Friday, August 20, 2021

Fly On The Wall: All-Time Favorite Remarks Part 5

     Welcome to another edition of Fly On The Wall group blog postings hosted by Karen of Baking In A Tornado. Today, 4 bloggers are bravely opening their homes to you for a sneak peek at what goes on behind closed doors. 

     The fly buzzing around my home right now is eyeing my diet breakfast---forget it, buddy! I'm eating every scrap of that tiny portion of bland oatmeal myself. No sharing!

     In other news, I'm feeling quite cranky because lately, I've been dealing with a broken A/C unit (it's 89 degrees out), a picky editor, a carb-free meal plan (ugh!), and of COURSE, my cable TV & internet has been going in and out. my preoccupied state of mind, I haven't had much time to snatch up quirky comments from my family members. Instead, I will (hopefully) inject some humor into today's post by sharing some of my favorite remarks from past FOW blogs---this one coming at you from 2018 (May-Aug. posts). Enjoy!

"You need to put a heating pad on your leg."
"Did you say an EATING pad?"
"No! A HEATING pad."
"Well good, because an EATING pad would probably take a large chunk out of my calf."

"Our cockroaches in south Florida aren't just normal-sized bugs; they're chupacabras."

"I just cleaned out the vegetable drawer in the freezer. I found a three-year-old, fuzzy lime in there that required a hazmat team to remove it."

"The requirements for renewing my driver's license at the DMV are ridiculous. I need a ton of paperwork just to prove my identity. They might as well ask for a urine sample or the results from my 23 and Me test. But I draw the line on sperm samples!"

"I was thinking of baking a potato for dinner tonight."
"No, you-da-ho."

"I burn about 1000 calories every time I struggle to fit into this pair of Spandex."

"Guess what? My female finch just laid an egg in her cage!"
"So....we're having omelets tomorrow for breakfast?"


"It's amazing that the leatherback turtle can lay her eggs and then leave them to hatch on their own."
"I wish I could have done that with our four kids during their teen years."

"Stop sunbathing so much---your skin will end up looking as weathered as the paper the Constitution was written on."

"My spirit animal is a sparrow."
"Keep eating like that and it will be a manatee."

"You know your daughter loves you when she uses her own electric trimmer to help you pluck your eyebrows and your nose hairs."

     Well folks, wish me luck with the cranky AC, the fussy editor, and the sketchy internet. I'd love to pour myself a nice libation right about now, but this damn diet......ughhhhh..... 

***WANT MORE MENO MAMA? Check out my latest article for Always Pets HERE


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  1. Some memorable moments from the past, hope you laughed while putting them together, and that all of this hassle you're going through resolved soon.

  2. I remember many of these memories you posted. NO A/C? That's terrible. Here in the Northwest, very few people have A/C because it was never needed. This summer we have had 3 months with no rain and temperatures every day in the 80s, 90s, and for two weeks in the 100s. -- I can't wrap my head around a woman with nose hairs - you must be special :)

  3. Didn't find the first one too funny, since that's exactly what Klebsiella pneumoniae did to my calf!

  4. UGH! No AC in South Florida is a no go!
    All of these were great, but you're absolute favorite memory was meeting me. lol

  5. You're family is always so fun! But no air?!? In Florida? You poor thing!



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