Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New Year's Eve On A Budget

     Throwing a New Year's Eve party does not have to completely drain your budget, especially after you have spent big on Christmas presents and all of the trappings of the holiday season... You can save money on the decorations by using coupons for Target and there are a number of other money savings tips that you can make use of to ensure a rocking New Year's Eve shindig, without going over your budget, so read on to learn more!

1. Send E-vites

One of the most common ways that party throwers end up blowing money that could be better spent elsewhere is by doling out for fancy invitations that will be sent by snail mail. However, most people do not even bother looking at them and if they do, they are placed in the garbage moments after. Use Evite or Paperless Post, so that you can get the word out about your party quickly and efficiently.

2. Create Your Own Playlist

Music has never been more accessible and making a party playlist has never been easier, yet people still spend large amounts of money on special CDs for their New Year's Eve party. When you are looking to set the party off right, why not trust your own musical instincts? Just make sure that you have something louder than your smartphone to play music off of. Use a bluetooth speaker if necessary and you can head to Spotify or Pandora to make your list of jams. Just try not to impress anybody with your amazing taste and keep the selections current and fun.

3. Serve Dessert

News flash: people are not coming to your party for a free dinner. They want to get the drink on, dance and have fun. Providing some dessert is a great idea and if your party is starting after 8 PM, it is reasonable to expect people to eat at home prior to arrival. This allows you to save big bucks on purchasing and preparing food. Focus your energy on procuring basics and keeping the party going!

4. Keep Favors Simple

There is no law that requires you to hand out party favors. If the budget's tight, you can skip this part, no questions asked. If not, you can make your own paper plate shakers or even your own do it yourself confetti poppers. You can head on, for example, to The Centsible Life for more advice on how to put together amazing things without spending much.

5. Plan Activities As A Group

To give your party a boost of energy (without wrecking your budget), you can download 99 cent apps like Heads Up that let you play games as a group. Or you can gather props from all corners of your home, use a big sheet of paper to make a silly backdrop, grab a disposable camera and boom – your very own New Year's Eve photo booth!



  1. All great ideas!!! I've never really had an awesome New Years. All my plans ended up sour. Hahaha. Now, Military Husband and I just hang out at home.

  2. Prudent and sensible advice, Marcia. I'm sure your own New Year's party will be a hoot. Best wishes for 2016 to you and your wonderful family.

  3. Great Ideas!
    Can I come over? xxx HAPPY 2016!!!!!

  4. Kind of like the photo backdrop idea.... creative!

  5. I am not into New Year Eve celebrations, in fact I am in bed pretty early now days



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