Friday, April 26, 2019

A Perfect Day For A Perfect Wedding

     One of the most exciting aspects of parenthood is witnessing your adult children move onto the next important chapter in their lives when they exchange wedding vows with their significant other.

     Last weekend my husband and I had the pleasure of seeing our son marry the love of his life in a romantic ceremony on the beach. The reception was held at one of their favorite venues and we danced late into the night until some of us old folks had blisters on our feet. The bride's family went above and beyond in planning one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen! They worked tirelessly to make sure everything was perfect, and it was. The celebration was spread out over the entire weekend, and I have to admit, those days were some of the happiest times of my life.

     Below are a few photos out of the thousands that were taken. I'm sharing just a handful of my favorite moments from that enchanting day:

First, we jammed up the elevator which took forever to reach the ground floor of the hotel

Gorgeous beach day = a wedding in paradise

They shared their own, beautiful vows. Not a dry eye on the beach!

The Newlyweds (photo courtesy of Brandi Toole Photography)

The beautiful bridesmaids (photo courtesy of Brandi Toole Photography)

The dashing groomsmen (photo courtesy of Brandi Toole Photography)

The proud parents of the groom

The newlyweds were very kind to one another---no cake in the face!

What would a wedding reception be without a photo booth??

More shenanigans

Proud Mama dancing with the groom

A perfect day for a perfect wedding (photo courtesy of Brandi Toole Photography)

Now I just have to marry off my other three children.....

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  1. That's one down and three to go. I've been there. It goes quickly. I'm glad you had such a perfect day.

  2. Aww... congratulations to the happy couple! Looks like a perfect day. I was in your shoes with a child's wedding last year, so this still touches in that "fresh" way. May they enjoy a blessed life together!

  3. Wow, how beautiful, Marcia!! Love these photos. They really capture the fun. Oooh, can I ask what beach this was? It looks absolutely magical. Congrats on your son's marriage. Looks like he chose well!!

    1. He sure did! The ceremony took place on a lovely stretch of beach in Ft. Lauderdale right near our hotel. The bride's family did an incredible job setting up the scenery. I was truly amazed by the beauty of it all.

  4. I knew this was coming up soon. Beautiful occasion, congratulations to you all, Marcia.

    1. Thank you! Now I can't wait for the future weddings!

  5. Looks like a beautiful day. Wait till the Gbabies arrive........ beyond wonderful

  6. I love weddings been years since I have been to one, your photos are awesome, the look so happy

  7. Absolutely perfect and soooo beautiful! I completely agree that our childrens’ weddings are one of the most exciting aspects of our lives!
    I found with my kids we ended up with what I’ll call ‘The Cascade Effect’! Once one took the plunge, the others followed in quick succession. The six of them are 11 years apart. Within 8 years, five of the six were married!
    We’re still waiting on that last holdout! Sigh.

  8. Oh my goodness!! Such a beautiful fun wedding and the wedding party looks amazing as does that handsome son of yours. He sure looks happy and she looks lovely! Weddings are so much fun. We just came back from my nephews wedding and did the same, dance, dance dance haha I planned ahead and chose some comfy shoes. Thank you for sharing a part of their wonderful wedding. We have three sons, two are married and one is still holding out haha

    1. Smart idea to wear the comfy shoes---I did the same and it was a lifesaver!



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