Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Over The Hill And Away We Go

     I don't like the mornings I wake up feeling like Rip Van Winkle, a time when the world has passed me by and I've suddenly gone out of style. Thirty years gone by in the blink of an eye! It makes me feel older than dirt. The good news is that I'm not the only one going through it.
     The other day I complained to my mother that my right hip aches after my morning walk. "Bursitis!" she says, with a knowing grin. The kind of stuff that happens to OLD people. When I complain about the stiffness that occurs in my fingers late at night, she says, "Arthritis!", and recommends some medications. If you really want a reminder of how old you are, go with your kids to a party that has a group of mixed ages attending. Try clearing the dance floor with those spiffy dance moves you executed so well back in the 1980's. You'll learn real quick how old school you really are.
     Thinking on this, I've compiled a list of telltale signs that it's time to join AARP and take advantage of all the senior discounts it offers. If any of the following apply to you, you probably belong to the Jurassic era:

The calendar that was once filled with social engagements now has doctor appointments penciled in.

You're addicted to HGTV and the Food Network.

Your medicine cabinet looks like a Walgreens pharmacy.

Sunburns are out, hot flashes are in.

You need to apply deodorant more than once a day.

Spanx are in, thongs are out.

Naps are the highlight of your day.

It takes you 30 minutes to get out the door because you can't find your keys. Once you do, you 're still late because you keep checking the front door to make sure you locked it. Alzheimer's is not far away.

You used to stand in line for tickets to Guns N' Roses. Now you stand in line for a flu shot.

You're still using a VCR to record your favorite shows.

The music playing in elevators and in the background at the dentist's office is the same stuff you used to dance to in the 70's and 80's.

Hangovers hang on longer than one day.

You still use a phone book to look up phone numbers.

Anti-depressants, anti-anxiety pills and Viagra are part of your daily food group.

You know what triglycerides are and you monitor them carefully.

You need your contacts in to find your glasses and you need your glasses on to clean your contacts.

Everything in your wardrobe has adjustable waistbands.

You need Starbucks to keep you awake during the day and Lunesta to fall asleep at night.

You look in the mirror and realize you are JUST LIKE YOUR PARENTS!!!!


  1. Oh, you're funny!

    This is an ordeal I have yet to experience. Make sure you post about the good bits, too - give us some hope! :)

  2. You are way too funny!

    My mother-in-law (god rest her soul) used to say aging is not for the weak. Never really understood it till recently....LOL.

    Fortunately, I've found natural products to help and keep as far away from the pharmaceuticals as I can because I noticed from my Mom's friends the second they went on prescription drugs they went down hill fast.

    Mom is 74, no prescriptions and plays tennis 3 times and week and golf 2 times a week. She out plays her 50 something pals!

    We can do it!

  3. You've nailed it! I LOVED your list!

    But I'm even older and on the other side of the fiery land of that hot flash. I promise you it gets better however... I do look more and more like my parents!!!

  4. OMG!! So true, It's like you wrote your list for me Lol!

    Thanks for sharing and helping us to see the humor in menopause :)

    Happy Saturday!

  5. How about going through all this and still getting periods at 53???? When will the madness stop? Thanks for keeping it light and allowing us a chuckle my friend. ; )

  6. I dare not poke fun at your blog--age before beauty, they say! But I love the way you write. I actually have two blogs--the one you just visited, and this one: Feel free to drop by, even if it's only eleven entries!

  7. Well done, you! It is honestly rare that a blog post has me laughing out loud - but yours just achieved it. Fab! It was the bit where you say "It takes you 30 minutes to get out the door because you can't find your keys. Once you do, you 're still late because you keep checking the front door to make sure you locked it. Alzheimer's is not far away.". It made me laugh because that is just SO my husband, who is 7 years my junior! *grin*

  8. Great reading. I can't wait for the next blog. I can really identify with the reverse bucket list.

  9. You are tooooo funny! Got one better, I've become my mother. If I'd have seen that coming, I'd have run! Too late!

    1. I think we all grow up and become our mothers, despite swearing that THAT would NEVER happen!!



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