Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Distinctive Baby Shower Gift Ideas

     I hosted a baby shower for my daughter last year and enjoyed the planning stage of the party along with selecting gifts for the newborn. Today on the blog, my guest Gurbaj Singh is here to share ideas on the best gifts for a baby shower.

Ideas for Baby Shower to Buy a Distinctive and  Most Beautiful Gift

Are you going to attend a baby shower of your friends or relatives? Always remember that such kinds of programs are different from weddings and anniversaries. A baby shower is celebrated in almost every culture in different ways. Some communities celebrate before the birth of the child and some after the delivery. However, one thing is common in all of them & that is gifting culture. People bring presents to the mother as well as a newborn baby with their best wishes. If you are also invited to this event, try to find a distinctive and beautiful gift for the kid. This article is full of some unique ideas for baby gifts that you can opt out.

Distinctive baby shower gift ideas

  1. Newborn baby clothing kit

Clothes for a newborn baby are among the first preferences of every person who is invited for a baby shower event. Nevertheless, keep one thing in mind that you must be highly cautious about the quality of fabric because almost every cloth is mixed with a composition of cotton along with synthetic polymers. Find a seller that is specialized in kids attires only. Everything that you are going to buy must be made up of 100 organic kinds of cotton. It would be better if the cotton belongs to Egypt because Egyptian cotton has no match all over the world when it comes to the formation of the finest quality fabric. Buy gift box that comprises all essential for a kid including swaddle scarf, bandana bibs, skull hat, kimono bodysuit & baby bootie.

  1. Baby toys & accessories kit

The toys for newborn babies must be made with hygienic and natural material. Never choose toys for kids that are made up of plastic. Find kids accessories where soft wooden toys like pacifier clips are available. Along with this, you can assert the box bit soft fabric toys like knit bears, stroller toys, bunny rattle, bunny pacifier and grasping toys. Assert all of the available options in a beautiful box to present at a baby shower or as a baby Christmas gifts.  Make sure that all the gifts you are buying are made up of 100% organic material.

  1. Baby grooming kit  

Grooming is not just meant for adults and teenagers, kids also have grooming kits. A good online portal for kids accessories can provide you all organic options whether it is a bathrobe, body wash, night bath essence, hooded towel, bamboo brush, comb & nail clipper. This is an amazing idea for baby shower gifts made with organic fabrics and natural oils.

While buying a gift for the newborn baby, also consider something special for the mother too. There are some nice options of printed coffee mugs, fragrance candles, photo frames & kimonos are available to choose. Never compromise with the quality of kids clothes and accessories because synthetic stuff cannot suit to the sensitive skin of a newborn.


Gurbaj Singh is the Incharge of Marketing for as well as a writer focusing on the daily lives of common people. He is also a tech industry influencer and freelance journalist covering high-growth industries and technologies.  


  1. I dunno. I think a wooden baby gift would go over like a lead balloon.

  2. I received - and treasured - some hooded towels and small washcloths. I always think diapers make a nice gift as well, especially for Moms who have had children before.

  3. Hello Marcia and Gurbaj. I like the idea of including something special for mom. I realize a shower is usually reserved for the first baby, but if there are siblings, I like to bring a little something for them too. I found your blog through a comment on Coach Daddy's blog.


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Christie. What is your blog link so I can visit?

  4. Good point about the 100% cotton clothing for newborns! Don't agree with the wooden toys at this stage though, maybe when they're in preschool. My kids loved the building blocks and wooden trains :) Nice post, Gurbaj! One typo that stands out under #1. I will mention which I normally don't---"...who is infected for a baby shower..." I guess that should read 'invited'. No worries, as I make typos all the time. Just thought I would bring it up because it's kind of a humorous one. Thanks for sharing, Marcia. I can imagine your daughter's baby shower must have been a delight to plan and entertain!!

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