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Fly On The Wall In The Quiz Room

     Welcome to another edition of Fly On The Wall group blog postings, hosted by Karen of Baking In A Tornado. Today, four of us are bravely opening our homes for you to "fly" in and see what goes on behind closed doors. 

     The fly is all-a-buzz about the new school year now that the youngins' are back in the classroom this month. Some students started off their first day with a quiz from teachers who were overly optimistic that the kids actually read the three books assigned to them over the summer. I loved to read as a kid (and still do) so these little quizzes were a cinch for me. But how about a fun quiz for the grown-ups that offers a peek into our personal lives? There's a quiz that has been floating around Facebook for a while, and I always get a kick out of what people score. Oddly, it's the people I recall as being the shiest and quietest in school who surprise me the most with their answers. Apparently, some of them took a walk on the wild side after graduation. Good for them! Life is too short to stay bored!

     This is how the quiz works: 1 point for every item on the list you have NOT done. I'm sure there are some interesting back stories to several of your answers, so please feel free to share your score in the comment section below (and expound a bit on your answers. I am nosey, after all....). Here are my answers with a few explanations thrown in. 


1. Broken A Bone: YES. Broke my left arm in 2 places while playing a rousing game of frisbee my freshman year in college. Yeah I know, I'm a klutz. 

2. Skipped School: YES. My parents were out of town and my boyfriend came over. My older sister vouched for me, telling the truant officer when he came to our house that I was "sick.".

3. Fired A Gun: YES. A rifle, many times, for target practice. 

4. Been Skydiving: NO. I won't get on a plane let alone jump out of one!!

5. Ridden In A Limo: YES. I've ridden in several limos to special events. But I guess I can't count the time I rode in one to a funeral, right? We didn't even get a complimentary glass of champagne in that one!

6. Had Braces On My Teeth: YES. For 4 long, miserable years. My overbite was horrible from years of sucking my thumb as a kid. 

7. Had A Massage: YES. But I always feel a bit awkward having a stranger give me a rub-down. 

8. Gotten A Tattoo: YES. I'm up to 9 tats now and have plans for several more....yes, I'm addicted. 

9. Gone Swimming In The Ocean: YES. This is an easy one since I live near the shore. 

10. Dyed My Hair: YES. Blonde, black, brown. purple, pink, and candy apple red. 

11. Watched Star Wars: YES. Saw the original when it debuted in May of 1977. Shut up--I'm old!

12. Ridden A Horse: YES. But not in a gazillion years and I'd love to get back in the saddle again. 

13. Gotten A Ticket: YES. I was going 40 miles over the speed limit at 3:00 a.m. I was 21 and stupid. But the cop sure was cute.

14. Gone Scuba Diving: NO. Even though I live near the ocean, this activity does not interest me because SHARKS.

15. Eaten Sushi: YES. Not a fan of raw fish. I think it's gross. 

16. Been To Other Counties: YES. After graduating from college, I went to 23 countries in 2 months with a group of students. Soooo much fun!

17. Ran A Marathon: NO. I get out of breath in Zumba; there's no way I could run a marathon, let alone a few blocks. But I did win a pie-eating contest. Does that count? 

18. Ridden On A Motorcycle: YES. Many times. Dated a guy who had one. The bike was fun but they guy was not. 

19. Been On A Train: YES. Went from Spain to France with a group of friends when I was 21. Good times!

20. Ridden In An Ambulance: YES. Unfortunately, several times. Remember, I'm a klutz.  

21. Gone Ziplining: NO. But I plan on doing it during our trip to the islands in October. Bucket list item!

22. Needed Stitches: YES. More times than I can count. Again, KLUTZ.

23. Been Camping: YES. Several times and loved it. But now I prefer "Glamping."

24. Gone On A Cruise: YES. My first was last year. I fell in love with cruising and have another planned for October.  

25. Been Arrested: NO. Not even close. Wait, did I just jinx myself?

26. Been Married? YES. 38 blissful years together. Best friends and partners for life.

27. Been Divorced? NO. There were lots of relationships I've "divorced" myself from but legally, no. 

28. More than one piercing? YES. Relax--it's just three holes in each ear. I don't have any of that belly-button-nose-ring-lip-ring stuff going on. 

29. Been On TV? YES. Several times---I was on NBC to promote my first book in 2014. My husband and I were also guests on National Geographic twice for all the chinchillas we owned. I was on several talk shows about menopause and midlife. All fun experiences but damn, it really is true what they say---the TV makes you look ten pounds heavier. GAHHHH! 

30. Sang Karaoke? YES. After too many cocktails. Pat Benatar's "Hit me With Your Best Shot." It wasn't pretty. 

     How did you score on the quiz? I got a 6 out of 30. Not too bad for this old gal. Okay, kids, class is dismissed! 

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  1. That was fun. You're far more interesting than I am, I got a 10.

    1. That's actually really good. So you DID live a bit on the wild side!

  2. Yikes. I have 15 I've never done. Can't tell if I'm boring or just being cautious....Laurie Stone

    1. Perhaps cautious----time to check some of these off your list, ha-ha!

  3. Fun questionnaire! I got 16. That's awesome you were on TV! Your travels abroad sound like a blast! I prefer glamping too - give me an air mattress at least!

  4. Like you, Marcia, I'm a 6! No skydiving, braces, tattoos, arrests, divorces and pierces. (I technically SHOULD have had stitches when I fell over a barbed-wire fence and sliced my leg open from thigh to ankle, but my parents were away and I...didn't. Oops.)

    1. OMG that's crazy and it sounds like it hurt REALLY bad!

  5. I think this would make for fun dinner conversation. I'm pretty boring, but maybe others would have some good stories to tell!

    1. That's a great idea---just don't play it with the adult kids or else you might hear things you don't want to know, ha-ha!

  6. Wow, you are adventurous, Marcia. I don't agree about you being a klutz though haha. Didn't know you had several tatts. I saw one or two in your instagram photos. Sounds like you really lived it up before you got married. Smart woman!

  7. I was running about half and half just like my stamina these days!



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