and this is what I found:

* One lint coated breath mint

* A faded receipt from a Star Trek convention along with one rubber Spock ear

* Fossilized stick of gum from 2001

* A key to a piece-of-crap minivan I unloaded 10 years ago

* Wadded-up tissue that had disintegrated into a pile of white ash

* A used strand of floss from a steak house

* An unwrapped tampon that had swelled up to the size of an airline pillow

* A clump of moss

* An uncapped, hairy stick of lip balm

* A petrified granola bar

* Ticket stubs to an outdoor concert where the Hubs got smashed and stumbled into the ladies room

* A champagne cork and two sea shells from a night of celebrating on the beach when we...well, you know...

* An arm from a Batman action figure

* A scrap of paper with a phone number to a turtle taxidermy shop

* Two quarters, a Heineken beer bottle cap and a baby's pacifier (sounds like a party to me!)

* A Barbie doll head. No comment.

* A cocktail napkin from Al and Suzy's wedding...the party lasted
longer than the marriage

* A matchbook from a hotel in Orlando where the fire alarm went off at 3:00 a.m. and we were herded like cattle out into the parking lot.  I learned that people at that hour of the morning look like they belong in a circus act or an episode of Swamp People

     After much consideration,  I decided to leave the contents in the pockets---it was a time capsule of sorts. One day my kids will inherit the jacket and wonder about the contents. I like to keep them guessing.


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