Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Cool Clothes For Hot Women

     One of the worst symptoms of menopause, at least for me, is hot flashes. They happen out of the blue, sometimes when I've just applied my makeup or when I'm at a party enjoyimg the company, when suddenly, I feel as if someone turned the thermostat up to 109. Within seconds, I am drenched in sweat. My makeup smears, rivulets of sweat run down my body, and my clothes stick to me. It's annoying and very embarrassing!

     Fifty One Apparel has the solution for this uncomfortable symptom of menopause---clothing made with climate control technology! Below you will find more info on this amazing clothing line!


Fifty One Apparel has been developed from a belief that there is a need for a clothing range that caters to women suffering from symptoms during menopause. Hot flushes can make women uncomfortable, self-conscious and embarrassed and night sweats can cause disrupted sleep, which leads to lack of concentration, energy, and motivation. This combined, can cause low self-esteem, confidence, and mood.
Our unique clothing line ensures we help eliminate these symptoms by providing comfortable, stylish and functional clothing.   Our climate control technology "Outlast" ensures heat is taken away from the body and stored to be released back when the body begins to cool down, thus keeping you cool and dry, day and night, leaving you feeling comfortable, confident and happy.
We created our clothing line with you in mind. We understand the busy lifestyles we have during this stage of our lives, with families, careers and social life, so not only are our clothes intelligent at keeping you comfortable and dry, but they are also practical. You can wear our collection anywhere, anytime. Perfect for the gym, workplace, day out, a night away, loungewear or nightwear. 

 Our Story……….
We are two friends, with families, fast approaching the age of natural changes in women - Menopause. We have worked in retail and sales for 50 years (combined) and are using our expertise in this field to make a difference to women going through menopause.
Our light bulb moment and journey to creating Fifty One Apparel started off quite innocently in Iceland, when a friend suffering from hot flushes, stripped down to just a tee shirt and jeans in the arctic freeze, feeling hot, sticky and irritable.  After seeing her plight it very quickly dawned on us that there really wasn’t the right sort of understanding, or clothing, available that was comfortable, stylish and helpful during hot flushes. Understanding that this symptom can last for years, we did not want women to suffer.
So we set about producing Fifty One Apparel, a unique collection of clothing that helps regulate body temperature for women during menopause. 
 Our mission
It is our mission and the utmost priority to create a top-quality product that actually makes a difference.
Using technology which was originally developed for astronauts with NASA, we have sourced fabric that is high quality and highly effective in its purpose. 
Our fabric has the ability to regulate body temperature by detecting a rise or dip in body temperature and accordingly releases or traps heat within its fabrics until it is needed.

In using cellulosic yarn, as opposed to the polyester yarns which wick away moisture, it allows for a natural handle and versatile styling for a multi-function use. We do not dictate how to wear our clothes, the choice is yours we simply hope you love wearing them.


  1. I don't experience menopause- but it's why I sleep au naturel with nary a cover at night. So, I CAN sleep at night.

  2. What a brilliant concept! Is there a link to their site? Thanks for sharing this, Marcia. Currently suffering. Night sweats are awful and not to mention the laundry that accumulates. Sigh.

  3. This post was a Godsend! Thank you from the bottom of my sweat soaked heart.

  4. Menopause was 13yrs ago for me and I had 2 hot flushes only, however, in the last couple of months I run hot and cold daily. I have hot flushes all day and night, the Dr has no idea why. This morning it was 4 degrees and I had sweat driping out of me.



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