Friday, July 9, 2021

Fun In The Summer With AKASO Outdoor Gear

I live on the coast, and now that we are deep into the warm temps of summer, I'm thrilled to hit the beach.  However, I know how important it is to be vigilant about avoiding damaging sun rays that can cause overheating and sunburned skin. That's why I was so excited to discover some cool products from AKASO, a company that sells all sorts of outdoor gear that offers protection for my beach days. I tried their beach tent and their microfiber beach towel, and loved them both! Some of their other outdoor gear includes swimming tubes, refrigerated bags, and even swimming pools!

The microfiber beach towel is made of super-soft, durable fabric (88% polyester fiber and 12% nylon) that dries quickly after use. It is a highly absorbent towel that also has a sun-protection function that reduces damage from the sun's rays to the skin. How awesome is that? Sand-free, oversized 71x35, and lightweight, this towel is perfect for children and adults. Although I used it at the beach, it's also perfect for poolside fun, camping, picnics, the gym, or a yoga class. It conveniently folds up and fits in its own carrying bag. I really love this towel!

The beach tent is another awesome product I tried and enjoyed. Made of a UV blocking fabric and UPF50+ sun protection, the tent offers plenty of cooling shade, and at a spacious 118"x118"x83" size, it can fit 6-8 people. This canopy pop-up has two aluminum stability poles, anchors, and is easy to assemble with a three-step setup. I love that it's super convenient too since it comes in a travel-ready, carry-all bag. Wind and rain resistant, the portable shelter is ideal not just for the beach but also for camping trips, fishing, backyard fun, or picnicking. If you love being outdoors as much as I do but want to avoid the heat and the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays, this pop-up canopy is perfect for you!

Check out the ASAKO website for other amazing products or visit their Amazon link to purchase the outdoor gear that I love! 

Microfiber Beach Towel: Buy it HERE

Portable Shelter: Buy it HERE 


  1. I have never liked the beach but when my girlls were little I took them to the beach and just dealt with it.

    1. You can use the tent for more than just the beach---it makes a great cover if you are picnicking in the park, too!



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