Friday, August 27, 2021

I Love The Alltrue Community!

 I received the most amazing box of goodies from Alltrue a few weeks ago and I am in love with their products! Let me share a little info about the company (taken from their site): 

Alltrue is a membership uniting a community that stands for good, seeks truth, and takes action — connecting socially conscious individuals everywhere who are out to build a better world. Best known for their flagship seasonal subscription box, they're adding new features every season to help you find your people, explore your values, and discover the brands and products that are making a difference. 

Truth is at the heart of everything they do. As product curators and community leaders, they find the facts and share them with you. They also encourage and empower women by offering opportunities and support that foster personal growth and professional achievement, within their walls and around the world. 

Alltrue believes that the community we build – one of shared values and conscious choices – can benefit everyone. By being a source of encouragement, inspiration, and just plain good, the everyday choices we make together have the power to change the future of global consumption. 

When Alltrue reached out to me to try their products, I was happy to do so once I saw all the wonderful things they were offering to send. First, let me say that the box itself is really pretty and super sturdy---the kind of box I can use for storing all sorts of things in an attractive, organized way. Here is a list of items that came in the summer box I received:

1. MPOWERED--Luci Solar String Lights. These cheerful, conveniently-packed lights are bright, decorative, and PERFECT for outdoors and camping trips.

2. Eco Eyewear--Avala Tortoise Cateye Sunglasses. Love, love, LOVE these stylish, lightweight glasses! I've been wearing them every time I go out and have received tons of compliments. They protect my eyes and flatter my face shape. Excellent!

3. Pepper + Vetiver--Set of 3 Nesting Bowls. Oh my goodness, these bowls are practical and look beautiful on my dinner table when I use them as serving dishes. 

4. Sanctuary Project--Thick Gold Hoops. These are my comfortable, go-to earrings. Since they are small hoops, I use them whenever I wear my hair in a ponytail or bun. 

5. Volim--Love Scrub. This amazing Microderm exfoliant is a 3-in-1 scrub with Hyaluronic, Red Tea, and Seaweed. My skin feels as smooth as a baby's butt after using it! 

6. Adesse New York-- Power Couple Nail Care Duo. This is a nail growth optimizer and cuticle oil duo. I just started using it, so it will be a bit before I see any results. Otherwise, I think it will work well on my nails because right now they need a lot of help. 

Also in my box was a comfy pair of Maggie's Organic Heathered Slouchy Socks (soooo soft!) and Wyld Konjac Facial Cleansing Sponge---which I have not tried yet. But judging by the hard, grainy surface, I think this sponge is up for the job! 

Interested in becoming a member of Alltrue to receive your seasonal box of goodies? This is how it works:   

Alltrue Membership "is a quarterly (4 times per year) membership - the box ships directly to you for free! There are 2 types of memberships: quarterly and annual

Quarterly Members pay $54.95 per season to receive their box. Annual Members pay $199.80 and commit to a full year in advance, which allows them access to better pricing ($49.95 per season; a $20 yearly savings), and Annual Members also get access to Box Customization, which means that they have access to choose their products in every choice category every season. Quarterly memberships have the opportunity to choose in up to three choice categories every season.

Both Quarterly and Annual Members get access to the seasonal Add-On Market, which is open for around a week at the start of every season. Members can shop the best socially conscious products at prices as low as 70% off! The add-on market has over 800 products from favorite household name brands – everything from toothpaste to handbags.

In addition, the members-only Essentials Shop just launched. The Essentials Shop is an always-open market featuring hundreds of replenishable household essentials, from the cleanest dish soap to the most sustainable toothpaste. Items purchased in the Essentials Shop will ship within two business days. More about the Alltrue membership can be found here.

Alltrue recently launched a podcast too! There are so many perks to the membership.

Alltrue’s curation commitments and 2020 impact report can be found here. Alltrue works with artisans worldwide and emphasizes the importance of women's empowerment."

I was very impressed with all of the products I received, most of which would be super expensive if bought individually. With the Alltrue Membership, you get a LOT of products for a much lower price, which makes it totally worth joining the community. Besides, it's a lot of fun to receive a box of goodies every season---like Christmas morning four times a year!

Interested in joining? You can become a member now and get their new fall box here:


  1. A really good mission. I have been a subscriber since the start...this will be my last box. The boxes can have really cool stuff or "what were they thinking?" stuff. They don't quite have their act together and their collection of goods hasn't been the best in recent boxes. Having said that, I just got a survey that looks like they are considering a substantial upgrade of their offerings, which will definitely be something I watch. Clearly they are listening to their subscriber base.I may resubscribe once i see the lay of the land.

    1. I hope that's true. The products I received were excellent---good quality and I am able to use everything that came in the box. I love the company products and their mission!

  2. Wow, what a wonderful company, Marcia. Thanks for sharing.



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