Friday, September 2, 2016

Writer Series: Sizzling Summer Guest Post By Kim Sisto Robinson

     Today I'm featuring one of my favorite writers who happens to be a dear friend I met through the blogosphere awhile ago, and I've admired her writing ever since I found her site, My Inner Chick. Kim Sisto Robinson blogs about women's issues, humor, and her family, but she mostly writes about her sister, Kay, who was murdered on May 26, 2010. Ever since her beloved sister's death, Kim has been on a mission to spread awareness about domestic violence, and I applaud her efforts to empower women by giving them a voice to speak out against abuse. Please check out her site for a list of resources there for victims seeking help to end the nightmare of domestic violence.

     The post Kim is sharing with us today, however, is one of her humor pieces that I can totally relate to since I'm just as guilty of being distracted by the internet as she is. I have burned dinners, forgotten appointments and lost plenty of sleep while scrolling through Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. It drives my husband nuts, but at least now I know I'm not the only one who has picked up this distracting habit. Enjoy the post and please welcome Kim to Meno Mama's site today with lots of comment love!



***Social Media Ruined My Cookies!*****

It all started with Facebook.

After I signed up, there was no turning back.

The universe cracked open & out flowed a drug called–  I will like you “I will validate you.”

The addiction began.

50 friends.   Cool.

100 friends.  Wow.

500 friends.    Amazing.

I had no idea I was that freaking popular, that freaking interesting.

Conversations like—Will you be my friend? Are you on Facebook? Did you see the grumpy cat, the loudest purring cat, or the fluffiest cat became ordinary conversations with co-workers, friends, acquaintances.

I became fascinated about where people dined for dinner, bought their shoes, how they made Better Than Sex Chocolate Cake, and where they traveled for vacation.

You mean, you spent spring break in Belize sunbathing?  You lucky bitch girl.

I could monitor who had new babies, old high school friends, previous boyfriends, co-workers, and read about your perfect kids being accepted into Harvard, Princeton, Yale.

I could even stalk my own boys by instant messaging them to get their asses home to mow the lawn.

They are no longer on Facebook and presently label me –“The Creeper.”

Really?   Meeee?

As if Facebook wasn’t enough, I began blogging.

Words, syllables, & stories poured out like, well, have you watched The Exorcist?

Remember that green slime flying from the mouth of Linda Blair?

Um, sort of like that.

When Mr. Liverpool asked how my day was, I ‘d retort, “If you read my blog, you’d know. Haven’t you checked my Facebook page?”


The cheek of Brits nowadays.


Saturday, I’d write my blog post while the bacon fried, the ham sizzled, or I baked gooey chocolate chip cookies.

And I’d typically hear something like this from the back room, “Kim, will you please get in the kitchen to take care of this bacon?” Or “Kim, can’t you hear the fire alarm? The cookies are buuuuurning!”

Yesterday, Mr. Liverpool said in a serious tone, “I need to tell you something important. Now, don’t get mad at me for telling you this.”

“Okay, what?”

Was the dude having an affair?  Did I do something bad?   Again.   Did I crash the computer?   Did I remember to pay my TJ Max bill?  I simply had to have those black boots!

“You’re addicted.” He finally said.

“I don’t drink that much wine,” I replied.   “I’m down to,  gosh,  a glass a day.”

“No, not the wine, Kim. You’re addicted to Social Media. It’s the first thing you go to in the morning.”

Now, if you know me, you definitely know I don’t take criticism well… but I couldn’t fight this.

It was true. It was positively true.

All I could do was nod knowingly, understandingly, empathetically.

After that deep conversation, I tweeted this story.

——Darling,  Reader,  are you addicted to your cell phone,  internet,  Twitter,  blogs,  Or  Facebook?



  1. I guess there could be worse addictions - at least with this one we all get to read your wisdom. And, Kim, I didn't know your were married to a Brit (although, in retrospect, the references to 'Mr Liverpool' should have given it away). Take care.

    1. As addictions go, this is much better than a wine and chocolate addiction.....

    2. Bryan, why do you think I love Brits so much?! xx

  2. I think I have the same addiction..:(

  3. Yes, I'm addicted to all of them!!

  4. LMAO. I can see it all happening, Kim. I have had the cute firemen knocking on my door more than once for what was looking like a forest fire in my kitchen. I thought they were selling NYFD calendars of half naked foremen. I didn't make much of an impression on them not with the underwear I wear now after being with the same man for 20 years. I need a date! I click on my phone before I do anything and then after I pretend to care about the other things in life, I can rush back to my room and see how many people liked my cats photos. But the internet brought us together and I will always have a tender spot in my heart for Mr. Zuckenberg...who never returns my calls. xoxo

    1. I do the same, especially on Instagram---always checking to see who liked the photo of what I ate for dinner.

    2. Dear, e,
      you crack me up. Send the fireman to Duluth! LOL. xx

  5. I have a Facebook page; at least I think I do since I haven't visited or updated it in years.

    1. Ahhhhh, you're one of the lucky ones who escaped the addiction to social media.

  6. HAHa!! I loved this one, Kim! Yes, but only on for short periods then I tire of it and disappear. Of course I come back again in a few days much to the chagrin of our apartment neighbors because the smoke alarm inevitable sounds when I'm 'cooking'. I neglect whatever is on or in the stove when I become engrossed in someone's blog LOL. Indeed, it's not the wine ;)

    1. Of course it's not the wine. Never the wine!

    2. Lisa,
      at least, I'm not the only one, dear! I hear your fire-alarm! xx

  7. I was briefly accused of being on my computer 'all' the time. I now refrain in the evenings. Which is when my accuser checks HIS facebook!

    1. Same thing here!!! My husband gripes about the amount of time I'm on my laptop, but then he uses his iPad for hours playing virtual sports games!!

  8. Nope. I went through the 99,000 step program to get off the addiction. I now check in once in awhile to see what's happening with specific people (like Kim). My life became much calmer and better focused - and so much more peaceful when I got off of it.

    1. There is a lot of truth in that---studies have shown how Facebook in particular can create depression. Right now my newsfeed is so clogged with political junk, I NEED to take a break from social media!

    2. Nan,
      One thing I don't do is carry my phone all over the place. At least-I'm not addicted to that! xxx

  9. I must check out her page. :P
    Thanks for recommending. And another good read!



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