Thursday, March 22, 2018

5 Tips For A Beautiful Smile by Linhart Dentistry

I love to laugh, and when I do, the world sees my smile. For me, good oral hygiene has always been important. Today I welcome Linhart Dentistry to my site with tips on how to keep your smile bright and beautiful in the future.

                                           5 Tips for a Beautiful Smile

You scour the internet for makeup tips, finally find just that right shade of hair dye or search for the face product that gives you the clear complexion of your dreams. And while these beauty products are all part of the equation that goes into looking and feeling your best, one often overlooked and important part of beauty is having a great smile. According to a study by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 48 percent of adults think that a smile is the most memorable feature after meeting someone for the first time. So below are some top tips for a beautiful smile. 

Keep up on oral hygiene
A hallmark feature of a good smile is healthy-looking teeth and gums. Your teeth don’t necessarily need to be spotlight white, but they should be free of stains. Also, your gums should look pink, even and healthy. And missing teeth is a big no-no, of course.
The best way to achieve all of that is to keep up on brushing twice per day (morning and night) and flossing at least once per day before bed. That will prevent gum disease and keep those teeth clean and healthy, making it one of the top tips for a beautiful smile.     
Part of keeping up on oral hygiene, too, is seeing your dentist twice per year for a full check-up and cleaning to prevent or detect any issues.

Invest in whitening products
Sometimes teeth staining can happen to the best of us, however. It may be a love of coffee, other times years of oral hygiene slacking or even genetics can sometimes play in. That’s where whitening products can reverse years of staining and give you the best smile possible. You can go for a simple whitening toothpaste, or go for home whitening strips. There are also whitening procedures in the dentist’s office. 
Live a lifestyle that stains teeth less
So that you’re reducing your chances of constantly running to the whitening products, try to incorporate lifestyle changes that will reduce the chance of teeth staining. For instance, smoking is a huge teeth-staining culprit (and it can damage gums, causing them to recede and form pockets). You may also want to limit your intake of soda, tea, red wine and coffee, all of which can stain teeth.

Buy an electric toothbrush
These modern wonders are great at getting more plaque and debris off of teeth, making it one of the top tips for a beautiful smile. Plaque is a thin film full of bacteria that combines with starches and sugars to cause acid erosion of enamel. Eroded enamel can cause the dentin on the teeth to become exposed, making teeth look yellow. Plus, teeth without enamel can chip or crack more easily. So a clean mouth is definitely a beautiful mouth.  
Calling in the big guns: cosmetic dentistry
Sometimes crooked teeth can play a role in feeling self-conscious about a smile. Here’s where it’s necessary to talk to your dentist. Together you can discuss options for straightening out those teeth. The world of cosmetic dentistry is wider than simply metal braces, including aligners and even cosmetic contouring. Aligners are trays that shift teeth in a different direction over time, and cosmetic contouring changes the shape of the teeth themselves.

Linhart Dentistry, based in New York, NY,  offers comprehensive restorative and cosmetic dental services, with an in-house team of interdisciplinary specialists to accommodate all dental needs!


  1. My mother is a dental hygienist, so I grew up talking a lot about teeth and gums! I love my ultrasonic toothbrush... now my teeth don't feel clean if I don't use one. Brush your tongue is another tip. There is a lot of bacteria on that thing!

    1. Yes! And I love my ultrasonic toothbrush as well---a regular brush just doesn't cut it for me.

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