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How To Change Your Skincare Routine After Menopause

     Today on the blog I have guest writer Subhangini Prakash, who is the CEO and Founder of Feather & Bone, a successful skincare company. She is sharing some great advice on the best skincare routine for women who are at the end of menopause and its effects on the skin as we age. Please welcome her to Meno Mama's site today with lots of comment love!

How to change your skincare routine after menopause

As you are aware, menopause officially begins one year after your last period. During this shift, our body is going through hormonal changes and all the organs are changing too. One of them is the skin. I know it is easy to forget that the skin is an organ but it is! 
So what changes are exactly happening with the skin when you go through menopause? 
  1. The skin has a few different functions it performs, but a key one is protection from the outside world. The skin does this by producing a natural oil called sebum. Due to hormonal changes that occur as a result of menopause, as in higher levels of testosterone versus lower levels of estrogen, can result in your body producing thicker sebum. This sebum can be too thick for your pores and can cause a blockage and hence you could experience teen acne again. 

  1. This same shift in hormones can lead to excessive hair growth – particularly on your face. So you might start to notice hair growth on your face versus your hair! A peach fuzz or even dark hair.  

  1. Our body has the ability to keep itself moisturized known as the Natural Moisture Factor (NMF). As we go through menopause the NMF also starts to decrease. Also the number of days it takes our skin to shed shifts from every 28 days to every 45-60 days.  Hence during menopause, the skin’s ability to retain moisture is reduced, causing the skin to become dry and flaky, often red and irritated as well. 

  1. Another thing that changes is the amount of collagen produced. It starts to decrease. As a result, this can cause sagging, give you fine lines and wrinkles, lose fat under your skin; your overall skin elasticity drops.

  1. If in your younger days you were not proactive about using SPF, you might start to see some of the effects now such as age spots and larger areas of darker. Further, skin cancer and pre-cancerous skin growths also become more common. 

  1. Lastly, the pH of your skin changes too. Your skin becomes more sensitive and you are more likely to develop rashes and irritated skin. Further, if you have skin conditions, such as eczema or rosacea the change in the pH could make it worse. 
How to change your routine? 
Given all the changes above, which I can imagine can be overwhelming, how do you adjust your current routine for the best results: 
  1. Mental readjustment: So much of skincare and beauty is seen through the vanity and aesthetic lens. It is how we were brought up. But you must remember that, this is a normal process and that everyone goes through it. Holding on to looks for the sake of it might cause you to do procedures or use products that might end up causing more harm than good. There is beauty in aging gracefully. With that being said below are tips to also help on the physical side. 

  1. Applying SPF: If you haven’t started using SPF it is an absolute must. As you get older it becomes harder for the body to prevent the change in DNA that happens from sun exposure. You should opt for both sunblock and sunscreen as they protect you against different UV rays. Further, opt for the highest SPF you can get. The higher the better. Also, I must add, that even if you are just popping out for a few DON’T skip the SPF. Even just small exposure can affect the DNA in your skin cells. 

  1. Keep a healthy lifestyle: This is especially important for the dry skin. Of course, you want to apply a good moisturizer after you wash your face, but making sure you are eating well, stressing less, sleeping enough and drinking enough water will take your skin a long way. As I stated the skin is an organ, so you want the caring inside-out to be as strong as outside-in. And when it comes to stress, it is absolutely important to keep it at a bare minimum because it can trigger skin conditions such as eczema or rosacea to become worse. 

  1. Use a good, pure cleanser: This was true before menopause and it is just as true now. You want to use cleansers that have pure and honest ingredients. Because the skin is thinner and more sensitive now you want to avoid any reactions. Also, this is helpful if you are suffering from acne. Cleansers that are too harsh or drying can actually make your skin worse than helping it. Read the ingredients. I understand if the habit wasn’t there before it might be an adjustment but it is critical. I always say if you can’t pronounce, can’t understand it is or why it is there don’t buy it. 

Going through menopause requires not just a mental change but also a change in your habits to have the best skin you can. 


Shubhangini is the CEO & Founder of a skincare company called Feather & Bone. She launched the company after having a poor reaction to a face wash product when she was young.
She felt that as a consumer not only was her voice not getting heard but also consumers only got half of the story when it comes to caring for their skin.
She is on a mission to help women and men build successful skincare routines. And also for all of us to be #skinconfident. Be comfortable in your own skin.
Feather & Bone is the first company to sell 100% waterless and natural beauty products.
Try our waterless award-winning products: Homepage - Feather and Bone


  1. Good advice at any age and for any gender

  2. More good news about Menopause :( Well, at least this is helpful information on how to deal with the changes in skin. It is weird to think about my skin as an organ, but I guess it really is! SPF in the daily moisturizer is a plus, but nothing seems to be helping with the onslaught of wrinkles! I think my collagen production tanked a long time ago...

    1. It's had to keep up with the signs of aging but we have to do our best to combat it.

  3. I really need to do this. My skin has become so dull after menopause. (Rena)

  4. Good info...I'm in the skincare business too and agree with your approach.

  5. Such good advice for everyone in fact

    1. The most important thing of course is to avoid too much sun exposure on the skin.



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