Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Where Did My Zip Go? Can I Get It Back With Hormone Therapy?

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This past winter, 50-year-old Jamesa successful businessman, father, husbandshowed up at a New Jersey clinic with some vague but familiar complaints. I put in a full days work, but then I fall asleep on the sofa after dinner, he told the doctor. I remember my grandfather doing the same thing. No energy left for fun! Is it genetic? Is something wrong with me?

Neither, said the good doctor, after performing a physical exam and running some blood tests. Youre feeling the natural effects of aging. Thats what happens when there is a drop in the levels of certain hormones such as testosterone. The good news is, its treatable with hormone therapy.

As we get older, the production of sexual hormones that served us well in our younger days starts to taper off. Androgensmale hormonesstart to decline when a man hits his 20s. Because these hormones are responsible for large muscles, sexual desire and that vibrant energy we associate with masculinity, lower levels of androgens can make a man feel as though hes walking around in the wrong body.

The Malaise That’s Treated With Hormone Therapy

Here are some of the symptoms of hormone (testosterone) deficiency:
  • lethargy
  • fatigue
  • depression
  • reduced ejaculation
  • muted orgasm
  • weaker erection
  • loss of body hair
  • reduced sexual desire (libido)
  • thinning bones

In the past, a man with these complaints would have been sent home with a consoling pat on the shoulder. You’re getting older, James! What do you expect? It’s been a hundred years since a zookeeper in Germany noticed that castrated roosters stopped fighting, crowing and breeding. But only in recent decades has the medical field embraced hormone therapy to treat testosterone deficiency (since dubbed low-T).

Reversing Andropause With Hormone Therapy

Medical science has come a long way since the barnyard assessment. Now there’s even a name for it: andropause. Today’s hormone therapy starts with a physical exam and lab analysis. A sample of blood is drawn, and then checked for various hormones. These are compared with standard values. If it’s deemed necessary, the doctor can prescribe a supplement that’s tailored to a particular individual.

In the case of James, he was found to have total testosterone of less than 500 ng/dl (nanograms per decilitre)— well below the 600 average for a man between the ages of 45 and 55. (There is also a test for free testosterone, though it’s not often used because the amounts are miniscule.)

Once a man has been diagnosed with low-T, it’s a fairly straightforward process to prescribe supplemental testosterone hormone therapy. While it is possible, of course, to just buy a pill or a potion, the best strategy is to consult with a health professional who specializes in the field. Because testosterone levels vary according to a mans age and physical condition (diabetics, for instance, tend to have lower levels than healthy men), its important that the doctor take into account a mans age and health status.

Hormone Therapy Makes a Happy Ending

As you might suspect, the story of James ends on an upbeat note. After his doctor diagnosed the problem, James was given a prescription for testosterone supplements. He quickly felt his energy returning. His wife was happy, too. It was the first Valentine’s Day in four years, she said, that he had the energy to escort her to a nice restaurant for dinner and dancing.


  1. This post is a must read for those ladies who is expecting baby for the first time. Also the husband has to read it for the sake of her wife's health care.

  2. People are so frightened of hormone therapy. But there are absolutely benefits for both women and men. Nicely done.

  3. The women in my family have always suffered from hormone imbalance's, I have always wondered if hormone therapy would help us. I will definitely have to check it out now.

  4. Yes, men also experience men-o-pause! Both men and women can experience some very devastating symptoms during this time in their lives. It is easy to get your hormones checked! A simple blood test will do. Then together, with a very open, honest conversation about how you are feeling with your healthcare professional - your doctor can develop an individualized plan that works just for your needs.

  5. My husband hasn't been to the doctor's in ages. Drives me bonkers that he's not more proactive in his health because a simple thing like a blood test could pick up on things like low hormones. This is so important!

  6. Great information! Not scientifically backed but I think some men feel less manly and self medicate rather than get true medical advice.

  7. Hmmnnn... Maybe I should check this out.

  8. My zipper is broken and cannot be repaired so I use an elastic band, oh hang on you said zip not zipper my bad although my zip is broken as well

  9. I there's me thinking that occasional Viagra was the best cure for andropause!



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