Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Valuable Camping Tips For Seniors

    I have always loved camping, but now that I'm getting older, I like my creature comforts and am more inclined to rent an RV for my next camping trip. Who doesn't love a soft bed and their own shower?

     My guest on the blog today is Will Bail, link-builder and web developer at LD SEO Sydney and he's here to share some valuable camping tips for seniors. Please welcome him to Meno Mama's site with lots of comment love!

Valuable Camping Tips For Seniors

Never let your age hold you back from anything, including camping. If you're a senior who is new to camping, consider these valuable camping tips before embarking on your big outdoor adventure.

Tips for Tent Camping

A big worry among many seniors is that tent camping may be too physically uncomfortable. They may also worry that setting up a tent will be a hard task. The good news is, modern-day tent camping is both easier and more comfortable than back in the old days. However, depending on how healthy and active you are, tent camping is something to definitely consider. It's inexpensive, and the grandchildren will love it!

  • Get a good air mattress, it will make sleeping on the ground much more comfortable. Remember to also get an air pump to inflate it. 

  • Modern tents are a lot easier to put up than the old fashioned tents you may remember. However, even modern tents require some dexterity, so if arthritis is an issue, you may need help. Also, get a tent bigger than you think you need, so you can also store your gear.

  • Consider what other gear you may need, such as a camp stove, water containers, camp chairs, etc.

Tips for Caravan and RV Camping

Camping with a caravan or a motorhome is a favorite among seniors; there is no need to struggle with putting up a tent, and there's a nice, comfortable bed inside. It's a great way to enjoy the outdoors, with all the comforts of home. Also, the grandchildren will love riding along in the “house on wheels!”

  • Many seniors won’t consider a caravan for camping because they don’t own one. However, caravans and campervans can be rented, so seniors can try it out. However, a caravan is more affordable than you may think. If you're curious about camping with a caravan, browse CampSmart for ideas.

  • Plan ahead; if you're going to a popular campground, it can fill up fast. Also, make sure to ask if there is a senior discount rate available. 

  • Driving a motorhome or towing a caravan is more challenging than simply driving a car. You need to focus solely on driving. Maneuvering a motorhome or caravan can also be a challenge; it pays to practice before you take off on your first adventure.

  • It’s also a good idea to choose a destination that's not too far away; you don't want to have a stressful drive or arrive at your destination extremely tired.

Camping, especially with an RV, is an inexpensive way for seniors to travel, have new experiences, and enjoy the outdoors. It's also a great activity to enjoy with the grandchildren; camping will create new bonds between you and the grandchildren while teaching the children valuable life skills.


Wilbert Bail is a link-builder and web developer at LD SEO Sydney. He has an adventurous mind but seldom travels as he would rather stay home and make the client's business website more visible on the internet. He likes techie stuff but won't buy any gadgets that are above $1000, hence no iPhone.


  1. Whoa, there!
    Caravan- that means you need to be able to maneuver your vehicle (and it's luggage) through some pretty tight spots. Changing lanes, turning, parking- all these actions are no longer capably performed with your mind tuned elsewhere.
    And, an RV? (NOTE: I love these!) That means you won't be able to find parking in most cities. You will need specific parks to spend the night (not only because you want electrical hookups). Which brings up back to the caravan- you can leave the trailer (in an approved RV park) and operate in cities, now that your appendage is no longer attached. You can't do that with the RV.

    1. I think it depends on the driver, and you need to know the area well before settling down for a few days.

  2. I have memories of my Dad driving a motorhome with a pulled muscle in his shoulder. It was grisly. Keep the trips short enough to enjoy the camping- great tip!

    1. I agree! I couldn't camp for more than week at a time.

  3. Some good advice I have holiday in both a caravan and motorhome and loved both

  4. Awesome tips, Wil. Marcia, when I opened the email I thought this was going to be one of your funny posts because seniors and camping seem like it could also be a humor piece :D. That said, these are wonderful tips for a senior for camping. I'm more into glamping myself which would require a decked out RV or Trailer. :)

    1. Now that you mention it, I could totally write a funny post about seniors and camping. When my hubs retires, we plan on getting a tricked-out RV and driving around the country. I'm betting there will be some great material at that time for a blog post!



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