Friday, March 24, 2017

Fly On The Wall In An Oddball Home

     Welcome to another addition of Fly On The Wall group blog postings, hosted by Karen of Baking In A Tornado. Today nine bloggers are inviting your to catch a glimpse of what you'd see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes.

     As always at my house, the fly is left scratching his head over the oddball comments he hears on a daily basis here. But then again anyone who enters my home ought to know by now what to expect, and normalcy is never in the menu......

"I'm giving you the delicate nose hair trimmer designed for ladies. I'm taking the man's trimmer that uses a chain saw to cut the log hairs out of my nose."

"The dog jumped so hard on my stomach, I think he pushed my diaphragm up into my throat."

"I get tired of going to the Renaissance Festival every weekend. It's the same old stuff every time....comedy acts, turkey legs, and knights jousting in the arena. They need to add something unique to next year's manatee jousting on the lake...

"Don't bother your dad today. He's in one if his moods."
"In other words, he's a Hallmark card just waiting to happen."

"How come the grass at the funeral home is growing so much better than ours?"
"They have an endless supply of natural fertilizer."

"You can use that flowery spray in the bathroom all you want to cover up the smell, but you're not fooling anyone with the scent of Poop De Fleurs."

"We need a security code just to break into her box of Godiva chocolates."

"Who are you talking to?"
"My liver."
"I'm giving it a pep talk----brace yourself, liver. The weekend festivities are upon us."

"The kids taught me how to "dab." Now I can look cool."
"No, you look like you're having a seizure. Stop it."

"We should refer to our new puppy as an Oscar Meyer pug."
"He looks like a roaming, fat sausage on short little legs."

"I like Mom better when she's eating fattening food and drinking wine. This new mom who refuses to cheat on her diet is always HANGRY."

"Being a good dog owner means knowing how to open a cheese stick wrapper without making any noise."

"I love sitting in the hot tub with you, but could you please stop sticking your bare belly out above the water and yelling 'BEACHED WHALE ALERT' ?"

***WANT MORE MENO MAMA? This week I'm on BLUNT MOMS dishing up on the "change of Life." Happy to have my post on a husband's perspective of menopause up today on BLU

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  1. Oscar Meyer Pug, LOL too funny. I totally look spastic dubbing too. THanks for the laughs

  2. Ha! Love it. "We need a security code just to break into her box of Godiva chocolates."

    1. The truth. No one touches my chocolate. No one.

  3. Your family outdid themselves this month. Poop De Fleurs had me laughing, the funeral home lawn had me "ewww"ing, Hangry and liver discussions had me relating!

    1. Ha-Ha! The Poop De Fleurs was my favorite. I can no longer smell lilacs without thinking of poop.

  4. I, too, keep a security code on my chocolates. I loved "Being a good dog owner means knowing how to open a cheese stick wrapper without making any noise."

    Sounds like another month of fun for you

    1. We always have fun---but as you can see, it gets a little strange sometimes....

  5. Ha! The whale alert in the hot tub is hilarious. My chocolate is also, only mine but I don't have a security code. Instead I eat 'dark' chocolate that no one else likes. Suckers. Loved this one, Marcia. So much fun. Can I move in with you guys?

    1. I love dark chocolate too---and of course you can come live with us!

  6. So funny.. I remember trying to open food without my dog hearing it. Or frankly doing anything which might set her into a fit of random barking!

  7. Godiva chocolates? I fully understand the security precautions.

  8. Oh my gosh, you made me smile... I love the one about how the kids taught him how to do the 'dab' but it actually looked like he was having a seizure... lol and yelling Beached whale alert... how fun is that hot tub... haha

    1. I do love that hot tub---and my lil' beached whale <3

  9. If I move to Florida will you adopt me? I love you family.



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