Tuesday, February 27, 2018

4 New Year's Resolutions To Make Your Finances More Manageable: Guest Post By Steve Barker

     Today on the blog my guest writer, Steve Barker, is here to share some foolproof tips on how to save money in 2018.

4 New Year's Resolutions to Make Your Finances More Manageable 

     Although many people pick New Year’s resolutions, they often find it’s harder than expected to stick with those goals. Perhaps you can relate. However, you’d probably be motivated to stay diligent if you knew the resolutions would make you end up with more money in the bank. If that happens, you’d have more cash to spend on fun things like dinners out, spontaneous trips, and event tickets. There are several things you can do to take a finance-related approach to resolutions this year.

Keep Track of Expenses

You may not even realize how much you spend in a typical month unless you look at your bank account balance and notice the total is lower than expected. However, if you’re aware of expenses as they happen, it’s much easier to be proactive if necessary and curb your spending until the amount you notice on the statement from your financial institution is closer to the amount you thought it’d be.

It’s easy to get in the habit of tracking your expenses each day. Simply buy a small notebook and start a new page in it for each day of the week. As you buy something, make a record of it there. Alternatively, you may wish to use a budgeting app that does the same thing, except on your smartphone or tablet.

Take a Day For Consideration Before Big Purchases

Did you ever buy something representing a major expense only to regret it later? Most people have. However, it’s a good idea to decide that in 2018 and beyond, you’ll give yourself a day to think things over before splurging on something pricier than the items you usually buy.

Get started by setting a dollar amount, such as $100, then committing to waiting at least a day before buying anything costing that much or more. As this habit becomes part of your life, it’ll be easier to avoid buyer’s remorse. During your waiting period, ask your things like “Will I use this product consistently if I purchase it?” and “Is there a similar product that I could buy that’s cheaper but performs a similar function?”

Take Advantage of Special Offers

The majority of your favorite brands and stores likely offer exclusive benefits to loyal customers. You may be able to save money by using coupons, agreeing to sign up to email lists, or typing in discount codes during the checkout process at an online store. It might seem like it’s time-consuming to do those things, but you’ll likely find each action only takes less than a minute and that by doing it, you save a sizeable amount.

Do Business With Local Service Providers

People often assume they can get the best deals by doing online searches for necessities like insurance, then choosing the cheapest provider, regardless of the company’s location. However, you may have much better luck by contacting Phoenix insurance agents if you live in Phoenix, for example.

Some well-known providers of insurance might have branches within a short distance of your home. Then, instead of solely asking questions and doing research online, you can get the necessary information while talking face-to-face with a specialist.

During a meeting, be honest about the fact you’re trying to cut costs as much as possible in 2018. You may get discounts for buying several types of insurance from one provider, driving safely, going a long time without filing claims, and so on.

     These aren’t the only New Year’s resolutions you could make for 2018 that relate to finances and helping you spend less. However, they’ll get you off to a good start and are easy to adapt depending on your aspirations for the coming year.

Author Bio

Steve Barker is a history lover and enthusiast of different cultures and places. He started blogging in 2013 as a way to share his travel experiences while he worked full time overseas. Now he balances his time between blogging and his job.


  1. I love the tip of taking time before big purchases. That gets me every time. Those spontaneous purchases that screw everything up!

  2. When I'm anticipating a big purchase, I always wait to see if a special offer will arise. It seems the selling cycle is getting shorter and shorter, so a bit of patience can really pay off!



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