Friday, March 23, 2018

Fly On The Wall In Photos

     Welcome to another edition of Fly On The Wall group postings hosted by Karen of Baking In A Tornado. Today, six bloggers are welcoming you into their homes to catch a glimpse of what goes on behind closed doors.

     Looking though the photos on my cell phone, I realized that the people in my family (plus their closest friends and their significant others) have trouble posing for "normal" photos. What I believe I have captured here is the true essence of life with the Doyles. No matter where we go, when we're all together and in one place, shenanigans occur. Which is why I feel so blessed to be a part of this crazy family. They are my heart and soul, and the fodder for the humor I write.

                      Just two siblings, wrestling in a nice restaurant......

My granddaughter channeling her grandfather

                       Is that your REAL smile, or did you just suck on a lemon?

I think your arm might taste good......

Cat got your tongue?

That's right---hide your face from the camera.

This is why we cannot have nice family pictures

Hey, can you give me a lift?

Is this a sequel to the Blair Witch Project?

I know you admire my purple hair, but was it really necessary to copy me? 

What happens in the Doyle Tiki Bar stays in the tiki bar.

Because this family really does know how to make me laugh out loud.....

Buzz around, see what you think, then click on these links for a peek into some other homes:

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  1. Those pictures are hysterical, and they tell the story of a month in the Doyle house just as clearly as any words would!

  2. You know, I've always heard that, as we get older, spouses tend to start looking like each other. It's totally true! ;)

  3. --You are all weird, eccentric, crazy, happy, joyful, close, and I love ya!! xxxx

  4. Your family really does know how to have fun. I think you have a mini-me with your granddaughter. :)



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