Friday, April 23, 2021

Fly On The Wall: Fish Kisses And Donkey Kicks

     Welcome to another edition of Fly On The Wall group blog postings, hosted by Karen of Baking In A Tornado. Today, four bloggers are graciously inviting you into their homes for a glimpse of what goes on behind closed doors.

     The fly got a good look last week at how crazy life is with my funny husband. We were sitting in the garden Sunday night and I was practicing a neck exercise called, "Fish Kisses," to strengthen my ever-expanding gobbler. Mac asked me what on earth I was doing, so I explained to him the benefits of toning the neck and jaw muscles for a more youthful look. "Well, I've been practicing that shuffle dance that's all over Tik Tok," he said. "It helps tone my leg muscles." 

     "Okay," I snickered. "Show me how to do it." I watched as Mac stood, held the deck railing, and began kicking one leg backward before kicking with the other. I couldn't stop laughing. "That's not the shuffle!" I cried. "You look like a kicking donkey!!"

     So now it is a tradition in our house that whenever Mac thinks I'm bored, upset, or anxious, he grabs the kitchen counter and does a quick series of donkey kicks to make me laugh. And it works every time.  

     The nosy fly on the wall also eavesdropped on some random, strange remarks that were made this month:

"You're eating eggs AGAIN for breakfast? Aren't you sick of them?" 

"Yeah, and that's no yoke..."

"I'm not using that box for the grocery store. It's a stinky box."
"Better than a stinky taco."

"When are you getting rid of that giant growth on your chest?"
"When it starts talking back to me."

"Why are you rubbing your stomach? Did you eat too much spaghetti?"
"Yep, and now I look like a bowling ball with nipples."

"I have just returned from Satan's lair."
"The butthole of America."
"What? Where?"
"The DMV."

"Even though you had eggs for breakfast, I'm serving quiche for dinner tonight."
"I don't mind. Quiche is just another word for eggs on steroids."

"You really should consider doing yoga with me. It will help you gain muscle strength."
"Or put me in traction."

     Speaking of exercise, it's time for me to practice my fish kisses....if I can squeeze past the kicking donkey in the kitchen. 

                                At last, we are FULLY vaccinated!!

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  1. I can always count on you and your husband to amuse me, but I have to admit that pic of the vaccination cards is the best!

  2. We miss you at Mission Inn for this years Symetra tournament. Your hubby is lucky man.

  3. Just make sure you're out of the kill zone when that donkey starts kicking!
    Ugh. The DMV. Where's that donkey?
    Loved this glimpse, Marsha!

  4. Hopefully, the fish kiss is nice and wet- to keep you excited all day long...

  5. Ah, so great! Really cheers me to read these fly on the wall posts, Marcia. The pictures are wonderful, too. So good you guys are now vaccinated! I will be getting mine in early close. Have a fun(ny) weekend!

    1. Congrats for getting your appt. to be vaccinated!

  6. Think I'll try the donkey kick and the fish kisses.

  7. Life is always so funny in your sphere. I would laugh at that donkey kick as well. Sometimes we just need a visual to pull us out of a bad mood, right?

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