Friday, October 9, 2020

4th Annual Symposium: Vibrant Aging At Menopause And Beyond

Sex, brain fog, and the controversy around hormone therapy - let's talk about it! In honor of #WorldMenopauseDay, my friends at The Cusp are hosting a first-of-its-kind virtual symposium addressing the #menopause topics you've always wanted to ask: Vibrant Aging at Menopause & Beyond.

The 4-day virtual event will feature discussions with leading menopause experts to empower you through the complex and often controversial issues of menopause, focusing on 3 key topics: Brain, Sex, and HRT Controversy.

 The Cusp, in collaboration with Advancing Health After Hysterectomy Foundation (AHAH), the Vibrant Aging Symposium has gathered the leading medical and academic professionals in women’s health for this 4-day virtual event. Speakers will present in one of three areas of interest: The Brain, Sex, and HRT Controversies. The lively discussions will guide you through the complex and often controversial issues of menopause, like the ways hormones and sex can drastically alter your midlife experience. The 4th day of the event will be on World Menopause Day and an opportunity for attendees to interact with and ask questions of the speakers in a LIVE virtual setting! The event will be engaging and interactive. This will not be your typical Zoom call! It will take place on a dynamic event platform that will allow for conversations, photobooths, breakout sessions, and fun music. This wonderful event begins on Thursday, October 15th, and culminates on Sunday, October 18th, in celebration of World Menopause Day.

Join us! Limited Early Bird Tickets are now available: Link in comments

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  1. I think of my Mom and all the 'unmentionables' (anything 'woman') that she had. So grateful for the openness of--and accessibility to--knowledge that we have now! She sure could have used it!

  2. Women in bygone years would blush and pretend things didn't happen, we have come so far if you listen to how my daughters talk about stuff

    1. For sure! I hear the same stuff over here from my daughters.



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