Monday, January 3, 2022

The Skin We're In: Caire Beauty

I have often mentioned on my blog the woes of perimenopause and the effects it has on the skin---especially dryness and the appearance of wrinkles. Today I'm excited to introduce you to Celeste Lee, Co-Founder of Caire Beauty, Skincare for Grownup Women. She's here to share tips on the breakthrough science behind the company's awesome products that help hydrate and nourish your skin. If you want healthier skin for the new year, check out this amazing facial serum and mask! 

The Skin We’re In

Yep, it’s true. One of the VERY first signs of perimenopause – before you even know that it’s happening is drier, duller skin. Then you wake up to an undereye bag or little eye lines. Some women see horizontal creases in their neck and forehead and others are appalled by brown spots, redness, or out of the blue bigger pores. 65% will have acne. Meanwhile, you’re still faithfully cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and sunscreen (maybe not every day on the sunscreen but still!). What’s going on? 

Aging or as Caire Beauty likes to say, “growing up” is hard on our largest organ. In skin, it turns out there are 2 major causes of aging. The kind that 99% of skincare solves for is external – which is UV radiation and pollution (think free radical damage here!). This starts the day we’re born and is ongoing. 

But who knew that internally caused skin aging also existed! Sex hormones like estrogen & progesterone do much more than drive sex drive! They influence all manner of biological functions including skin cell production. “Keratinocytes, Langerhans’ cells, melanocytes, sebaceous glands, collagen content and the synthesis of hyaluronic acid are under hormonal influence,” says Dermatology Review. But like so much associated with peri/menopause, the beauty industry has traditionally ignored it. This is why your skincare isn’t as effective as it used to be. It only works to defend your skin from the outside, utterly ignoring how the wild west of hormones is slowing up things on the inside. 

Caire’s breakthrough science fights the estrogen-related Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid slowdown that DOUBLES in perimenopause (38 – 44 onset and lasts 4 to 10 years) and then contracts another 30% at menopause (age 51-ish). Their Pro-Growth complex includes a full spectrum of hyaluronic acid molecules including their signature ‘Tiniest HA in the World’ and a customized peptide that ‘talks’ to the skin, telling it to make more skin cells. It’s like a new ‘good’ boss for your skin. Because the stronger skin is inside, the smoother, suppler, brighter it will look outside. 

Caire’s Theorem Serum Boost ($56) and Triple Lift Molecule Mask ($52) are multi-tasking miracle workers. In addition to the hormone-defying science, all Caire is clean, vegan, fragrance & toxin-free. The Serum should be used twice daily, the tightening gel Mask up to 3x a week. Some women even like to sleep with the Mask on, so as to wake up to younger, softer skin. Aging is unique, meaning you might have large pores, brown spots & fine lines and your bestie might see sags, jawline softness, and dryness galore. 

Caire is a new science for today, and their recent Clinical Test results are super supportive. The Theorem Serum clinicals showed 100% of women experienced smoother, firmer, suppler, more radiant skin. 97% of women said their skin “looked & felt more like it did 5 years ago” and “that circles under the eyes were visibly diminished”.  The Triple Lift Mask clinicals showed 100% experienced “immediately softer, plumper, glowing skin” with “visibly reduced lines” on both the neck and face. 

Their customer reviews in all honesty are even more compelling because these are totally objective experiences from real women from ages 35 to 75 all over the United States of every skin tone, skin type, and living in all different climates. Caire formulas that are naturally anti-inflammatory are becoming a cult favorite for those with newly sensitive skin (caused by that damn estrogen change) as the clean and gentle formulas benefit and soothe redness, irritations, rosacea, and other sensitivities.  See for yourself at

Use code MENOPAUSALMOTHER20 for 20% off a purchase! The code is good thru Feb 2022


  1. Hi Marcia. I tweeted this informative post.

  2. Everyone should take care of their skin, my grandmother drummed this into me from a young age

    1. Yes, it's critical, not just to prevent aging but to avoid skin cancer.

  3. I've been wondering if the wrinkles are just a "fait accompli." My family seems to be quite wrinkly. Except for my mother, who looks younger than I do LOL! My sister and I tease about how we have more wrinkles than she does. Unfortunately, taking after my father's side on this one. Sounds like a great product line.



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