Friday, August 24, 2018

Fly On The Wall In A Birthday House

     Welcome to another edition of Fly On The Wall group blog postings hosted by Karen of Baking in a tornado. Today, six bloggers are inviting you into their homes for a glimpse of their private lives if you were a "fly on the wall."

     At our house we recently celebrated my husband's birthday, which pretty much lasted an entire week, because that's how we Doyles roll. Lunch at our favorite Japanese gardens, some yummy "tuxedo" cake, a special family dinner on another day at a beautiful Polynesian restaurant, more cake, a fun afternoon on jet skis at the beach, celebratory libations in our backyard tiki hut and....did I mention there was CAKE?

     We also shared some funny conversations along the way. If you were a fly in my house looking for a bit of humor, this is what you would've heard:

"The dishwasher repairman is here, but he's still in our driveway. What's taking him so long to get out of his truck and into our house?"
"He's digging around, looking for something in the back of the truck."
"Its been thirty minutes! If he hasn't fallen into the Black Hole by now, then he must be searching for Narnia."

"Look Hon, I bought a new box of taco shells at the store---it says they're 20% larger shells."
"Yeah, large tacos for LARGE people."
"Speak for yourself...."

"Our cockroaches in south Florida aren't just normal-sized bugs; they're chupacabras."

"Why are you wiggling your finger at me?"
"Come hither, my love."
"Is that your come-hither-finger?"
"You've been watching too many episodes of Game of Thrones."

"Good Lord, that fart was so loud it scared off all the cats in the neighborhood."

"You need to put a heating pad on your leg."
"Did you say an EATING pad?"
"No! A HEATING pad."
"Well good, because an EATING pad would probably take a large chunk out of my calf."

"I'm so tired of this summer heat. I melt every time I go outside. Whenever winter hibernation begins, I'm totally doing it."

"I just cleaned out the vegetable drawer in the freezer. I found a three-year-old, fuzzy lime in there that required a hazmat team to remove it."

"The requirements for renewing my driver's license at the DMV are ridiculous. I need a ton of paperwork just to prove my identity. They might as well ask for a urine sample or the results from my 23 and Me test. But I draw the line on sperm samples!"

     I'm totally serious about the hibernation thing. If you don't hear for me for awhile, you'll know why. Just ask the fly.......

***WANT MORE MENO MAMA? I'm up on Robot Butt this week with a humorous spin on advice for your college bound son. 

GOOD NEWS! Just learned that I was awarded Top 100 Mom Blogger at Brand Ballot. I don't know who nominated me but thank you! Time to break out the champagne!

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  1. Awh, it's always fun to hear from your funny crew! I hope you can cool down and enjoy hibernating soon.

  2. I'm still trying to wrap my head around a week long birthday celebration. Around here, I'm lucky if I remember and luckier still if we get cake. Never was a big deal -- even when I was a kid.

  3. Yep. Never do things by halves. Our birthday celebrations extend to days as well. And cake!
    We have a cat problem in our neighbourhood. Does that 'fart' thing really work? ;)

    1. I'm not sure, but I can send my husband over to try it out for you!

  4. Happy Birthday to your husband. Week long birthday has been so successful, next year are you going for a month?

  5. Your birthday celebrations make ours look downright tame. I do admit to providing my daughter with a special card. (She had pronounced birthday as birfday when she was two...) Happy Birfday, Sweetheart. Hope you like this F-in card!

  6. Ha! Doyle birthday parties sound like a blast. Wish I were a fly. I would be one that listens in on everything but also recognizes a swatter when she sees one. Happy birthday to your Hubs, Marcia :)

    1. Yes, we do like big celebrations! And yes, avoid the swatters!!

  7. Happy Birthday to your husband, Marcia.
    This was so funny. I absolutely love, and equally loved reading this "Fly On The Wall" glimpses. Thank you making
    me smile everytime I visit you:)

  8. Aw Happy Birthday to your hubby, looks like it was indeed a fun one!! Being a fly on a wall would be great as long as theres not a fly swatter around. I always keep those handy but now I'll be looking at those flies and wondering if they are spying on me.

  9. I love the 'too many episodes of Games of Thrones' quip.



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