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Selecting The Right Electric String Trimmer: Which One Is Right For You?

My husband and I love gardening and have made our backyard an oasis, which is why I am happy to share this informative guest post on trimmers today from Karen Neilson.

Selecting The Right Electric String Trimmers – Which Is Right For You?
In the current world, electric string trimmers are essential equipment for adding the finishing touches to a newly bought lawn. Well, with the increased number of varieties to select from, picking the right equipment is a challenge. Nonetheless, before you spend your hard earned cash purchasing a trimmer, it is vital that you spare some time and walk around your backyard. This will assist you in gauging the length of time that you will take to finish the trimming. If this sparks an idea, then you should continue reading the rest of the article and learn other factors that you should consider.

Factors to Consider While Selecting the Right Electric String Trimmers
String trimmers have the capabilities of collecting all the elements that lawn mowers leave off. As a result, users get the right finishing touches because the trimmer whisks away every grass around flower beds, trees, and driveways, among other places. Therefore you should follow the advice that you will learn from this article while selecting the best electric string trimmers.

You should handle the trimmers at the regional store and evaluate their balance. The first thing involves adjusting the fore handle to gain a comfortable position. Consequently, you should hold the electric string trimmers in the right cutting angles using both hands. You should feel the weight of a trimmer at all points such as bottom and top. At times, you might feel the largest weight at the trimmer’s top. Nevertheless, you should make sure that the trimmers control edging smoothly and have easy reaches.

Corded trimmers
Weight around five and ten pounds, corded trimmers are the lightest among all the trimmers in the entire market. The corded trimmers are user friendly because they just require you to push a button and you are ready to work. More so, they produce limited noise while working with them. This is advantageous because you will not disturb neighbors or your siblings while working during the day or night. 

Alternatively, corded trimmers limit the users in terms of space covered while working. For instance, while working with a corded trimmer you can only cover a restricted area depending on the cord’s length. The restriction goes as far as a hundred feet and anything longer than that will not provide the electric string trimmers with sufficient power.  Most people make us of corded trimmers, but for people who own large properties should select the cordless trimmers. On this point, let us discuss the cordless trimmers.

Cordless trimmers

Unlike a corded trimmer, a cordless trimmer is free from restrictions based on its cord extension. This implies that you can move freely to whatever point you want regardless of how large your property is. However, cordless electric string trimmers utilize rechargeable batteries, which supply them with the necessary power for edging. There are cordless trimmers whose batteries can go up to one hour while others sustain power for around 15 or 20 minutes.

What to Look For In an Electric String Trimmer

There are many types of electric string trimmers with different features. Not all trimmers are created equal. Unlike other products, you can’t decide based on the price alone. A higher price DOES not necessarily mean a better trimmer.

With that said, here are some of the most important things you need to look for when purchasing an electric string trimmer.

1. Weight & Maneuverability

Maneuverability is an important factor that you need to take into consideration. Trimming will require you to move around a lot for long periods of time. You need a light-weight trimmer that you can easily carry around. There are some electric string trimmers that come with shoulder straps to make it easy for you. We strongly recommend that you consider such trimmers.

2. Trimming Power

A trimmer power mainly depends on your edging and trimming needs. If you have unruly weeds and extremely tall grass, you’re going to need a string trimmer that features dual nylon lines. Thicker lines are essential if you want to cut through tough and dense vegetation.

3. Edging and Finishing

Most string trimmers these days come with an edging option to ensure a clean finish. Make sure that you purchase such a trimmer as it will help you create a nice crisp edge.

4. Vibration

String trimmers tend to vibrate a lot when functioning (both gasoline and electric powered). Electric powered trimmers don’t vibrate as much as gas-powered trimmers. But still, their vibration can cause your hands to fatigue. So make sure that you look for a trimmer with low vibration.

5. Automatic, Semi-Automatic or Bump Feed

An automatic string trimmer advances the string automatically without any user intervention. Then you have the semi-automatic trimmer that will advance the line each time you stop and then restart the trimmer.  A bump feed string trimmer on the other hand requires you to tap the trimmer on the ground to release a new length of string. From a speed point of view, an automatic trimmer is ideal. But when it comes to dependability and ease of repair, bump feed trimmers or semi-automatic trimmers are the best choices.

6. Runtime

When you’re purchasing an electric string trimmer that’s battery powered, make sure that you choose one that has the runtime to handle all the trimming and edging required in your landscape.

Some battery powered trimmers can take hours to recharge. It can be frustrating. So make sure that you take the size of your landscape into account and purchase a trimmer with a suitable runtime. Make sure that the trimmers capable of fulfilling all you’re trimming and edging needs in one go. There are however a couple of cordless trimmers that have a rapid charge cycle of an hour or less such as the Worx WG155or the Black & Decker LST136.

7. Service Centers

Nearly all brands of electric string trimmers tend to offer a good warranty on their products. But that doesn’t mean they are the best. When purchasing a trimmer or any such tool for that matter, make sure that the service center of your chosen brand is easily accessible to you.  This is essential because not all brands have centers everywhere.

****Karen Neilsen is an enthusiastic person who loves writing about the string trimmer on Hub names. She hopes to share her experience with all of her readers.


  1. I would think the gas trimmer would be too heavy to hold - but the electric one would require a long cord depending on how much lawn there is to trim - my husbands summers have been swamped with work so he hired a lawn service to take care of things. so I guess the hired trimmer works perfectly. They're so handy, everyone should have one haha!

    1. I agree---my husband uses his every single week since our grass grows so fast.

  2. Thanks for share, it save my time to find what i need, i look for a good Weed Eaters but don't know with the best, i mean no idea to select.



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