Friday, March 18, 2022

Fly On The Wall With A Human Cheeseball

     Welcome to another edition of Fly On The Wall group blog postings hosted by Karen of Baking In A Tornado. Today, there are three of us inviting you into our homes for a closer look at what goes on behind closed doors.  

     The fly has been enjoying himself in my house this month because my husband seriously, he smells after days of working outdoors in the South Florida heat. It also doesn't help that lately I've really been into cooking and eating cabbage (what?? It's good for you!). So just use your imagination...our house gets.....smelly. Come to think of it, the dogs could use a bath, too.  Anyway, here are some snippets of conversation that nosy fly has overheard in my house of (smelly) horrors: 

"Stop adding drama to the situation. You're acting out just to stir the pot." 
"Yep and at this rate, I'm going to need a bigger ladle, too."

"If you need to poop, eat this breakfast bar---it's loaded with fiber and artificial stuff that will make you go." 
"Sounds like crap to me...."

"Why are you snacking again? I thought you were going to sleep."
"I am, but first, I need a  slumber snack."

"Did you just fart again??"
"Those are just little baby farts, They don't count."
"Well, as much as you've been farting tonight, I'd say you have a whole nursery up in there."

"I don't get it; first, you spoil our kids. Then, you spoil our dogs. The amount of spoiling around here is ridiculous."
"What's the matter...are you mad because you're still waiting in line for your turn?"

"I've been so busy, I haven't showered in four days."
"Oh, so THAT'S why the house smells like someone opened a can of cheese balls!!"

"Come on Honey, show the grandkids how to twerk!"
"No thanks---I'll end up in traction if I try."

So weird----I keep getting ads for corsets. Ha-ha, I don't need one of those."
"Okay, so maybe I do....." 

"What are you staring at in the fridge?"
"A package of buttery croissants."
"Damn, the way you're looking at it, you'd think it was the Holy Grail."
"Anything slathered in butter is the Holy Grail."

"Geez, I feel like a dumpster teddy bear."
"Huh? What?" 
"Like an immortal jellyfish."
"What does that even mean??"
"It means that I'm worn out like a used teddy bone-tired I can't even stand up--like a jellyfish. 
"No, it means you're ready for a dirt nap." 

     Okay, ladies, I know you're jealous...because doesn't every woman want a dumpster teddy bear that smells like cheeseballs and believes butter is the Holy Grail? 

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  1. My house smelled like cabbage yesterday for St. Patrick's Day and I have to admit, once a year is plenty for me. And have you seen my recipe for Grilled Spiced Cabbage? So good and no smell in the house!

    1. That sounds delicious---I'll have to check it out!

  2. Yep. Sounds like the perfect man to me! ;)

  3. I love how centered you all around family. You can see the love you all have for each other.

  4. Lol! OMG, you guys. Slumber snack is a thing and I'm here for it.

  5. LOL, loved this one, Marcia! I like the idea of a 'slumber snack'. Cabbage is good for you but it does smell when it's cooking but that may cover up the cheese ball smell. Sorry I missed this post earlier. Thanks for the laughs. I want to come over for one of those tropical drinks I'm always seeing you drink on Instagram :D

    1. For sure---the tiki bar at the Doyle casa is ALWAYS open!



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