Friday, October 20, 2023

Fly On The Wall In October Celebrating Family And Libra Love

Welcome to another edition of  Fly On The Wall group blog postings hosted by Karen of Baking In A Tornado. Today, Karen and I are welcoming you into our homes to see what goes on behind closed doors. 

The fly at our house had a grand ol' time celebrating my 64th birthday last weekend (yes, I'm an old fart now and I know it!). Hubs made sure the partying went on for DAYS.....four, to be exact, and I'm exhausted from it because this celebration stuff takes a toll on the body ( I REALLY feel bad for my liver!!). But before THAT, my close friend Julie threw a surprise baby shower for my daughter and Baby Mateo (due mid-Nov.)

Anyway, the truth is, I love birthdays---and the Doyle family likes to make a big deal out of them. We get to celebrate several in the fall, and it's always a reminder to me of how lucky I am to be with my loving, goofy family and also to be healthy enough for another trip around the sun. 

It's hard to put into words the love that I'm feeling from the past 2 weeks, so I'm going to let the pictures from the baby shower and the bday weekend speak for themselves. Yes, prepare yourself for a massive photo dump.....

The birthday fun doesn't end there! By the time you guys read this, I will be camping (well....RVing, haha) in the woods in central Florida. And YES, I am bringing my bear spray!!! Wish me luck!

Life is good. 

****WANT MORE MENO MAMA? It has been a BUSY work month, y'all! I was recently interviewed by a reporter from the Huffington Post about fun grandparent names---you can read all about it HERE

Then I had another new article published on Health Grades about natural remedies for relieving menopause symptoms HERE

October has also been abuzz with work published for AARP on both The Ethel and The Girlfriend. I am so grateful to work for them!! Check out my latest articles here: 

1. The Girlfriend (yummy fall soup recipes) HERE

2. The Girlfriend (Cruise ship Do's and Don'ts) HERE

3. The Ethel (RV vacation tips) HERE

4. The Ethel (fall recipes with fruits & veggies) HERE

Whew! Ok! Now go buzz around Karen's house and see what you think! 

 Baking In A Tornado 


  1. Tunisian weddings are celebrated for a week, as was your birthday. As it should be.

    1. Meno Mama: Well there ya go--I'm not the only one!!

  2. What a loving, fun family you have. It's a joy to watch.

  3. Life IS good! Happy birthday, my friend! Thank you for including us!

    1. Blessed to have you in my life, too, Diane! You are a fabulous writer!

  4. Birthday's are so special and should be celebrated, your photos are wonderful

    1. Thank you, Jo-Anne. I wake up every morning and thank the good Lord for all these beautiful blessings.



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