Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Are You Emotionally Intelligent? Here's How To Tell

Today on the blog I have guest Will Bail here to share some interesting facts on EI and EQ and how they are every bit as important as an IQ when it comes to success in life. Please welcome Will to Meno mama's site with lots of comment love!

Are You Emotionally Intelligent? Here's How To Tell

While there is always a great deal of talk about IQ or Intelligence Quotient, not as many people speak about a vital marker for human capability known as the EI-Emotional Intelligence or EQ-Emotional Quotient. Emotional intelligence and Emotional Quotients are not the same as brain IQ. While both significantly affect how a human is best able to handle life’s challenges, EI and EQ have a direct correlation on how well a person handles emotions and their ability to properly process emotions and utilize them to take proper actions during life’s most challenging circumstances.

While a new term in mental and behavioral studies, Emotional Intelligence and EQ have begun to garner a great deal of attention. First recognized in 1964, the term was not widely embraced until the late 1990s. However, since then, there have been several high-profile studies that have shown that EI and EQ can rank as high in importance with people as IQ when it comes to success in life. 

Recent studies have shown that people who test high on emotional intelligence tests such as those developed for EQ overall show a stronger resilience to emotional stressors and have better mental health and leadership skills. Author and science journalist Daniel Goleman who reintroduced the term into the mainstream in 1995 with a book on the subject, found that strong EI skills accounted for two-thirds of the skills necessary to be deemed a superior leader. This statistic surpassed even technical training and IQ as the single most significant trait characteristic needed to be an excellent leader.

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

People with high emotional intelligence factors have a stronger capacity for stress and do well managing their emotions and adapting them to environments as they work to achieve their goals. Additionally, people with high emotional intelligence have a stronger capability to recognize not only their emotions and guide them appropriately but are also able to do the same for others. This, in part, is why it can affect leadership people so significantly.

Today, there are a wide variety of tests people can take to help them test their EQ and EI levels. There is also a myriad of training programs that can help people improve their emotional resilience and their emotional intelligence capacities. Centers like Genos International have become a hub for training people for improved managerial skills to enhance workplace environments.

While widely used by companies, these emotional intelligence training programs are also prized among other professionals who are striving to improve their marketability and capabilities. People who test well on EQ and EI tests generally show more empathetic mindful behavior as well as resiliency under pressure. People who work on enhancing these skills are often more interactive and proactive in their careers and in their personal lives.


Wilbert Bail is a link-builder and web developer at LD SEO Sydney. He has an adventurous mind but seldom travels as he would rather stay home and make the client's business website more visible on the internet. He likes techie stuff but won't buy any gadgets that are above $1000, hence no iPhone.


  1. I'd love to say you are correct, but I've seen more than a few who have tested well on EQ that don't handle stress at all.

  2. Very interesting topic, Marcia. I had no idea this concept of intelligence was born the same year as me :) coincidence? Thanks, Will for sharing the details of EQ and EI.

  3. I've never tested for EQ but depending on what kind of stress it is I handle it well. I'm not a stressful person and pretty low key but I also haven't been in a major stressful situation so I can't really say how I would handle it.

    1. On the surface I handle stress well....I think. But when I'm alone, that's when I have my meltdown.



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