Friday, November 19, 2021

Fly On The Wall On A Cruise Ship

Welcome to a new edition of Fly On The Wall group blog postings hosted by Karen of Baking In A Tornado. Today, there are three of us pulling back the curtain to reveal what goes on behind the walls of our homes. 

I had a brief reprieve from the nosy fly when I took my first-ever cruise to the Bahamas a few weeks ago. Since the fly wasn't there to spy on me, I'll fill you on in all the fun. 

My husband and I were VERY lucky to score tickets on a Disney Cruise Line for practically FREE by using up years of accumulated points on our Disney card. And WOW, what an experience. I'll admit, the wait time at the port to check-in was a royal pain in the arse but once we got aboard the ship, it was all fun. Imagine if you will, endless free food, your choice of pools to lounge around, exciting excursions in the Bahamas (Nassau and Castaway Cay), lots of sun and beach time, dance parties on the deck, and oh.....did I mention they make amazing Bahama Mama cocktails there?

There are certain funny things that happened while we were on vacation with my daughter, her fiance, and the grandkids that I will NEVER forget. Here's a little snippet of those memorable moments: 

1. We got to play with a dolphin! In fact, we hugged it and danced with it ( check that off the bucket list). However, some of us were more enthusiastic than daughter was so busy watching her kids walk across the floating platform that she accidentally plunged into the dolphin
tank with a loud SPLASH. There was that moment of stunned silence before the crew jumped into action to pull her back up to the surface. She was fine (except for some bloody scratches on her knees) and we all got a laugh out of that one. 

2. It rained for an hour on our first day in the Bahamas and the weather turned suddenly cold. We tried to huddle under towels but the grandkids had dragged them through the water and sand, so we were covered in muck and shivering from the chill. The youngest grandbaby thought it would be hilarious if she lobbed a fistful of beach sand at her Poppi's bathing suit.  Well, at least the rest of us found it amusing. Mac, not so much.

3. The cruise hosted a Halloween costume party on the second night. We knew this ahead of time so we carefully packed our costumes. However, no one told us it was a DISNEY character-themed party. I dressed as Maleficent, my daughter and her fiance came as characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas, and the grandkids took a chapter out of Frozen for their costumes. And then there was Mac, who wore sequined pants, a psychedelic shirt, disco necklace, zebra platform shoes, and an orange afro wig. WRONG COSTUME. Needless to say, he stuck out like a sore thumb. Lots of stares, I tell ya. But the funniest thing if all was watching him walk in those giant platform shoes across the deck---clomp, clomp. clomp.  

The best way to describe the cruise is through photos, so I hope you don't mind if I share a "boatload" of them (see what I did there?). We enjoyed our time so much that we're already saving up for another cruise for
next fall! 

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