Friday, October 22, 2021

Fly On The Wall With A Urinator

     Welcome to another edition of Fly On The Wall group blog postings hosted by Karen of Baking In A Tornado. Today, three bloggers are bravely letting you into their homes for a sneak peek at what goes on behind closed doors. 

     The nosy fly watched me decorate my entire house this month in Halloween-themed stuff and of course, I already loaded up on bags of candy (no, I did NOT open any yet!). I also celebrated my birthday last week and it was the most PERFECT day. Nothing is sweeter than having family around me to celebrate another year around the planet. I have no idea how I got so lucky and I truly feel blessed for all the love in my life. 

     In other news, I'm leaving next week for my first ever cruise! Yeah, I know I always said I'd never do one (remember the Titanic!) but there are no icebergs around here so I feel fairly safe. We are going with the family to celebrate my granddaughter's 3rd birthday----just a few days around some islands. I heard there is free ice cream on the ship everywhere you look and more food than I will know what to do with. Not so great for my diet. Help me, Jesus! 

Here are some of the weird conversations the fly overheard at my house this month:

"I'm nervous about going on our cruise next week since I've never been on one. What was it like when you went?"

"That was so long ago that it wasn't even called a cruise. It was called an ark. And there were no people on board, just animals in sets of twos.....

"The dog's tooth extraction today is going to be cheaper than I thought."
"I doubt my tooth extraction at the dentist's office next week will be that cheap."
"Let's see if the vet will give us a two-for-one deal while we're there...."

"I only have five minutes to get my business done in
the bathroom before our show starts!"
"You're such an organized, timely person that even your bowel movements are efficient."

"You've navigated your life really well." 
"That's because you don't know about all the detours I had to take to get here."

"Brewski the Terminator needs to be housetrained." 
"You've got the dog's name wrong; he's not the terminator----he's the urinator." 

"I lost another pound!"
"Where did it go?"
"It's probably hiding in the food pantry."
"At least someone in this family gets to enjoy the bag of chocolate chip cookies in there."

"You sure have been peeing a lot since we got to this restaurant."
"It's all the beer I drank. I broke the 'bladder seal' and now I can't stop going. "
"Forget about the peeing dog. YOU'RE the real Urinator." 

"Of course the dog doesn't want to leave her warm bed to eat dog food for breakfast. I wouldn't want to wake up for that, either. '
"I'll bet you'd wake up for a buttery croissant."
"You know me so well....."  

     Now if you will excuse me, I need to go pack for a cruise. I hope there are plenty of bathrooms on the boat for the Urinator......

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  1. I always said I'd never go on a cruise either. Maybe I'll rethink it once I hear how yours goes. That free ice cream thing has already got me thinking . . .

    1. I'm excited...and nervous! I'll let you know how it goes!

  2. My friend convinced me to go on a cruise a couple of years ago - the best thing ever! Can't say enough good things about it. If you like being pampered, believe me, you will feel like a queen. After seven days on the ship, I didn't want to ever go home. Stopping at the ports in Bermuda was the icing - more fun and great shopping.

  3. Ha! These are all so good! I like "You didn't see all the detours I took to get here." :D Ain't it true? Marcia, you look awesome! You will love the cruise with your family. It will be soooo fun with the littles. Enjoy that ice cream!

    1. Thanks---I believe I will have one (or three) scoops!!

  4. Yup. Keep up the beer to keep your excretory system in top form.

  5. We only ever do the tall ships so I have no advice for you except...HAVE FUN!

  6. Every pound I lose hides somewhere and comes back... often with a friend!



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