Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Straight Talk About Perimenopause From Author Heather Wright

Today on the blog I have Heather Wright, author of the new book, What's Happening To Me Now?!: The Facts Of Life As A Woman In Your 40s. This humorous book is a delight to read and a must-have for all my lady friends entering the "change of life." I love that Heather is able to incorporate humor into menopause, something I have been preaching here on the blog for years. 

Below you will find a brief synopsis of the book, a funny clip from the introduction, and the link to purchase the book. What are you waiting for? Grab your copy today!  


What's Happening to Me NOW?!: The Facts of Life, As a Woman in Your 40s. (Straight Talk About Perimenopause.)
Written by : Heather Wright
Illustrated by: Matylda McCormack-Sharp


It’s a short, comically illustrated book about perimenopause; light, accessible, honest, inclusive, and humorous. Why? Half the global population — that is one billion humans — suffers a hormonal upheaval starting in the late 30s or earlier for medical reasons, yet the subject is taboo! And 75% of them will experience life-affecting symptoms while carrying adult responsibilities. Almost no information exists to support ladies with disabilities. The choices made during this time can have a big impact on health and well-being both short and long term, making it essential to break this taboo. This book is intended as a helpful place to start. At least it's a place to get some laughter to ease through the uncomfortable bits. 

Introduction Chapter:


There you are, lying with your legs spread eagle, your exposed lady parts swinging in the brisk air of your lovely obstetrician’s office for an annual exam, when BANG! The word is casually released like an advanced nuke dropped from the B-2 stealth bomber... perimenopause. Okay, breathe. All women go through it. But this idea of “going through puberty backward” (go on, whisper it...menopause) is, t a b o o. We simply don’t want to talk about it! Or we whisper together, exposing ourselves to grapevine-style misinformation. There was an array of perfectly reasonable looking books and articles on the market; but nothing like what I wanted. I was searching for a short, sweet, and humorous explanation of what the hell was going on with my body, and if there was anything I could immediately do about it. You know, now that we can finally admit that we aren’t 29-years-and-holding. I’d like to tell you that your doctor could guide you through it all. (Just wait until you find out what little data that esteemed character is operating on.) I’m not going to sugar coat this; there may be perplexing years ahead. This book cannot answer all of your questions. Hint: There aren’t always answers. It is not a substitute for medical advice or clinical research (as 
if there were much of that available, ladies). My humble aim is that you may be better positioned to find an approach that works for you, or at least that we share some good old-fashioned laughter to ease the uncomfortable bits.


Heather Wright is a Canadian located in the San Francisco Bay 
Area and is a first-time author. She has enjoyed terrific careers that 
use her fancy Master’s degrees in Chemical Engineering and Fine 
Arts too. She has done odd things like get her name on a toner patent 
for Xerox and led a significant historical clock restoration project for 
Queen’s University. Yet her only real credentials for writing this book 
are her enviable gender (female) and age (in her 40s). She wrote this 
book because, for goodness sake, someone had to. 

Instagram: @whatshappeningtomenow

Purchase Link (Amazon):


  1. A fellow ChemE. WooHoo! Obviously, I have no true knowledge of the subject (although I know of the tribulations- and the incessant thermometer alterations), but I'm glad folks are finally sharing potential pathways for others.

  2. We talk so much about menopause, but it's really perimenopause that's the challenge.

    1. I find them both pretty tough---I'm just glad Heather has written such a helpful book.

  3. I found it best not to talk during menopause...just sayin'... 😉😉

    1. Ohhhhh, the comments that come from the mouth of a menopausal woman.....

  4. Menopause, I was lucky with that didn't suffer much at all like my mum and her mum our periods just stopped one month and that's was it.



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