Friday, March 19, 2021

Fly On The Wall In The Tiki Hut

     Welcome to another edition of Fly On The Wall group blog postings hosted by Karen of Baking In A Tornado. Today, four bloggers are bravely sharing a peek inside their homes for you to see what a fly on the wall might see. 

     At the Doyle house, the fly saw us doing the happy dance when we were successful in booking our first COVID vaccine appointments for this coming weekend. I never thought I would be so thrilled to get a shot! I am anxious to return to my Zumba classes, to visit friends in St. Augustine, and to enjoy a dinner out that I don't have to cook! Of course, I will still be wearing my mask, but knowing that herd immunity and freedom are just around the corner makes me SO HAPPY!

     Meanwhile, the fly always gets to listen in on the stupid stuff we say around the house. Here are a few tidbits of conversation:

"Help! There's a cockroach in the kitchen! Somebody kill it!"                                         

"How big is it?" 

"Big enough that it needs a leash!"

"I love cuddling up with you on the couch to watch tv. It's so romantic."

"There is nothing romantic about watching you use a file to scrape the calluses off your feet while I'm trying to watch a movie."

"If I eat six Skinny Cow ice cream cones in one day, does that make me a fat cow?"

"I need to go to the hardware store to buy some spackle."

"Is it for the wall or to fill in the cracks on your face?"

"I have this nagging cough that won't go away."

"The dog has it, too. I think you both have Kennel Cough."

"I can't believe the doctor found a bunch of stones in my gall bladder on the X-ray."

"Aren't they caused by too much cholesterol in your bile?"

"Yeah, so pass me another donut. I might as well add another gallstone to my collection."

"I hate that I've gained so much weight during this pandemic. None of my pants fit."

"It's time for you to Google search Maternity Jeans For Men." 

"I just read an article that said eating eggs improves our memory. I eat a lot of eggs."

"What else did the article say?"

"I don't remember."

     As you can see, the fly on the wall got an earful this month. Hopefully, he skipped eating eggs and has no recollection of what he overheard.....or saw what happened in our backyard tiki hut. Wait, what??


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  1. You're SO lucky you're about to get your shots. I'm so frustrated sitting around and waiting.
    Good thing you have an amusing family, don't know what we'd do stuck with them for all these months if we couldn't laugh.

    1. For sure. I hope you are able to get your vaccine soon!

  2. Oh my goodness - I love the pic of mom and daughter by the lake. Beautiful. And your family's usual a laugh a minute.

    1. That's actually the aunt (my other daughter) holding my grandbaby, but I agree---lovely photo!

  3. Ah, pandemic humor. Another thing that's changed in our lives.

  4. Maternity jeans for men... I burst out laughing! Thanks for helping improve our herd immunity!

  5. Very cute. Glad you're getting your vax.

  6. We're in line for ours as well! Best. News. Ever!!!
    Ha! Where do you find those maternity jeans for men? I might know someone's spouse who needs them...
    Right now, I'm going to cook some eggs. I think I need them.

  7. No idea when I will be able to get m shot



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