Tuesday, August 3, 2021

I Love My JoyAmo Jewelry!

 I have always loved personalized jewelry, so when the good folks at JoyAmo Jewelry reached out to me to review some of their pieces, I gladly jumped at the chance. I selected two items; one was a personalized gold mother's necklace and the other was a rose gold personalized ring.

 I LOVE the jewelry and have already received numerous compliments on them! Their prices are extremely reasonable, the items are sized appropriately, and the jewelry wears very well. The gold plated pieces (like the items I ordered) are sterling silver 925 pieces plated with 18K solid gold. By way of this chemical process, the gold-plated pieces have a spectacular shine and finish to them. As is true with any quality piece of jewelry, it's advised that you avoid exposing it to any chemicals---especially those found in cleaning products and certain lotions. However, JoyAmo grants a one-year warranty on all of their sterling silver and 18K gold plated pieces. 

After the overwhelming international success of their jewelry business, JoyAmo decided to create a new brand of superb quality products that met the needs of younger customers looking for trendy designs. They also offer vintage motifs and patterns but have reinvented the style to fit the personality of today's consumers. JoyAmo's inspiration for designing their new pieces are mothers, best friends, lovers, and families. You can add your personal touch to each item by choosing the number of charms you want, or a special message of love engraved on the piece (name, date, or phrase). 

The items you order are handmade by expert artisans and checked thoroughly by their QA team before being delivered to you. All products are made with high-quality metals and have a perfect finishing. New collections are created on a monthly basis to offer up-to-date looks of the latest fashion trends. When you visit the JoyAmo site, you can select your own keepsake engravings and stones to personalize your jewelry. Once you receive your order, follow their tips for keeping your gold, and silver jewelry in pristine condition and safe from tarnishing.

I am so pleased with my new jewelry, and I think you will love their products, too. If you would like to place an order, use this special 30% discount code: marcia30. The holidays are just around the corner, and what fabulous gifts the JoyAmo jewelry would make for your loved ones! 

To find their website or social media pages for new products, check out the following links: 

JoyAmo Jewelry Website: www.joyamojewelry.com

Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/JoyamoJewelry/



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