Friday, January 20, 2023

Fly On The Wall With Jimmy Crack Corn

     Welcome to another edition of Fly On The Wal group blog postings hosted by Karen of Baking In A Tornado. Today three bloggers are bravely opening their homes so that you can get a peek at what goes on behind closed doors. 

The fly at my house is in hibernation mode because it has been so cold outside. He's probably waiting for me to knit him a sweater but he's lucky I haven't grabbed the fly swatter....yet. But here are some tidbits of weird conversations that the fly overhead in our home this month: 

"We should drink our coffee black because it's better for you."

"It's also boring for you."

"The squirrels love that feed corn. The way they're going at it, you'd think it was made with crack."
"It is. Haven't you heard of Jimmy Crack Corn?"

"How about roast turkey for dinner tonight?"
"That frozen bird you bought is so big it won't thaw out until July."

"Did you like the lunch I packed for you today?"
"No. That fried fish sandwich tasted like fried sole of shoe.  I could have used it for a door stop."

"Our toilet is clogged. It needs to be resuscitated"
"I'll fix it as long as I don't have to do mouth-to-mouth on it."
"Nope---just plunger-to-plunger."

"Hey, can you put some of that moisturizer on my face?"
"Yes, you definitely need some because it will make you look younger."
"So you mean I'll only look 82 instead of 102?"

"How was that Chicken Cordon Bleu dish you ordered? Was it good?"
"It should have been called Chicken Cordon Eww."

"Remember those old commercials for Chuck Wagon dog food?"
"Yep--there was a little bit of Chuck in every bite." 

"I need to order the deluxe drink package for our next cruise vacation."
"Ask them if they also sell a deluxe hangover remedy package to go with it."

     Cheers to 2023---I have a feeling it's going to be an amazing year!! And now if you'll excuse me, I need to check on my squirrels. They're getting agitated while waiting for Jimmy Crack Corn to arrive in his chuckwagon. 

***WANT MORE MENO MAMA? This month you can find me on AARP again with some fabulous and hearty casserole recipes. Read it HERE

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  1. All that food talk around your house, and not exactly all complements, sounds kinda familiar . . .

    1. From MM: I figured you'd get a kick out of that!

  2. You guys always seem to be having so much fun! Love the pictures.

    1. From MM: We are ALWAYS looking for a good time!

  3. Cute post and love the pics! Jimmy Crack Corn, that's what we call my brother...and yes the squirrels probably like him too. Nice to see your fly is still surviving through winter. Cheers to 2023, Marcia!

    1. From MM: Cheers, and thank you, Lisa!



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