Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Tired? Need A Lift? I Have The Answer!

    Several years ago when I was complaining to a friend that menopause was sapping me of all my energy, she told me she had a secret weapon to staying active all day. I asked if she was making her coffee extra strong in the morning or if she had just discovered a new way to survive on only three hours of sleep. That's when she told me about  Celsius, a HEALTHY energy drink that gives you an extra boost during the day and burns 100 or more calories per serving.

     I've never been a fan of energy drinks---the artificial ingredients have always scared me away. The few I tried tasted like overly-sugared drinks from a Kiddie party and left me feeling jittery and restless. My friend promised that Celsius was different, and she gave me a can of the Sparkling Orange flavor. I drank it with my lunch that afternoon, and was surprised by how delicious and refreshing the beverage was.

     Within thirty minutes of drinking the can of Celsius, I was wide awake and ready to get back to work. I couldn't believe the difference it made in my energy level!  I went out that afternoon and bought several more cans, and have been drinking Celsius ever since.


     Celsius drinks are certified gluten-free, contain no sugar or preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup, no aspartame, no artificial flavors or colors and it only contains low amounts of sodium. Celsius contains a proprietary blend of ingredients such as green tea, EGCG, ginger, calcium, chromium, caffeine, guarani, and vitamins B & C, which work together to provide 93% greater fat loss, plus improved cardio fitness and endurance. Best of all? It's the world's first negative calorie drink and the winner of 15 International Awards!

     Celsius comes in five flavors: Sparkling Orange, Peach Mango Green Tea, Sparkling Wildberry, Sparkling Cola, and Raspberry Acai Green Tea. My personal favorites are the orange and cola flavors.

     Another thing I love about this energy drink is that it's available in powder form, too. You can buy it in a canister with a pre-measured scoop, OR, even more convenient, 14 on-the-go sticks in a box (Flo Fusion Pre-Workout Formula). Just add one stick of powder to your water and you're ready to go to the gym, to work, on a road trip or anywhere else you might need an extra boost of energy during the day. Celsius Flo Fusion is powered by scientifically tested, calorie burning MetaPlus and is clinically proven to enhance metabolism and to burn 100 calories or more with each serving.  *Studies published in the International Society of Sports Nutrition show that Celsius Flo Fusion, when combined with moderate exercise, will significantly increase fat loss, endurance and cardio fitness.*

     Celsius is available just about everywhere that energy drinks are sold. You can find it in various grocery chain stores, drugstores and vitamin shops.


     There are quite a few celebrities who are fans of Celsius. To name a few:

Mario Lopez
Flo Rida
Blake Koch
Sofia Vergara
Leann Rimes
Russell & Kimora Simmons
Neil Patrick Harris
Howie Mandel
Jordin Sparks


     I've been drinking Celsius for several years now and still love the product---so much so, that I've been handing out packets to my friends at the gym for them to sample. Every person I have introduced to Celsius has become a huge fan of the drink. I've even given it to several of the Zumba instructors in my class and now they carry packets with them to stay energized throughout the day.

     Who else would benefit from this drink? Parents of young children who find it difficult to stay awake during the day after only a few hours of sleep the night before. People who work long hours at a time. Mid-lifers who find themselves more tired as they get older. Menopausal women who battle fatigue daily (loss of energy is a common symptom of menopause). This product is perfect for ANYONE who needs an extra boost during the day or who wants to lose weight and enhance their metabolism. **Celsius is NOT recommended for people who are caffeine sensitive, children under 18, or women pregnant or nursing.


     Celsius did not ask me to write this review; I actually approached them and offered to write the post because I LOVE the product and wanted to spread the word to all of my friends who are struggling with fatigue and/or weight loss. In return, Celsius was kind enough to send me a big box of samples and information so that I could share it with my readers. Do yourself a favor and pick up a can (or a Flo Fusion stick) and try this tasty beverage. I promise, you'll discover a big boost in your energy levels and will most likely lose a few pounds if you combine a healthy diet and exercise plan with your Celsius. Enjoy!

***For more information, visit the Celsius website at: or their Facebook page.


  1. The scientific studies are a little weak and there's no long-term data (28 days is not long term, the weight loss study has no citation)- and every test pretty much had a single dose. I'm guessing folks would pop this several times a day.
    I'm not saying it's bad for you- I'm just saying caveat emptor.

    1. I only drink one day----that's all I need. I know that a few of my friends who are zumba teachers drink two a day---one in the morning (instead of a cup of hot coffee) and one after lunch.

  2. I am now officially not embarrassed to say how much I love this stuff!!!

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  4. I don't like to take any supplements that might interact poorly with meds I already take. BUT I have gotten a big boost out of Vit. B12 daily.

  5. This is an interesting piece. I haven't heard of the product. I pretty much stick to boring old water. Juice, coffee and wine are my bevy's of choice. I should try this!

    1. I swear by it---it really gives you energy. I cannot tell you how many people I have turned onto Celsius and they all love it.

  6. Replies
    1. Seriously, try it. I wouldn't write this post if I didn't believe 100% in their product. I've been drinking it for years!

  7. Hmmm.....never heard of this product. Agreed - most energy drinks are garbage with way too many chemicals and sugar. This doesn't sound too bad.

  8. Sounds like just what I need! I'll give it a try. Thanks for the great info on this. :)

  9. Never heard of the drink before but it sounds like something I would like I am not a fan of energy drinks in fact I don't drink them can't see the point maybe if they had been around when my girls were little and I was run off my feet I might have tired them but now can't be bothered

    1. I wish Celsius had been around when my kids were young, too. They exhausted me and this tasty little beverage would have come in handy!

  10. I'm not experiencing menopause, thank God, but I sure could use the energy.

    1. Try it, Stephen. I swear, this stuff is gold. I've been drinking it for years now and it has helped me tremendously with fighting middle age fatigue!

  11. I'm going to try it Marcia. Your endorsement is convincing!

  12. This is a new one for me. It sounds interesting with lots of benefits. Fatigue is a beast!

  13. Hmm, this does sound like an intriguing product to try. Thanks for sharing!



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