Friday, June 17, 2022

Fly On The Wall In The Land Of Forgetfulness

     Okay, I messed up. I forgot to post my Fly On The Wall blog last month! And May was such an outstanding month! I guess I have been a little too distracted lately, (i.e. extremely forgetful!) but after decorating my office with Post-It Notes for this month's FOTW, I remembered to write it! So here we are with another edition of the Fly On The Wall group blog postings hosted by Karen of Baking In A Tornado.

     I'm going to tap into last month's fun for today's post. The fly saw us being social butterflies--so many fun activities going on (yay for summer!). We attended a local festival one night and got to see all the neighbors, then we were invited to a pontoon boat party which was a blast. We celebrated a few birthdays with family and then of course there was Mother's Day---another extraordinary day spent with the people I love most. As always, the conversations were ripe with humor and sarcasm---at least the ones I remember!


"Not sure we should keep these pillows. They look old and worn."
"Yep---just like your face."

"I've eaten so many carbs today and now my stomach hurts. It feels like a gunnysack with two cats fighting inside."

"Can you please change out that lightbulb? It's very dim." 
"Just like my brain..."

"So Hon, I'm working on an article for AARP about popular games we played as kids---here are some names you might remember: Twister, Battleship, Connect Four and----"
"Okay, I get it." 
"And there is also Hands Down, Payday, Ants In the Pants and...."
"Yes, I get the point---you don't need to keep----"
"And a game called Aggravation, and---"
"Aggravation is what you're doing to me now!"

"It's a good thing they didn't request bloodwork for me today at the doctor's office---after all the drinking I  did this weekend, my bloodwork would've come back 90% proof." 

"Are you worried about love handles?" 
"No, because I don't have love handles anymore; I have guard rails."

"I love this old photo of you, Hon. Look how young you were."

"Yeah, now I look like luggage that has been tossed around in an airport." 

"Wow, did that actor gain a bunch of weight?"
"No, it's just prosthetics for the role he's playing."
"Well, they should have hired me instead because they wouldn't need prostethics---I'm already that fat."

"You're anxious today, Maybe you need Bovine Therapy."
"What the heck is THAT?"
"It's hugging cows to feel better. It reduces stress." 
"I'm opting for something cheaper. It's called Chocolate Therapy."

     And that's a wrap! I promise to write myself more reminder notes in July so that I don't forget to post the next FOTW. In the meantime, I'm heading to the nearest barn to find myself a cow.....

This was the BEST day! As you can see in the pic, we had a fun group on the pontoon. If you look really hard, you'll see me with Mac squished somewhere in the middle of the group, ha-ha!!

***WANT MORE MENO MAMA?? I've been busy!! You can find me over at AARP talking about the benefits of my Zumba classes HERE  and some yummy meatless meals HERE plus the best way to care for your teeth HERE. If you watched the Belmont Stakes and you want to know a little history on the race, check out my latest for Always Pets HERE or info on a puppy's first year of life HERE and facts on the American Bulldog HERE plus the animals with the shortest lifespans HERE


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  1. What a fun month (or two), you've had. And that forgetfulness thing? I'm suffering from it myself these days.

    1. I sear I will not forget next month's FOTW--my notes are all over the office, ha-ha!

  2. I'm so glad other people forget things. I'm notorious.
    What a fun glimpse into your amazing family! Thank you!

    1. I guess the forgetfulness come with age and twofold with menopause.

  3. I love how close you are with your family it's such a wonderful feeling when everyone is all together and you can look around and say, "we did this".

    1. Isn't it? I feel incredibly blessed to have my family.



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