Thursday, July 19, 2018

Relieve Night Sweats With Cool Sheets

     If you're menopausal like me, chances are you're suffering from hot flashes that keep you awake at all hours of the night. There is nothing worse than waking up in a sweat on damp sheets. 

     Today on the blog I have Lauran Tilden from who is here to share her simple solution for making your sleep more restful, whether you're suffering from menopausal night sweats or if you're just a person who perspires regularly while you sleep. 

               Relieve Night Sweats With Cool Sheets

Hot flashes at night are perhaps one of the most aggravating symptoms of menopause and perimenopause. Not only is the discomfort nearly unbearable, but when your sleep is affected, your whole life turns to chaos. A lack of sleep leads to more than just fatigue: memory issues, mood changes, weakened immunity, and weight gain, are also other issues associated with sleeplessness. So, what’s a gal to do?

SLEEP! Easier said than done, right? You’re thinking, “How can I possibly sleep when I’m so hot and sweaty?” Well, there is a solution. offers luxurious sheets for chronic sleep problems, including a whole collection dedicated to hot and perspiring sleepers. A few of the sheets from this collection really stand out with menopause and perimenopause sufferers. 

Easy Breezy sheets are one of the best sellers, and for good reason! They’re the lightest cotton sheets in the market (they tested over 200 sheets so they should know!)  Weighing less than half of other sheets, you won’t feel them against your skin.  As for cooling sheets, these are also unmatched for their softness. Plus, they’re Oeko-Tex Standard100 certified free from 100 harmful chemicals. Their softness and coolness aren’t due to any chemical treatment; rather, it’s inherent to the Pima cotton fiber and unique weave. I used to always think that higher thread count meant higher quality, but now I know that quality means more than a thread count number! Higher thread counts can mean denser and heavier fabric… less room between threads for body heat to escape. It makes sense that Easy Breezy sheets are 320 thread count and so very cooling; body heat can escape through the unique batiste weave.

The next sheet I love is Luxe Bamboo. When says Luxe, they really mean it! These sheets feel like they belong in a 5-star hotel. Bamboo is known for its cooling properties since it possesses such a high content of water. These sheets feel like a liquid fabric hybrid against your skin. It’s like always being able to sleep on the “other” side of the pillow. I’ve had bamboo sheets that seem great but end up pilling and wrinkling, which irritates my skin. Luxe Bamboo doesn’t do that because the sheets are made with a rare weave to prevent irritation. I also love that Luxe Bamboo sheets are Oeko-Tex Standard100 certified free from 100 harmful chemicals. Did you know bamboo even possesses an anti-microbial quality? So, they naturally kill all that gross microscopic bacteria that can accumulate on your sheets every night. These sheets are truly luxurious, and I love that they come in 4 colors in addition to staying cool all night long.

Let me tell you, they did their homework! uses precise and objective testing instruments to evaluate a sheet’s ability to help solve chronic sleep problems. They bring a uniform, easy-to-understand system to measure and describe sheets that help relieve chronic sleep problems. even tests sheets through multiple washes, so you’ll know that your sheets won’t change with time and constant washing. They have an out-of-this-world 45 Night Love It Guarantee... you get to sleep on these sheets for 45 nights, and if you don’t love them, will take them back – no questions asked.

Let’s face it, buying sheets can be confusing!! If you suffer menopause symptoms, where do you go for relief?  Why wade through the subpar selection of a big box store when has already done the work? They’ve found the perfect sheets to keep you cool during those terrible night sweats. Cooler nights mean better sleep, and better sleep means better overall health. Relief from menopause and perimenopause symptoms is possible, and has really nailed the formula. Give them a try, and start sleeping better.


  1. Bamboo sheets are terrific. In fact, bamboo is my new favorite material. I'm not sure how something had like that turns into such soft material, but I'm a fan.



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