Thursday, June 2, 2016

Take A Vacation With A Friend! Guest Post by Sandra Hayward

The best place to go on vacation together with a friend

Work, family problems - you live in the same city, but meet each other on rare occasions! Between us girls - it's just not right. Therefore immediately start planning a vacation together with your favorite friend - and we'll show you where it's better to go! If you are tired of work, household chores or you are a student and scream “write my term papers” you definitely need some rest!

To a party in Goa

In the distant 60s, the Indian state became a hippie place of pilgrimage from all over the world. Now the pilgrimage continues, but in a crowd of carefree students, middle managers, and sometimes the real moneybags. There is literally everything, and even more. Clean (by Indian standards) beaches, warm sea, fairs and markets (do not forget the East bargaining is mandatory!). But the most important thing is the party of the northern Goa, which became the center of life! This place id free from prejudices! Check it out! 

On a holiday to Amsterdam

Holland became a symbol of freedom against all the conventions and restrictions. There, you can forget about the diet and surrender to the local confectioners with their incredible pastries; turn a blind eye to some moral norms and stroll through the red light district; just go with the flow. It certainly will bring you to a night club. All these pleasures are sweet, of course, but it is better to indulge in the company of true friends!

Some tips! To buy tickets at a lower price, you can use three methods:

Buy at the last minute, when the tickets are sold at discounted prices.
Book tickets in advance. Most websites publish offers "first minute".


  1. Mmmm, definitely time for a vacation. Sounds wonderful.

  2. I'm just back from our trip to the Florida Keys, but I can be packed again in a jiffy!

  3. Thankyou so much for sharing this,exactly what I was looking for

  4. Thanks for a great recommendations!

  5. Thanks for sharing!



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