Friday, September 3, 2021

19 Back-to-School Crafts To Prepare Kids For School In An Exciting, Fun Way

Many of you have already sent your children off for their first week of school, but some have not yet started. What better way to prepare them than to start crafts at home and have plenty of material for the upcoming year? And GRANDPARENTS, if you're looking for fun activities to do with the grandkids at home, you should try these craft ideas as well! Check out these fun activities, brought to you by



  1. These are pretty cute! And a comprehensive list, too! /Carol C

  2. These are adorable! Sharing this post with my daughter and her oh-so-crafty daughter!

  3. Cute ideas. My kids are WAY too old- as is my grandchild. But, I enjoyed the list.

    1. Perhaps one day there will be a new grandchild...or a great-grandchild.

  4. Fantastic list, Elizabeth! I'm not in need of it at this stage but sure will come in handy when I have those grandbabies. Best of luck to all the parents and grandparents navigating back to school.



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