Friday, July 24, 2020

Fly On The Wall In Funny Family Photos

     Welcome to another edition of Fly On The Wall group blog postings hosted by Karen of Baking In A Tornado. Today, there are three brave bloggers allowing you into their homes for a sneak peek at what goes on behind closed doors.

     As the COVID-19 numbers here in Florida continue to escalate, our family is pretty much still in quarantine mode. Our family sees each other, but that is the extent of our social life right now. No restaurants, bars, parks, or gyms. We only go to one another's homes on the weekends for a swim and backyard barbeques. And that's enough for me because family is #1. Besides, I really enjoy the company of my kiddos.

     I haven't had a chance this month to keep track of some of our funnier conversations, but I HAVE captured a few photos here and there of time with my favorite people on the planet:

This is the face my husband makes when he hasn't had his coffee yet.
                 She definitely takes after her grandfather's side of the family....
I guess that cupcake didn't taste so good after all.

Nothing a little liquor can't fix!

She's learning how to make silly faces from the pro.

Which mask? Decisions, decisions.....'s what's for dinner.

What are you guys doing out there? No fair! You're having all the fun!

Isn't that what the Doyles are all about?

***WANT MORE MENO MAMA? You can find me this week on Humor Outcasts discussing senior citizen beer flavors here:

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Friday, July 10, 2020

My Favorite Pandemic Memes (Because We Really Need To Laugh)

     It's very difficult these days to ward off depression and frustration with the current state of the world. Here in Florida, our COVID positive test results have skyrocketed, which means rolling back on openings and implementing further restrictions. I agree that it is totally necessary, but let's face it; some of us are going a bit stir crazy after being quarantined for so long. I'm fortunate enough that I get to see my family when we spend time together at each other's houses, but there are plenty of people who are dealing with this alone, and my heart goes out to them. This is a time for us to spread kindness and love and oodles of humor because God knows we need it now more than ever.

     Below I am sharing some of my favorite pandemic-themed memes (found on social media) to help bring a little laughter to your day. Hang in there folks, we'll get through this together!

This first group of memes comes from the Facebook page, Mommy Needs Vodka:

This next batch of memes comes to you courtesy of Purple Clover: 

These last two memes come from a Facebook page called MEMES: 

I hope these memes made you laugh out loud. God knows we all need some humor right now. Stay safe and stay healthy, my friends!


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