Wednesday, November 18, 2020

5 Tips on How an EliteBaby Baby Diaper Bag Backpack Can Help With A Fuss-Free Road Trip

     Today on the blog I have some terrific information about traveling with a baby. Yes, I know many of you are beyond the baby-raising stage in life but I'm guessing you might have young grandchildren by now. And perhaps you're thinking of a safe, holiday vacation with your family that includes a road trip. Or maybe you're looking for a unique holiday gift to give to the new parents in your family. If so, EliteBaby has the perfect solution! 

Tips on How an EliteBaby Baby Diaper Bag Backpack Can Help With A Fuss-Free Road Trip

The COVID-19 pandemic may have put our overseas vacation plans on hold for the foreseeable future, but that doesn’t mean that the whole family shouldn’t go out for an exciting—and safe—adventure. After all, a trusted family car can be just as comfortable as an airplane ride. And with no surprise, there are a ton of places you all can visit and enjoy in the good ole U.S. of A.

But wait, you may say, “there’s another ‘minor’ change in your collective lives that needs to be considered too” – the eight-month-old bundle of joy that has become the apple of everyone’s eye.  

A brief browse through the internet shows plenty of stories about how fussy, and especially stressful, trips can be with newborns or infants. There’s just too much to consider and prepare for - as you with older children must know by now. But that shouldn’t keep you from a family road trip that gives everyone their much-needed rest and recreational fun after being cooped up inside the house. 

As we all know, pandemic restrictions are put into place for the safety and well-being of ourselves and those around us, but we all also know the work-from-home or online schooling setup can turn into a bit of a lackluster, repetitive cycle. So let’s reduce those burdens…  

Here are a few useful tips to make your journey through the great outdoors as fuss-free as possible with a baby in tow:

1.    Keep everything on hand

By “everything,” I mean everything that the baby may need. Diapers and wipes need to be at the top of your list to make sure your little one is clean, changed, and comfortable at all times during the ride. Bottles of formula or breast milk, some of your baby’s favorite toys, and a thermometer are all also extremely important to have on hand. All of these items and more need to be in one, easily retrievable place. 

For this, a versatile baby diaper bag backpack should do the trick. Why make things harder on yourself than they need to be? Not only is this piece of baby gear functional with numerous pockets included and spaces to fit everything you will need for your baby, but it’s also stylish and durable for when you need to go on a supply run or in this case, get out of the car to appreciate the outdoors.

2.    Don’t forget the car seat

If you are buying a new car seat for your baby, make sure it’s the right fit for the height and weight of your child. Also, a rearward-facing child restraint with an inbuilt harness is advisable for 6-month-old babies or younger. Those who are older than six months can be seated in either rearward-facing or forward-facing car seats, but still, ensure that it has an inbuilt harness. Test whether the straps are pulled tight enough for your child or not. If a finger’s width can fit between the strap and your baby’s body, that means you’re good to go!

3.    Include lots of breaks in your journey

According to experts, babies should not sleep in the car seat for too long. For 1-month-old babies and below, they shouldn’t be asleep for more than 30 minutes. Infants and toddlers can only be in the car seat for two hours before they need to take a break. So, when going on longer road trips remember to make pit stops so your baby can stretch, crawl, or simply sleep better in a secure and comfortable place. 

There is also the matter of changing diapers or breastfeeding, and neither task is recommended to be done inside a moving car. Also, keep in mind that if the baby is asleep when you reach your destination, bring them with you wherever you go even if it wakes them. It is simply much safer for the baby.

4.    Be with the baby

It’s not enough for the baby to be safe and secure in the car seat. In addition, one parent/guardian/older sibling should be sitting right next to them. This guarantees that the baby’s needs are taken care of as soon as they arise, whether it be hunger pangs, boredom, or a diaper change. Everyone’s stress levels can easily spike if there is a constantly fussing baby in a long-journeyed car ride, so make your life easier by meeting your baby’s needs immediately.

5.    Get there as quickly as possible

If your road trip has a final destination, it would be better not to go through the scenic route – literally. Instead, follow the straight line that connects point A to point B.

One good reason for this is simple: Long stretches of open road usually mean there isn’t easily found help nearby, such as gasoline stations, food establishments, convenience stores, or even worse, medical clinics.

Even after precautions are taken and preparations are made to make your trip as smooth as possible, there will most likely be some hiccups along the way. Just keep in mind that most hassles are easily solved with a clear mind and a calm demeanor…even when there’s a baby bawling at the back of the car.

For over five years, EliteBaby has been committed to providing innovative products to keep your baby safe and happy. As parents too, we strive to develop and implement solutions that make a parent's life easier and free from worry. We're so excited to see your family growing, and looking forward to helping you out along the way!


  1. Wish I'd had this advice when I was a new mama!

  2. Here I thought you were telling us that a miracle had occurred. Nope, just a grandchild in tow...

  3. Great tips far too many people stick baby in the back in the car seat and forget about them.



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