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Should I Buy A Refurbished Laptop Or Computer?

     Today on the blog I have Wilbert Bail, a link-builder and web developer who has been a frequent guest on my blog. Will is always happy to share his insights, and today's topic deals with refurbished laptops and computers. I bought a refurbished laptop for my son last year, and it turned out to be a perfect (and inexpensive) gift for him!

Should I Buy a Refurbished Laptop or Computer?

You might have doubts about buying a refurbished computer. There’s nothing wrong with a dose of healthy skepticism. After all, the last thing you want is to pay good money for a busted computer. But if you’re on a tight budget, then a refurbished computer is worth considering. A refurbished PC can cost up to 50 percent less than a new one. As long as you find a reliable dealer, you can get a great deal on a refurbished computer. 

What Exactly is the Meaning of Refurbished?
When it comes to computers, refurbished can have several meanings. You might imagine a refurbished computer is one that someone tossed because it wasn’t any good. But that’s a completely false image. The truth is some refurbished units are barely even used, if at all. 

Refurbished could mean the computer is a customer return. Once a computer is shipped it’s no longer a new unit. That means even if the customer never used it, the dealer can no longer say it's new. The same can also apply to an order that was canceled. All the dealer can do is make sure the unit works as advertised, and sell it as a refurbished unit.

Some refurbished computers get that label because of failing the manufacturer’s quality test. When that happens, the computer is rebuilt but not sold as new. It may say something like certified refurbished or refurbished by the manufacturer. This means the computer has been inspected, cleaned, and repaired so it works as good as new.

It’s worth noting that a third-party can also refurbish a computer. A third-party might refurbish a computer with whatever parts they have available. In this case, the unit might not match its original specifications. To know exactly what you’re getting, compare the specifications of the new computer to the refurbished model. 

Unless you’re a computer guru, it’s best to purchase a refurbished unit from a reliable manufacturer or retailer. For instance, Recompute specializes in refurbished computers. All of their units are packaged as new and include a 1-year warranty. A warrant is usually a good sign because it means the seller stands behind the product. Buying from an online auction or from classified websites is more of a gamble. You may or may not get a good unit, and probably won’t get a warranty. But you can consider that option if you’re comfortable. 

Bottom Line – Do Your Research 
Buying a refurbished laptop or computer is worth considering. Whether or not you do depends on what you want. It also depends on your comfort level with buying a refurbished unit. If you choose a reliable seller, then you’re likely to get a good deal. You can also search for the model number to learn more about the refurbished unit you’re considering. If you think it’s a good deal, and the seller is reputable, then you’ve probably found a good refurbished item.


Wilbert Bail is a link-builder and web developer at LD SEO Sydney. He has an adventurous mind but seldom travels as he would rather stay home and make a client's business website more visible on the internet. He likes techie stuff but won't buy any gadgets that are above $1000, hence no iPhone.

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  1. I always buy state of the art (sometimes, the state is not quite there yet) laptops and computers. With FOUR year warranties. And, then, two years hence, I buy new SOTA replacements. And, refurbish (clean up the device, remove all my data and programs, reinstall the operating system [as provided by the original manufacturer, update that operating system to make it current, and install Open Office and Acrobat reader) the device. And, sell it- which means they still have a two year warranty to boot.



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