Thursday, October 18, 2018

Why Every Woman Needs A Signature Perfume

     I've been wearing perfume for as long as I can remember, and I never leave the house without wearing my favorite fragrance.

     Today on the blog, my guest writer is sharing the five reasons why women need their own signature perfume and what it says about their personalities. Please welcome Cynthia Jerry, founder and Chairman of Ocean (Caribbean) Distributors, Inc. and the creator of Tiv perfume, "The Designer Fragrance of the Caribbean," to Meno Mama's site!

Why Every Woman Needs a Signature Perfume

Perfume creates a vision or an illusion that lingers in the room even long after the wearer is gone. They have a powerful impact, not only to our sense of smell, but also to the other senses. A fragrance can trigger emotions and feelings, desire, and be tied to a particular person and specific memories--so, in essence, every time others smell a specific fragrance that you wear, they are reminded of you.

Every woman should have a signature perfume--and here are five reasons why. 

1. Scents can evoke emotions. 

The olfactory bulb, the neural structure of the brain that’s related to the sense of smell, is also known as the emotional brain, as it is responsible for processing feelings and memories. So whenever you smell a scent, it triggers emotional reactions or reminds you of a particular memory.

For example, here at Tiv Perfume, we use essences that evoke elements of the tropical Caribbean in a sophisticated and classic scent. We want our wearers to be reminded of luxury island getaways when they wear the fragrance.

2. Fragrance can reveal your personality.  

Whenever you wear a specific perfume, it reflects an aspect of your personality. This is because any scent of your choice is actually an extension of your personality and emotions. In fact, your perfume makes a more powerful impression on others than anything else you wear on your body.

Recent studies have shown that your favorite scent is indeed closely related to your personality type. For example, if you like citrus scents, you’re the boss. You like everything in order and you’re always ready to conquer the world. Floral scents, on the other hand, exude feminism and romance. Fruity scents are the epitome of fun and festive, while chocolate oriented or rich fragrances exude confidence and sex appeal. So your perfume truly offers a glimpse into who you are. 

3. Wearing the perfect perfume enhances your beauty. 

A recent study has shown that the same woman is considered more physically attractive when wearing a perfume. This means that the perception of beauty is closely related to the emotions aroused by the scent. A nice scent can make your face look younger and enhance your physical appearance. So if you want to attract attention, create desire, or feel more beautiful and confident, just add a spritz of your perfect fragrance. 

4. Your perfume creates lasting impressions and impact on others. 

Every time you wear a perfume and spend time with other people, the memories and emotions related to you becomes associated with the scent you’re wearing. So when you spend romantic moments with your love interest, happy times with your friends, etc, they’ll remember positive emotions from when you were with them whenever they smell that same scent. And they will begin to associate that scent with only you. Memories triggered by a scent are not often detailed, but usually a feeling of fondness, beauty, romance or desire.

5. Wearing a perfume makes you feel good. 

Nothing makes you feel more confident than knowing that you smell good and look beautiful. It can enhance your mood and change your behavior. According to a recent study, 90% of women feel more confident when wearing a perfume compared to when they aren't. Wearing the right perfume can make you instantly feel confident or in a great mood!

Finding and wearing a signature fragrance enhances your beauty and self-confidence, evokes positive emotions and feelings in others, creates lasting impressions and attraction, can change your mood with just a spritz, compliment your personality, and remind you of beautiful memories or places.

And that’s why every woman should look for her perfect signature perfume! 


Cynthia Jerry is the founder and Chairman of Ocean (Caribbean) Distributors, Inc. and the creator of Tiv Perfume, “The Designer Fragrance of the Caribbean.”

Cynthia began her career in the fashion and beauty industry as the Fashion Director for the May Company Department Stores, the Director of Fashion and Beauty Marketing at Essence Magazine, and the Marketing Director at the Estee Lauder Company’s prestigious fragrance division. Upon leaving Estee Lauder, Cynthia launched her own fragrance, Tiv Perfume, a sophisticated and classic perfume formulated in the Caribbean. Tiv made history as an ultra-successful boutique fragrance at the former Hecht’s Department Store in Washington D.C. (now Macy’s) as the first small-business vendor for the $12 billion retailing giant and is now sold online at

Cynthia was honored as the Small Business Advocate of the Year in 2003 by the U.S. Small Business Administration, and has always played a significant role in giving back to the community as the founder of the New Image Foundation Corporation, a not-for-profit corporation in the Virgin Islands on a mission to enable low-income youth and adults to become self-sufficient in life, and raising over $135,000 as the franchise holder for the Miss Virgin Islands Scholarship Organization.


  1. Oh, this is interesting. Any hints on the type of perfume notes in this line (Tiv)? I love to wear a fragrance but I'm careful not to put on too much. Also, I like to change my scent every five years or so as my nose gets too used to a scent and tires of it. Anyone else afflicted with this? I know some women have a scent 'for life'. Cynthia's bio is very impressive!

    1. Yes, Lisa, I also got tired of my perfume, but I was too lazy to change it and didn't know what else to wear anyway (until recently). I also think they changed the ingredients in Opium some years ago and it no longer had the beautiful 'warm' smell it had before.

    2. Hi Cheryl, Interesting about the Opium. I think I wore that for a period of time, too. It's quite spicy. It's hard to find the scent that's just right for you. My hubs has a sensitive nose haha. He will let me know if he's turned off by a new perfume so I test them before buying.

    3. My husband is also the 'tester' of any perfumes I try. If he doesn't like it I don't buy/wear it :-)

  2. Oh I was SO disappointed when they stopped making my signature perfume nearly ten years ago now. I've not really found one that I like as well. I have found a couple of substitutes though.
    :) gwingal

  3. Great article! Until 2 weeks ago, I almost daily wore Opium by YSL for a bit more than 25 years. Everybody used to comment that they could smell me before they saw me :-) However, recently I decided to change my signature scent after I was given a sample of a completely different perfume and loved it. So, as of this week, my new signature scent is 24 Faubourg by Hermes. I feel very comfortable with the change, I will soon find out if my friends and family do too!

  4. I have a couple of perfumes that I wear, and I vary them depending on what I am doing each day. For example, I wear one to work, one to church, one out with my husband. I sort of align them with my mood and mental focus for the day.

  5. I remember when I was a kid my moms signature perfume was Channel #5. It was her standard Mothers Day, birthday and christmas gift. I don't wear perfume but I do like fruity smelling lotion. There is something to be said about the scent of a woman and probably goes back to the primal days similar to animals who gives off a scent for mating purposes.



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